How to Add a Contact Button to Instagram

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Instagram has a feature to make it easier for your followers and prospective customers to get in touch with you on social media: a dedicated contact button!

This button has the power to turn into multiple call to action buttons, like “call” “email” and “contact.” That gives you complete control over how your followers and prospective customers can interact with your business!

We’ll explain how to add a contact button to your Instagram, how to customize it for your existing account, and all the tips and tricks you need to know for each of the CTA buttons below!

Instagram Contact Button Basics

If you’re wondering how to get the contact button on Instagram, you’re not alone! Finding and editing this feature just takes a little digging into your profile settings. You’ll also need an Instagram business account!

To edit the contact button, simply go to your profile, select “Edit Profile” and tap the “Contact Options” under the Public Business Information section.

If you have multiple preferred communication lines, you can add all of them to pop up on a menu under the “Contact” action button on your Instagram profile.

If you prefer to have a specific call-to-action, you can set up an “Email” or “Call Now” button!

Having your contact information right at your followers’ fingertips can keep them from getting frustrated while trying to find a way to communicate with you!

Here’s how to add the various Contact action buttons on Instagram.

How to Add the Email Button on Instagram

If email works best for your business, you can create an Instagram button for email specifically.

While you’re busy at your computer, your customers can click your Instagram email button from right inside the Instagram app, and you can email clients quickly!

Here’s how to set your Contact button to say “Email”:

  • Open your profile on Instagram
  • Select “Edit Profile
  • Select “Contact Options
  • Add in your preferred email address
  • Remove your phone number
  • Remove your physical address
  • Tap “Done

When you have only one form of contact listed, your Instagram contact button will change to reflect that method of communication. In this case, the button will now read “Email.”

How to add the Call Button on Instagram

Wondering how to add call on Instagram? The steps are actually super easy.

If you’d like your customers or followers to have a direct “Call” button, navigate to your Instagram profile > Edit Profile > Contact Options. Then add your phone number and remove email and physical address from your contact options.

With only one form of contact listed, the Instagram contact button on your profile will now read “Call.”

This is especially handy for followers wondering how to call people on Instagram.

When you have multiple contact options hidden under the contact us button, they might not realize that the option is there, and might never reach out. 😢

How to Remove Call from Instagram Business Contact Options

If phone calls just aren’t your thing, you can also remove that click to call button. (Phew) 😅

This works similarly to setting up either the Email or Call button. Just go back into your “Contact Options” and remove your phone number. After you hit save, it will no longer show on your profile – ta-da! ✨

In fact, you can hide all of your contact options easily by going to Edit Profile > Profile Display > Display Contact Info.

This handy toggle switch allows you to hide your contact details at any time, or show them! Just toggle the switch and tap Done.

You can change this any time on your Instagram business profile!

Have you tested out all the contact options available for your business profile? Try testing this feature if you have more than one contact option. This will help you find the right fit for your followers!

Let us know if you have any questions below, we read every comment and are happy to help!

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