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Instagram alone has over 300 million monthly active users. It’s visibility and popularity amongst other social media networks make it a great tool for businesses looking to grow their brand. Instagram’s video feature provides an even better marketing platform. Videos are one of the best ways to connect with customers because they are more entertaining and appealing to your audience. Here are some ways your brand can be more successful with Instagram video.

Show upcoming products
Say you have an upcoming product release. Maybe you do not want to spoil everything about the new product, but with an Instagram video you can produce a “coming soon” 15 second movie trailer for your audience. This will spike interest in your consumers and create excitement around the launch of your products.

Go behind the scenes
Show your audience what a normal day is like at your business. Show them how products are made or what it takes to prepare for an upcoming event you’re planning to promote your business. This will give your audience insight on what your business actually does to be successful.

Bring entertainment
Even if you do not consider yourself a class clown, find a coworker who is and film them pulling a friendly prank on someone else in the office. This will make your business more relatable to your audience. You can also promote your brand in other entertaining ways. For example, when the ALS ice bucket challenge went viral, many employees from different brands filmed themselves taking the challenge. This not only was for a good cause, but was entertaining for different brands’ followers to watch.

Show your customers
User generated content is a huge trend in content marketing right now, so go ahead and jump on board. If you hold a contest, post a video of your customer using the product they won. Depending on the type of product your brand sells you can post videos of your customers, their kids, their pets, etc. This will show your audience how your brand makes a connection with customers.

Instagram Video Pros:

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
In this video, Ben & Jerry’s show their followers how one of their flavors is made in their “Flavor Lab”.

In this video, Nike is promoting one of their upcoming products at the time to their followers.

In this video, PetCo shows their customers (a dog and it’s owner), purchasing products together.

These are just a few of many brands who have rocked the Instagram video feature to grow their business. Hopefully these tips and examples will help you too. Can’t wait to see you on the small screen!

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Elizabeth Jones

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Published by
Elizabeth Jones

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