Guiding Clients into the World of Digital Marketing and Pinterest OSP 081

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Changing the way we do things can be scary for anyone. For business owners who have built their business in offline world, adding and growing a digital presence can be especially confusing and overwhelming. Listen in as I chat with Shelia Butler about how she helps businesses transition and grow with digital marketing and Pinterest.

Guiding Clients into the World of Digital Marketing and Pinterest OSP 081

For several years Shelia was a successful business owner in the furniture industry. This industry is commonly known among insiders as “The Trade.” Shelia now works with other business owners in The Trade to help them streamline and grow their businesses. One of the areas she focuses on is digital marketing.

It’s common for many business owners who have typically used more traditional forms of media such as print, television and radio advertising to find it a challenge to learn to effectively incorporate digital content and social media marketing. Shelia finds this is very common with businesses in the furniture, decor and interior design industries.  I’ve also found this to also be a struggle for business in other industries as well.

In this episode

Shelia’s transition from business owner to a digital marketing consultant. She even reveals her

Shelia and I talk about ways to gradually and easily introduce business owners into content and social media marketing.

Incorporating visuals to a marketing plan.

How and when to introduce a new social media network to a marketing plan.

Social media lurkers.

The long term big picture plan of social media as it relates to ROI.

Adding a personal touch in digital marketing.

Helping a physical business make the connection to people in the online world.

How important a digital strategy is to the buyers journey.

The importance of metrics.

The online  zero moment of truth

The importance of good visuals

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Pinterest tip of the week

This week’s tip is all about group boards. They can be a great way to bring a lot of exposure to your pins. Some Pinners have found that Smart Feed has diminished the effectiveness of group boards but they are still working for others. Fr more information about group boards, be sure to check out Approach Pinterest Group Boards with Caution


Carole Rians of Rustic Artistry  let me know about an update to Promoted Pins on my Facebook page. It looks like they are reaching people beyond the keywords you target them too. That’s great! Thanks Carole 🙂

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