How to Market on Instagram

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If you still haven’t tried Instagram marketing for your company, now is the time. There are over 300 million users on Instagram who discover various companies and their content through this app daily. Instagram is the perfect way to promote your brand and reach your target consumer in an easy and fun way.

How to Market on Instagram

Create Unique Pictures

One of the best ways to intrigue Instagram users to follow your account is to post creative, unique, and fun photos. Take advantage of the editing tools Instagram offers, come up with fun, witty captions, and most importantly think outside the box. For example, Taco Bell posted a picture of a wreath made up of Taco Bell Sauce packets during the 2013 Christmas season. They incorporated their product with something relatable to their followers. Taco Bell is one of many companies known for providing a variety of pictures and creative depictions of their products.


Interact With Your Followers
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Interacting with your followers is another golden rule you’ll need to abide by in order to master marketing on Instagram. When your followers tag you in their photos or mention you in a comment, it is smart to acknowledge as many of them as you can. This way, your followers will have a sense of appreciation because you liked or commented on their photo they tagged you in or you re-posted their original picture of your product or brand giving them a special shoutout. Genuinely connecting with your customers will keep them happy and love your product or service even more.




Use hashtags
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The use of hashtags is one of the most important features of Instagram. This is how majority of people will find your account through their Instagram searches. You need to take advantage of popular and trending hashtags in your posts, however do not over do it or you’ll seem desperate. Be sure to use hashtags that include your company name along with having creative hashtags that people will associate with your company if you ever run contests or campaigns. The use of hashtags also encourages customers to take pictures showing how your product fits into their daily lives, creating a vast photo record of fans’ interaction with the brand.


Host Contests

One of the fastest ways to gain followers almost instantly is to host a contest through Instagram. You will catch your followers’ attention by providing some type of prize for whoever has the most likes on a photo or has the best photo of your choice. As discussed earlier, you need to create a type of hashtag your followers can use when they upload their pictures, so not only can you view them, but the rest of the world can too. Once your followers post a picture promoting your brand, it starts a chain reaction. Their followers see the post, they become intrigued, then they will post, and so on. Even if they do not win the prize, they are still following you for upcoming give aways or promoted products.


Take a Look at the Professionals

The best way to figure out what could work for your brand or company is to peek in on what the best accounts are doing. Below is a list on the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies with the most Instagram followers and photos via Look at how these companies run their accounts from how they interact with their followers to how they use creativity when promoting their products and brand through pictures.

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These are just a few tips for you to market your business in a creative and compelling way on Instagram. Go out and try these tips to see what works best for you to  maximize your brand and company on Instagram.


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