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As a talented Etsy maker it’s time to embrace the powerful allure that Pinterest has for your customers.

We’ve all hopped on Pinterest to quickly look something up only to lose hours in a blink of an eye. It’s hard not to succumb to the addictive pull of browsing vintage designs, planning out your meals or following the latest fashion trends.

Pinterest users have more buying intent than the users of any other social media network. Between enticing shoppers, displaying carefully crafted photos and harnessing the power of a search engine, Pinterest is ready-made to help you promote your Etsy store, sending buyers right to your virtual door.

Follow these actionable tips and tricks to learn how to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest.

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How to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Pinterest

1) Create Great Visuals

Focus on Beautiful Pins

We all judge a book by its cover. When it comes to visual platforms, we judge products (and accounts) on the quality of their photos and images.

The Oyster’s Pearl Etsy store does a great job showcasing beautiful photography in their product Pins. This store brings character (and characters) into their images and portrays products in simple settings that feel real.

The Oyster's Pearl Etsy Store on Pinterest

If you’re looking for a way to create stunning Pins like The Oyster Pearl, then you should check out our guide to creating beautiful Pins to learn how to take your images to the next level.

Adopt a Pinterest “Style”

One thing that Etsy stores Bittersweet Deign Boutique and The Oyster Pearl both do well is align their Pins with the brand style. No matter which board you land on, everything feels cohesive.

Here is a snapshot of Bittersweet Design Boutique’s account. Notice how all of the Pins look like they belong together?

Etsy Shop, Bittersweet Design Boutique's, featured boards

You get the same style when you hop on their DIY Photography Packaging and Stationery Ideas board.

Bittersweet Design Boutique's Stationery Ideas Board

It’s easy to see the nice clean modern style on display on The Oyster’s Pearl’s Business + Branding board.

Oyster's Pearl's Business + Branding board

That same clean modern feel transfers to their Bathroom/// Pamper + Primp board.

Oyster's Pearl's Pamper + Primp board

Maximize Space with Vertical Photos

While Etsy categorizes products in nice square columns and rows, Pinterest only limits image size by width. This means it’s better to Pin vertical images to claim more real estate in the feed.

Here are two of the same images by Bittersweet Design Boutique. The photo on the left takes up twice the amount of space as the image on the right. In a busy Pinterest feed, taking up double the visual space gives you twice space to promote your Etsy shop!

Bittersweet Design Boutique uses long Pins on Pinterest

2) Build a Pinterest Following

Curate Interesting and Inspiring Boards

In a competitive Etsy marketplace, it’s tempting to Pin only your own products to Pinterest. To accelerate your account growth it’s important to resist that urge.

Instead, curate stimulating boards around current styles, aspirations, related topics and favorite trends that appeal to your customers and align with your brand style. If followers enjoy your style, they will gravitate toward your products.

How do you curate on Pinterest?  We recommend following the 80/20 rule as a rough guide. This rule encourages you to post 80% of Pins that interest your customers, leaving 20% of Pins promoting your brands and products.

In our Etsy Instagram & Pinterest Tips download, the owners of Bittersweet Design Boutique commented that their winning Pinterest strategy included Pinning “more content from our potential customers as well as (Pinning) helpful and inspirational content for other aspects of daily living.”

These related boards helped grow their Etsy store by increasing their Pinterest following and reach.

Here’s a snapshot of their Bedroom Décor board. Notice the 2.8k followers who align with their type of style.

Bittersweet Design Boutique's Bedroom Decor Pinterest Board

Curate Boards That Are Useful to Your Customers

That’s The Cutest Thing Etsy store, which sells knit hats for newborns, does a brilliant job creating boards aimed at new parents. The owner Vicky Suter realizes that parents mainly use her products for infant photography, so she prioritizes boards on photo props and tips for photographing babies.

The Cutest Thing Etsy Store on Pinterest

All these boards emphasize the brand’s unique style, which builds on being “The Cutest Thing.” You can see how Vicky’s products fit right in, because, well, they are the cutest things.

The Cutest Thing posts adorable Pins to their boards

If you’re still hesitant to become a curator of other people’s content, here is a tip from Wedding Favors Unlimited, one of our 2016 Tailwind Takeoff Award winners. They prioritized curating great content so heavily, they didn’t distinguish whose content they were sharing.

David Sherni - Wedding Favors Unlimited
David Sherni, Owner, Wedding Favors Unlimited

Owner David Sherni advised businesses to, “Be sure to share content that you find on Pinterest, even if it is your competitors. There’s no monopoly on amazing visual ideas. We found that sharing cheap wedding favors from other online competitors actually drove our own sales.”

