The Complete List of Facebook Image Sizes [UPDATED for 2024]

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Two photos of examples of images that could be posted to Facebook: a product photo of jeans and a shirt, and a photo of a dressmaker working on a dress with the word Tailwind in white on a multicolor background.

Are you planning to create an end-to-end social media marketing strategy in 2024? Then Facebook is likely one of the social media channels you’re targeting.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with roughly 3 billion monthly active users across the globe.

This means it’s pretty important for digital marketers and entrepreneurs to prioritize Facebook marketing.

And if you’re posting content on Facebook, you’re likely using quite a few images to grab your audience’s attention!

Between the cover photo of your Facebook page to the thumbnail of your video ad, it’s fairly easy to lose track of various Facebook image sizes.

And trust us, there are a LOT of different image sizes.

Depending on your Facebook marketing campaign, you’ll likely upload various types of Facebook images.

You could dig through the internet for recommendations on each size, or you could grab a handy cheat sheet with all of the image sizes and dimensions on Facebook in 2024.

Let’s make this easier, shall we?

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of recommended Facebook dimensions, aspect ratios, and sizes for the different types of images you’ll be using. Plus, we’ve included a handy chart for you to take with you and reference whenever you need!

However, image sizing on Facebook isn’t quite as straightforward as on other platforms — say, for example, Instagram image sizes and dimensions.

So first let’s understand why Facebook image size is such a big deal after all.

The Importance of Facebook Image Sizes

How many times have you uploaded an awesome cover photo for your Facebook profile only to find that it’s been cropped in the mobile app?

Or noticed that your business page profile photo appears pixelated or grainy?

These issues happen frequently because Facebook automatically crops images from desktop to mobile devices.

In other words, the platform — and your images — are responsive to the device being used to look at them!

That’s why optimizing your images according to the recommended Facebook dimensions prevents them from being cropped poorly or pixelated.

This makes your personal profile or business page look impressive and professional.

Considering the huge amount of Facebook posts being published every day, your images will only stand out if they’re crisp and eye-catching!

That’s why we recommend you keep a cheat sheet of recommended image sizes and aspect ratios handy.

Plus, this isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of thing. We’ll update this post as new information becomes available, but keep in mind that the platform frequently redesigns its layout.

So make sure you check back every once in a while to stay on top of the latest image size and aspect ratio guidelines.

Graphic of specifications for all Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook Image Dimensions: Chart at a Glance

In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into the different types of images you’ll upload on Facebook and highlight the recommended dimensions for each.

However, before getting started, here’s a quick glimpse of the recommended size and aspect ratio for different types of Facebook images:

Image TypeSizeAspect Ratio
Facebook Profile Picture400 x 400 pixels1:1
Facebook Event Cover Photo1920 x 1005 pixels1.91:1
Facebook Group Cover Photo1920 x 1005 pixels1.91:1
Facebook Business Page Cover1200 x 674 pixels16:9
Facebook Profile Cover Photo1125 x 633 pixels2.7:1
Facebook Photo Post1200 x 630 pixels1.91:1
Facebook Video Post1280 x 720 pixels16:9
Facebook Linked Image1200 x 630 pixels1.91:1
Facebook Stories1080 x 1920 pixels9:16
Facebook Ad (Carousel)1080 x 1080 pixels1:1
Facebook Ad (Single Image)1080 x 1080 pixels1:1
Facebook Catalog Image1024 x 1024 pixels1:1

It’s now time for us to find out more about the recommended size and dimensions of various types of images you’re going to upload on Facebook.

Facebook Profile Picture Size and Dimensions

In this section we’ll look into the recommended Facebook profile photo size for both your personal profile and business page. We’ll also discuss the optimal Facebook profile picture dimensions for different devices.

At the outset, it’s worth mentioning that your profile picture displays at:

  • 176 x 176 pixels on desktop devices
  • 196 x 196 pixels on smartphones
  • 36 x 36 on most features phones and mobile browsers

This applies to both Facebook pages and profiles.

You can use both PNG and JPG files for your profile picture. However, if you’re uploading a logo, use a PNG file to avoid pixelation.

A 176 x 176 px image will pixelate when your audience clicks on and enlarges the profile photo.

That’s why we advise that you use an image that’s at least 400 x 400 pixels.

It’ll ensure that your profile picture has the right resolution across all devices. The recommended aspect ratio is 1:1.

Graphic of specifications for Facebook Profile Pic Size

Moreover, with Facebook’s latest redesign, profile pictures are cropped into a circular shape in the thumbnail. Make sure you use an image that’s centrally aligned or has symmetric composition.

If you’re using a logo as the profile picture, make sure you resize it on a plain background to make room for the circular crop.

Facebook Cover Photo Sizes and Dimensions

Graphic of specifications for Facebook Event Cover Photo, Facebook Group Cover Photo, Facebook Profile Cover Photo, and Facebook Business Page Cover Photo

If you’ve used Facebook recently, you’ve likely already noticed how significantly the redesign has impacted the layout of pages, events, and groups.

By far, the biggest changes have been made to different types of cover photos. This is where our guide on Facebook cover photo dimensions will come in handy.

Typically, if you’re posting content on Facebook, you’ll have to upload cover photos for:

  • Events
  • Groups
  • Business pages
  • Personal profiles

The recommended Facebook cover image size and aspect ratio will vary depending on the type of cover photo you’re uploading. Let’s take a closer look at the different Facebook cover dimensions:

1. Facebook Event Cover Photo Size

Screenshot from Facebook of an event cover photo for Travelcon 2021 in New Orleans

Image via Facebook

Facebook recommends images measuring 1200 x 628 pixels for event cover photos. This translates to an aspect ratio of 1.91:1. However, depending on the device, the cover image might be stretched.

