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Etsy Marketing Made Easy with Pinterest

From website attribution icons to price tags, Etsy marketing has become a lot easier thanks to Pinterest.

Etsy Marketing Made Easy with Pinterest

To anyone who spends much time on either site, Pinterest and Etsy seem like the ultimate Internet “best friends”.  They are both visual by nature, much of their content is positive and both platforms can steal hours from you in the blink of an eye.  Many Etsy sellers have discovered that Pinterest is an excellent way to expose their audience to their products.  Pinterest, in return, implemented a number of things to make Etsy marketing easier for sellers.

Etsy Attribution Icon

Attribution Icon for Etsy Marketing

Because copyright infringement on Pinterest has been a concern for artists in the past, Pinterest has began adding attribution icons to pins from certain sites, including Etsy.  These attributions happen automatically, so whenever a pin comes from Etsy it will include the icon – whether the user specified the source in the caption or not.  This allows users to know, at a glance, that the cute handmade items they see on Pinterest can be easily purchased from Etsy.

“Pin It” on Etsy

Pin It Button on Etsy

Like any good e-commerce store, Etsy added “Pin it” buttons to all the products listed on their site.  In conjunction with the Etsy attribution icon, this allows pinners to easily pin products from the site with proper links back.  The “Pin It” button also allows the seller to supply an automatically generated caption for the pins.

Name Your Price

Price Tags on Pinterest for Etsy Marketing

Another great feature Pinterest offers to help Etsy sellers (and brands in general) is the ability to add a price tag to an item.  Say an Etsy seller has a product for $55.  When writing the pin caption, the seller can just type in “$55” and a banner will appear with the price across the pin.  While providing instant information for potential customers, it also drops the pin into the “Gifts” category on Pinterest where the product can receive more exposure.

Great Etsy Profiles


Etsy Seller H. M. has 3.5 Million Followers

With 3.5 million followers on Pinterest, H.M. is not only one of the most popular Etsy sellers on Pinterest –  she’s one of the most popular users on Pinterest, period.  Although her Etsy shop is currently “on vacation,” she is still incredibly active on Pinterest and pins frequently from Etsy. Whenever her Etsy vacation is over, she will have millions of engaged Pinterest users to help spread the word.

Better Off Wed

Etsy Seller, Better Off Wed, has Done an Amazing job on Pinterest

With weddings being such a popular category on Pinterest, it’s no wonder Tina Albin-Lax’s Etsy store, Better Off Wed, has such great success on Pinterest.  Her Pinterest page is an amazing combination of all-things-wedding mixed in with her specially made heirloom wedding cake toppers.  Her great content and frequent pinning allowed Better Off Wed to take off on Pinterest.


Etsy's Pinterest Combines Etsy Content with Guest Pinners

As expected, Etsy has an amazing Pinterest profile.  Many of Etsy’s boards are derived from the different categories on Etsy, such as the “Etsy Kids” and “Etsy Fashion” boards, but what really makes their profile stand out are their guest pinner boards.  From Apartment Therapy to Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Etsy has created more than 40 boards curated by various people and brands with great eyes.  This allows Etsy to maintain a great – and unique – presence on Pinterest.

 Maintain Your Audience

While Pinterest has made it easier for Etsy sellers to market their products on Pinterest, it’s still important to maintain a great Pinterest profile and build a relationship with followers.  By ensuring that you are engaging with followers, building a targeted audience and generating great content – in conjunction with the tools provided by Pinterest – any Etsy seller can find success on Pinterest.

This post was originally featured on the PinLeague Blog as Etsy Marketing Made Easy with Pinterest

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