How to Schedule Pins on the Go – Introducing the Tailwind iOS Mobile App

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Today, we are pleased to announce that Tailwind now let’s you create, edit and schedule pins on mobile iOS devices.

We view this as a big step forward for Tailwind and our members.

Visual marketers need to think and act on their campaigns via mobile devices. After all, most of the visual web is mobile. Pinterest’s traffic is 80% mobile. 2 in 5 U.S. mobile users access Instagram each month. Snapchat now boasts over 100M daily active users.

Beyond that, Tailwind members are busy. That’s why our comprehensive visual marketing platform is so attractive to businesses, bloggers, and digital marketers alike. It helps them design and implement powerful visual marketing strategies all in one place, from content creation to scheduling to analytics. Being able to manage it all on the go will help them make that much better use of their time.

Enter the Tailwind iOS mobile app. With this handy companion app, you’ll be able to create, edit and schedule content from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Tailwind iOS Mobile App Features

Our iOS app offers all the key scheduling features for a user on the go:

  • Sending Pins directly from the Pinterest mobile app to your Tailwind drafts
  • Scheduling Pins from any website in Safari
  • Editing drafts and scheduling them at optimal times
  • Reordering upcoming scheduled Pins with an easy drag and drop visual calendar
  • Discovering trending content from across the visual web

1. Schedule Pins from the Pinterest Mobile App

To start, you can schedule pins directly from the Pinterest app on your iPhone or iPad. As you browse Pinterest, just select any pin you’d like to schedule. Once you open that clever life hacks pin or scrumptious summer drink recipe, touch on the paper airplane button:

Send a pin

This will open a toolbar with different apps you can send the pin through. Chances are, when you’re first starting out with the app, you won’t see Tailwind as an option to share to. To add Tailwind, select “More Apps” and then “More” next to the list of apps that pops up as sharing options.
Add more apps in Pinterest

After that, you will need to turn on Tailwind. If the slider next to Tailwind isn’t green, touch it to turn it on. You’ll also want to drag Tailwind up to the top to save time scheduling Pins later.

Turn on 'Share to Tailwind'

Once Tailwind is turned on as one of your apps, you’ll always be able to find it on  the “More Apps” list when you want to send a Pin to your Drafts!

Send a Pin to the Tailwind App

Once you share the pin to Tailwind, the Tailwind App will pop open. At the top, you will have an editable pin description. Below you will be prompted to choose which board or boards you would like to schedule this pin to. Yes, we built in the feature to schedule to multiple boards through the app. You can thank us later. Once you have selected all the boards, click the schedule button.

Edit the description and choose a board

If the line at Target suddenly starts to move, the baby starts crying or the lunch meeting you were waiting on shows up, you can save this pin to drafts and schedule it later.

2. Schedule any image from any web page in Safari

The next outlet ready for mobile scheduling is directly from any website in Safari. This gives the ability to schedule content from just about anywhere! It’s okay to get excited. We’re excited too. 🙂

Imagine you click on a link from Twitter, Facebook or your favorite newsletter and bam! It’s the perfect article to share with your audience on Pinterest. Just click the box with an arrow at the bottom of the screen to share the content.

Share a Pin from Safari

This will bring up different apps to share through. Scroll over to our blue logo (which you added above) and select Tailwind.

Schedule from Safari

Next you will see thumbnails of all the photos on that webpage. Choose the most compelling and interesting photo(s) to use for Pinterest. And, yes, you can select more than one!

Choose an image and schedule from Safari

After selecting your photo(s), either click “Save to Drafts” or click “Next” to start scheduling.

Ta-da! Just like when you scheduled from Pinterest, you can edit the description and choose the boards to schedule to.

Edit Description and Add boards

3. Editing existing drafts and scheduling them at optimal times

Now that you know how to use Tailwind outside of the app, let’s check out what’s going on inside the app. When you open Tailwind you will see a navigation menu with three main areas: Drafts, Scheduled, or Discover. Let’s start with the “Drafts” section.

