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Pinterest Marketing Case Study: Pin Scheduling from Tailwind

Learn how three sisters were able to utilize Tailwind’s pin scheduling and analytics to understand their audience, grow their Pinterest presence and increase traffic to their blog in this free Pinterest marketing case study.

How three sisters gained 20,000 Pinterest followers & 500,000 visits to their blog in just 5 months! Pinterest Marketing Case Study
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In October 2012, sisters Tracy, Debbie, and Sherri began the blog “Made From Pinterest” as a way to keep in touch as they spread out around the country. On the blog, the sisters recount their experience making recipes, crafts and DIY projects they found on Pinterest. “We try to let our readers know that if we can make something from Pinterest, then they can too!” says Tracy.

By December 2013, the sisters had transitioned from casual bloggers to full-time power bloggers. They decided it was time to get serious about building a strong, engaged following on Pinterest, so the sisters turned to Tailwind for help.


Tracy, Debbie and Sherri quickly learned that they needed a Pinterest marketing strategy to make the most of their time on Pinterest.

First, they needed to understand what content was resonating with their audience in what categories, so they could duplicate that success.

Next, they needed to pin when their audience was active – not just at the times that were convenient for them.

Finally, they needed a way to accurately track how their blog was performing both on and off of Pinterest.


In just a few short months, Tracy, Debbie and Sherri were able to make a serious mark both on and off of Pinterest.

First, the sisters looked at what boards and content were already performing with Tailwind’s Board Insights. There, they found out which boards and pins were resonating with fans, and which ones needed to go.

Once they understood what content to pin where, they started scheduling pins around the clock.

“Before using Tailwind we were only pinning between the hours of 7am to 11pm,” says Tracy. “Tailwind has shown us how valuable is to pin on a 24-hour time frame, and now we can pin all day thanks to Tailwind.”

How three sisters gained 20,000 followers & 500,000 site visits in 5 months

Now that the Made from Pinterest account pinning engaging content around the clock, Tracy, Debbie and Sherri needed a way to track their progress.

According to Tailwind’s analytics, Made from Pinterest gained 20,000 followers, 223,000 repins, 500,000 site visits and achieved a 97.6% engagement rate in just five months.  That’s one powerful case study!

How three sisters gained 20,000 followers & 500,000 site visits in 5 months

“Prior to using Tailwind I used Viraltag and Pinterest’s analytics to guide my pinning strategy,” says Tracy. “This resulted in 30 to 70 followers per day. After learning and understanding Tailwind’s analytics, and scheduling our pins through Tailwind, I have been able to gain up to 450 followers a day.”

Pinterest Marketing Strategy Today

Since we first analyzed Made From Pinterest’s account in May of 2014, the sisters have only continued to refine their strategy with incredible results.
  • The Made From Pinterest account publishes around 100 pins every day
  • Their pins go out around the clock – from 12 am to 11:54 pm
  • They pin approximately 35% of their own content, with the majority of content coming from other domains
This strategy has helped them bolster their already stellar account. Since May 2014, the Made from Pinterest account now has:
  • 2.3 million repins
  • 6 million impressions a day
  • and 500,000 visits in a single month!

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    Kelly Michelle

    Wow thats really impressive; I need to do some more work with my tailwind account!

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    I am bobmunrocanada on Pinterest , and have nothing like this , even though I have 75,000 followers . I have to figure out my Tailwind stuff better!

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    Daniel Ndukwu

    that is AMAZING, great work

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