This philosophy played into an overall Pinterest promotion strategy that skyrocketed their website traffic, and ultimately their e-commerce sales. See their number breakdowns here.

Embrace Getting Saves (Repins)

We all get a little squeamish when someone pins our carefully crafted Etsy product to a board called “DIY,” “Craft Ideas” or worse, “Going to Make / DIY.” In fact, the fear of landing on one of these boards keeps a lot of Etsy makers off of Pinterest.

While the do-it-yourselfers rarely buy, you never know how many of their followers might be looking for your exact product, or might not have the time (or the skills) to make it themselves. Additionally, their Repin and Pin engagement helps your Pin rank better in the Pinterest algorithm. The Pinterest algorithm dictates which Pins everyone sees in their feed and in search results. The more Repins and engagement you get, even if it’s not on your ideal board, the better your odds at showing up in searches with potential customers.

To learn more about which factors help increase your Pin visibility, check out our guide to understanding Pinterest’s Smart Feed.

Always Pin At The Best Times

The Tailwind Pin scheduling tool comes with a built-in “Smart Schedule” that keeps you Pinning at the best times for engagement throughout the day (keeping you top-of-mind with your followers).  That’s why people who use Tailwind grow their following 2.5x faster than those who don’t.

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Don’t worry, we’re not done yet!  Here are 4 more tips for how to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest.

4) Take Advice From Successful Etsy Sellers

Social Media Marketing Secrets of Successful Etsy SellersWe took the time to talk to some to some successful Etsy sellers on your behalf about how they use Pinterest (and Instagram) to promote their Etsy shops.  in this FREE download 8 Etsy shop owners share their secrets to Pinterest (and Instagram) marketing.

Download: “Social Media Marketing Secrets of Successful Etsy Sellers”

5) Think Like a Search Engine Marketer

Part of the power of Pinterest as a marketing platform is in its dual function as a search engine.  People go to Pinterest and search for things there.  If you want to promote your Etsy store on Pinterest it would be an excellent idea to get in the heads of your prospective customers and figure out what they’re searching for on Pinterest.

  • Brainstorm keywords and keyword phrases that your customers might search when looking for your products
  • Use “auto suggest” to conduct simple keyword research.  Simply start typing in the keywords you brainstormed to see what terms are suggested.  Terms will be suggested that get searched regularly.
Pinterest Auto Suggest Keywords
Pinterest “auto suggest” returns keywords that are searched as well as related boards
Google Auto Suggest Keywords
Google auto suggest pulls from a larger volume of searches and so can get more granular.
  • Look at the results for those searches, they’re your competition, craft more attractive Pins that better meet the ‘search intent’ of those keywords.
  • Populate the ALT text of the images you share and your Pin descriptions with the keywords you’re targeting.
  • Create Pinterest boards that target the categories of keywords you’re trying to rank for and Pin your SEO’d Pins to those boards.

6) Advertise on Pinterest

Pinterest is also a powerful paid advertising platform.  If you want to get near immediate feedback on which of your Pins perform well you can see their clickthrough rate (CTR) in the Pinterest Ads Manager.  Our Pinterest Ad Rep recommends that you should focus on campaigns with a CTR of 0.20% or higher.

Pinterest Ads Manager
The Pinterest Ads Manager dashboard

When you find the Pins that generate clicks and conversions for you, it’s easy to increase their budget to reach more people.  One of my favorite things about Pinterest as an advertising platform is that you can target based on search. Search intent is often correlated with the intent to buy (which is why search marketing is so popular in general).

7) Be Consistent

You know from running your Etsy store that building a following and attracting customers on the platform means continually sharing new products and growing your offering. Pinterest is very similar.

You need to consistently share Pins and grow your boards to steadily increase your audience.

Through studying our most successful accounts, we’ve discovered that accounts sharing between 20-30 Pins a day see the most growth. Once accounts go above 50 Pins a day that growth often flatlines.  On average Tailwind members share 28 Pins per day!

Tailwind Pin SchedulerTailwind’s Pinterest scheduling tool has helped more than 100,000 bloggers and marketers master Pinterest. With lightning quick Pin scheduling, a smart calendar that makes sure every Pin is posted at the best possible time, and actionable analytics, we make growing on Pinterest easy.


Melissa Megginson is resident Community Manager and Cat Lady at Tailwind, the leading Pinterest & Instagram tool for brands. Melissa specializes in affiliate marketing, public speaking, and making our members look good. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @MelMegg.

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