The Midnight City Tarot Story

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In Feb 2021, Midnight City Tarot creator Jackie Franco set out to create a new, modern experience based on the traditional tarot deck with her own creation. 

Featuring vibrant, candy-colored images inspired by New York City, this playful metropolitan tarot has created a community of ‘city witches’ and dedicated followers on social!

I know a lot of decks that I started working with were really kind of old fashioned, and I wanted something I could bring to the world that was very new, modern, colorful, and fun.

Jackie put a ton of foundational work into designing, illustrating, and printing 78 original designs for her deck. As soon as she had her prototype in hand, she started focusing on bringing her unique creation to market.

Building Traffic with Pinterest

Before Midnight City Tarot launched, Jackie wanted to make sure she was maximizing all the social media platforms she could to get the word out. This led her down the path of researching Pinterest marketing.

She signed up for Tailwind for Pinterest in November 2020, after seeing a recommendation in a popular Udemy Pinterest marketing course!

Jackie focused on creating evergreen content on Pinterest, that would help drive awareness of her upcoming deck and how to use it. Midnight City Tarot’s Pinterest page includes Pins on different spreads, tips and stories behind the deck designs. A year later, those Pins are still driving regular traffic.

The Pins are still circulating. Every time I go on Pinterest, I’m still getting people pinning those original Pins that I had set up in the very beginning with Tailwind.”

Growing a Community on Instagram

After finding success on Pinterest, Midnight City Tarot expanded its horizons with Tailwind for Instagram.

I had started my Instagram with one follower, which was my boyfriend. So I started from the ground up!”

The new Midnight City Tarot account teased the upcoming deck and worked to ramp up interest before the launch. Content focused on images of the cards, behind-the-scenes peeks and various readings using the deck.

Jackie was dedicating a lot of time to Instagram, getting the word out there and engaging with potential customers. And her hard work paid off! Midnight City Tarot on Instagram morphed from a product-focused launchpad to a quickly growing community.

Since the deck is out in the world a little bit more, there’s more people that are showing it on their own social media platforms. It’s been super cool to see it with different people using it all over the world! It’s getting more traction, coming to life on its own now because of all the foundational work I had done in the beginning.

Midnight City Tarots Instagram exploded from 1 follower (thanks Jackie’s boyfriend!) to 4,670 in one year, and the hashtag #midnightcitytarot began to pick up steam. Jackie was able to shift her focus to maintaining her social media accounts while giving herself more time to focus on new projects. She did this with Tailwind’s newest tool – Copilot!

Keeping Marketing Fresh with Tailwind Copilot

With a suite of new product offerings to accompany the Midnight City Tarot deck, Jackie couldn’t dedicate as much time as she had before to her social media platforms pre-launch. So, she decided to use Tailwind Copilot to streamline and maximize her marketing in less time!

She filled out the 3-minute personalization survey all about her business, and indicated how many hours a week she could dedicate to marketing. The result? A custom, automated marketing plan with campaigns tailored to her specific goals.

I felt like I wasn’t alone trying to sort out what I was going to do for social media for the month ahead. I had some help and support, which was awesome, and with the calendar feature I could plan my product launches ahead of time!

Since the launch of the Midnight City Tarot: First Edition, Jackie has released new products including journals, candles, pouches, nail art, and shirts. She also has her eye on launching a new collector edition black-light deck in Fall 2022.

I would not have been able to do that if I had just been going on Instagram myself, posting every day, getting stuck and scrolling. Tailwind has given me so much more time to focus on tons of new products.

What’s Next in the Cards

With all the time saved on creating and scheduling social media content with Tailwind, Midnight City Tarot has expanded its product offering and has new and exciting collector items in production. One other goal for Jackie?

Getting Midnight City Tarot into more physical locations.

I have my own online shop, and I also sell to physical shops. So my deck is carried at different places around the world. One of the shops is Flower Power in New York City, which is an awesome herbal apothecary.

Midnight City Tarot is currently available in small shops across Canada, Singapore, China, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, London, and in locations across New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

I see it in a lot more shops. That’s always been my dream, to have it in brick and mortar shops around the world. And also to have more decks that will go with it! I don’t know when, hopefully I’ll have a lot of time to work on it now that I don’t have to do so much social media!

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