New Instagram Story Effects Are Here, and They’re Seriously Cool!

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Instagram released a new update to their Instagram Stories today, and it has the whole world (and our Tailwind team!) a-twitter.

We couldn’t wait to share all the cool new effects and options, as well as our first impressions with you!

Check out all the new options, including a NEW Story mode and countless filters and effects below!

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Instagram Stories Create Mode

One of the biggest updates to Stories is a brand new Create Mode. Create is a colorful new way to connect with your followers, featuring some of your favorite stickers and effects as the stars of your Stories!

Let’s take a look:

The Text Option Gets a New Look

To be fair, Text Stories are not a new effect, but they have a new home! Previously located on the main menu of Instagram Stories options, the Text option has now been folded into Create Mode.

You can now design a Text Story on a gradient background (we love the rainbow in particular!) or solid colors in your choice of Modern, Strong, Neon, Typewriter or Classic fonts.

Our Tailwind Community Manager Melissa Megginson takes it for a test drive below while sharing her first impressions of the new Instagram update!

Video GIFS from GIPHY

When words fail, you can now pick the perfect video reaction to post on your Stories using Create’s GIF effect. Just type a keyword into the search bar to see all the available GIFs!

Wow is right!

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Countdown To Your Biggest Moments

You’re now able to share countdown stickers from Create mode, highlighting what you’re most excited for to your followers!

Psst… need some inspo? Just tap the icon of two dice to generate a random countdown!

On This Day

One of our favorite new features of Create Mode is the On This Day option. Like Facebook Memories, this Story frame displays a memory or a post from your Instagram past.

Previously, the Instagram memories feature lived quietly in the archive section. (Archives are found in the menu option on your Instagram profile screen). Now, they’re front and center in the new update, allowing you to look back fondly on past connections and posts from your yesteryears.

Instagram just unlocked a whole new world of creativity and engagement. This is a game changer.

Cameron Smith, Tailwind Brand Strategist

Quizzes, Polls, and Questions

Three of your Instagram Story Sticker favorites get their own highlights in Create mode: Story Quizzes, Polls and Questions!

You can create your own custom options for each, or tap that icon with the two dice to generate a random prompt for your followers.

There’s no doubt about it – Create Mode takes your possibilities for engagement to the next level. In fact, that’s what our resident lifestyle blogger Chloe Alysse LOVES about the new Instagram updates!

I love that Instagram is making it easier for everyone to produce high-quality and engaging content in stories!

Chloe Alysse

Create Mode isn’t the only Instagram Story update that’ll catch your followers’ attention! There’s all-new filters and effects, that you can peruse in a built-in gallery that makes designing your content easier than ever!

See the gallery below.

A New Effect Gallery in Instagram Stories

Now you’ll always be able to find your favorite Instagram filters and effects, thanks to the new gallery available in Stories. You can easily sort themes “Instagram, Selfies, Color & Light” and more!

Our most pawfect Tailwind employee Olive was more than happy to test out some of her favorites, like Neon Valentine, LED Starburst and Unicorn Island for the purpose of this article:

10/10, very good girl!

Before the update, you could access Instagram filters by tapping the face icon in the bottom right of the screen. Now, they’re even easier to access!

To access your filters, just swipe right over the white button to select a filter. You can scroll all the way to the end of the featured effects to find a button that will let you browse the entire Effect Gallery. However, you can also access the gallery by tapping any filter name at the bottom of the screen.

Take a look below!

What do you think of the latest Story updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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