That’s why we advise that you use a Facebook event photo size that’s larger than the recommended dimensions. Ideally, your Facebook event banner size should be 1920 x 1005 pixels.

2. Facebook Group Cover Photo Size

Graphic of specifications for Facebook Group Cover Photo Size

Just like the event cover photo, the recommended Facebook group cover photo size is 1640 x 856 pixels (aspect ratio 1.91:1).

However, if you’ve ever accessed a Facebook group from your smartphone, you’ll notice that the bottom part of the cover photo gets cropped.

So, the ideal practice would be to use an image that measures 1920 x 1005 pixels. Also, use a centrally aligned image to ensure that it’s properly visible on both desktop and mobile devices.

This is even more important considering that the group cover photo is also used as its preview thumbnail in Facebook search results.

Screenshot from Facebook of a group cover photo for Hubspot Academy Content Marketing Pros.

Image via Facebook

3. Facebook Business Page Cover Photo Size

Screenshot from Facebook of a business page for Nomadic Matt.

Image via Facebook

Designing the perfect business page cover photo can be challenging. This is because the image is displayed with different dimensions on different devices.

For instance, on desktops, the cover photo retains its width while it’s cropped from the top and bottom. On the other hand, on smartphones, the image is cropped from the sides while retaining its height.

While Facebook recommends an image size of 820 x 360 pixels, it’s better to use a slightly larger image to accommodate cropping.

Therefore, the optimal Facebook business page cover photo size is 1200 x 674 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

4. Facebook Profile Cover Photo Size

Unlike other cover images, the Facebook profile cover photo size hasn’t been altered due to the latest platform redesign.

However, the profile picture thumbnail has been shifted from the left to the center. This makes it essential to use a picture that has enough empty space in the center to accommodate the thumbnail.

Facebook’s recommended cover photo dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels with a minimum width of 720 pixels.

However, these dimensions would be too small for devices with a retina display.

That’s why we suggest that you use an image that’s at least 1125 x 633 pixels (aspect ratio 2.7:1).

Graphic of specifications for Facebook Profile Cover Photos for Desktop, iPad, and iPhone

Facebook Photo Post Sizes

When it comes to Facebook posts, you have the liberty to play around with different image sizes and dimensions.

Irrespective of the image size you use, Facebook will resize it to have a width of 500 pixels.

However, to avoid pixelation, cropping, and slow load times, we recommend that you restrict the Facebook post dimensions to 1200 x 630 pixels.

The aspect ratio should be 1.91:1. The recommended minimum image size is 600 x 315 pixels.

You can also experiment with different image orientations/dimensions, such as:

  • Square
  • Portrait
  • Landscape

For square photos, you can use the same image size you’re using for your Instagram posts (1080 x 1080 pixels).

Graphic of specifications for Facebook Photo Post, Facebook Video Post, Facebook Link Post

Facebook Video Post Sizes

As with photo posts, you can upload videos of different dimensions and orientations on Facebook. Here are a few useful tips to guide you:

  • The recommended Facebook video dimensions are 1280 x 720 pixels (for landscape) and 720 x 1280 pixels (for portrait).
  • The recommended aspect ratio is 16:9 and 9:16 for landscape and portrait videos respectively.
  • Use MP4 or MOV files to upload videos on Facebook.
  • The recommended frame rate is 30 fps.
  • Make sure the duration is less than 120 minutes.
  • The file size should be within 8 GB.

If you’re sharing links in a Facebook post, the recommended image size is 1200 x 628 pixels.

These dimensions are the same as those of event cover photos.

Also, they’re the same for other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Make sure you identify opportunities to repurpose the same image across multiple channels whenever possible! This will save you some time while keeping cohesive branding.

Facebook Stories Image Size

Typically, Facebook stories completely fill the entire screen of a user’s device.

That’s why it is recommended that you use an image that measures 1080 x 1920 pixels (or 9:16 aspect ratio).

Also, make sure you don’t add any text to the top and bottom of the image where it may be hard to read on a viewer’s screen!

Graphic of specifications for Facebook Stories

Facebook Ads Sizes

The size and dimensions of images for Facebook ads vary according to the type of ad you’re running. It also depends on the objective and placement you select for your ad!

Here are a few recommended Facebook ad dimensions:

  • Carousel ads—1080 x 1080 pixels (1:1)
  • Single-image ads—1080 x 1080 pixels (1:1)
  • Video ads – At least 1080 x 1080 pixels (4:5)
  • Collection ads—1080 x 1080 pixels (1:1)

You can check the Facebook Ads Guide for more information on the right Facebook ad size.

Graphic of specifications for Facebook Catalog Image, Facebook Carousel Ad, and Facebook Single Ad Image

Facebook Catalog Sizes

The recommended image size for Facebook catalog images is 1024 x 1024 pixels.

The minimum image size should be 500 x 500 pixels.

Make sure the image file size is less than 8 MB.


Keeping track of the latest Facebook image size guidelines can be complicated and time-consuming.

Nevertheless, you must optimize your images for the right size to grab your audience’s attention. It can go a long way to make a striking first impression on potential customers and even boost your brand image!

Are you wondering how you’re supposed to remember all these different image sizes?

Well, you can always pin this article with the Pin image below, and feel free to refer to it whenever you want!

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Two photos of examples of images that could be posted to Facebook: a product photo of jeans and a shirt, and a photo of a dressmaker working on a dress with the title of the blog post and the word Tailwind in white on a multicolor background.

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