Drafts page in the Tailwind App

This will pull up a feed of all of your Drafted posts – including Drafts created outside the mobile app, such as by uploading images or using the Tailwind browser extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Remember that Lifehacks Draft Pin you saved when the grocery line started moving again? It’s time to finalize the Pin’s details and send it on its way to your boards.

Select the Draft Pin you want to edit; in this case we’ll use the Lifehacks Pin created above. This directs you to a page where you can finish writing your optimized description and select your desired boards. Once you are ready, click the big “Add to Queue” button.

Add an image to your queue

If you’re new to Tailwind, your Queue is a magical publishing machine that holds onto your Pins until they’re ready to go out. You can set a schedule for your Queue to publish as often as you’d like- either using the times you know you want to Pin, or using recommended timeslots from Tailwind that will help maximize your Pins’ visibility and engagement. Learn more about scheduling at optimal times by clicking here.

4. Reordering upcoming scheduled Pins with an easy drag and drop visual calendar

While you are in the app, you can review your scheduled pins by clicking on the “Scheduled” icon in the navigation menu. If you need to reorder Pins on the fly, simply drag and drop any Pin to move it into your preferred position.

Drag and drop schedule

You can also edit Scheduled Pins by selecting a Pin, then choosing “Send Back to Drafts” from the drop down menu. From there, follow the same process as you did above for editing Drafts.

Send a Pin back to drafts

5. Discovering trending content from across the visual web

Lastly, let’s head over to the “Discover” section to discover awesome trending content from the visual web to share on Pinterest. Just type in a search and we’ll pull Pinterest-ready content for you to schedule right from the app. How easy is that?!

Here’s an example of trending Mac ‘n Cheese content that would be great for your recipe boards:

Mac 'n Cheese Content in Discover

Building the iOS App Into a Strategy

I hope you’re excited to go try out the new Tailwind iOS app. We think it could really improve your workflow for Pinterest marketing. It’s super user-friendly and gives you robust scheduling options on the go. Waiting for Sally’s soccer practice to end will create opportunities to dive into the discovery zone. You might even find yourself hoping that your client shows up to your coffee meeting a few minutes late so you can make a few quick changes to their campaign.

But unless you have a thought-out Pinterest strategy in place, you won’t be using those spare moments to help drive quality traffic to your website. So when using Tailwind on the go, make sure to still practice good pinning habits such as optimizing descriptions, choosing engaging photos, providing content tailored to your unique audience, and consistently scheduling your pins. With the introduction of Pinterest’s Smart Feed, these best practices are even more essential to seeing business growth. If you are just getting started with a strategy, check out our Guide to Creating a Winning Pinterest Strategy.

An essential component to any good strategy is measuring results.

By combining our iOS app with the desktop browser version of Tailwind, you can build out a comprehensive strategy. Our desktop dashboard gives you a wealth of Pinterest analytics. This gives you the power to track followers, analyze performance summaries, measure engagement and more. These deep insights can help guide your Pinterest strategy so you get the biggest possible impact from the time your spend Pinning.  To learn more, sign up for our free weekly webinar on building your Pinterest strategy.

More on the Horizon

Our entire mission at Tailwind is to help everyone become world class marketers. We take pride in that mission. That’s why we worked so hard to bring the first mobile Pinterest scheduling tool to the market. We wanted to make sure it will not only set the standard for our industry- but will remain best in class for years to come. This means we will always have exciting new features on the horizon.

In the near-term, we’ll work on incorporating some of our members’ favorite features from the desktop version of Tailwind into the mobile app, such as Interval Pinning, Board Lists and the ability to Shuffle your Queue.

We’ll also be expanding the app to go beyond scheduling for Pinterest. In particular, we’re pretty close now to opening up our Instagram scheduling capability. Tailwind members who make use of the mobile app will be first in line to test this awesome new set of features.

More on that later. Until then, happy pinning from, well, anywhere!

How To Schedule Pins on the Go

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