Pinterest Site Verification: How to Claim a Website on Pinterest

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Verifying your site on Pinterest. Sounds like a complicated, code-heavy process. And who really needs that, right?

Well Pinterest site verification has many amazing benefits and doesn’t have to be hard at all! Verifying your website on Pinterest gives you access to valuable business features. For example, you gain access to deeper analytics both on Pinterest and through Tailwind and your profile photo will be on all Pins from your site, prompting users to visit your page and a small globe icon will appear next to your website’s URL on your profile, assuring visitors of your authenticity.

There are two main ways to go through Pinterest website verification:

  1. Update the meta tag on your site;
  2. Upload an HTML file

The best part? Verifying your website on Pinterest doesn’t take a professional developer – anyone can do it! Don’t worry, we’ll be here to hold your hand along the way.

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Option One: How to Verify or Claim Your Website on Pinterest by Uploading a Meta Tag

Step 1. Go to your Pinterest profile and click on the edit button

Step 2. Click on “Settings” and “Claim”.

Step 3. “Confirm Website” button

Find the Confirm Website Button

Step 3. Copy the Code

Copy Meta Description

Step 4. Add the code to your website’s head section.

So here’s where things might feel like they get complicated. But never fear – it’s easier than it sounds! In your website’s content management system (CMS), look for index.html where you can edit the code of your website. You’ll know you’ve found it when things look something like this:

Look for Website Code

Once you’ve found this area, add the code from Pinterest in the head section:

Add Code From Pinterest To Website

Save those changes.

Step 5. Click “Finish” back on Pinterest


Option Two: How to Upload To Website

Step 1. Edit your profile and open up the “Confirm Website” Dialog box.

Find the Confirm Website Button

Step 2. Click on “Download This File”

Download This File

once the file is downloaded, DO NOT rename the file. This is very important!

Step 3. Upload the file to the root server

Common root servers are public_html, www, or wwwroot. This video will explain how to upload the file.

Step 4. Click “Finish” back on Pinterest


Upload to Popular Site Types – WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger

Pinterest website verification can be easily done through many hosts. Right now, there are 19 total hosts with instructions on how to verify your website on Pinterest. We are only going to go over a few of the most popular ones here – WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.


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Step 1. Download and install the “Simple Site Verify” Plug-in

Step 2. Copy the “content” section of the meta tag using the instructions above.

Confirm code content

Step 3. Go to Simple Site Verify’s settings and enter the code you copied.

Step 4. Click “Finish” back on Pinterest.

Tumblr – Meta Tag

Simple Steps for verifying your Tumblr blog on PinterestClick to Tweet

Step 1. Copy the meta data from Pinterest using the method above 

Step 2. Sign in to your Tumblr page and go to your settings

Find your blog listed in the right rail.

Click On Your Tumblr Blog

Step 3. Scroll to “Edit Theme”

Edit Tumblr Blog Theme

Step 4. Click on “Edit HTML”

Edit HTML Of Tumblr Page

Then paste meta data into head and save.

Paste Code Into Tumblr

Step 6. Click “Finish” back on Pinterest.


Simple Steps for verifying your Blogger site on PinterestClick to Tweet

Step 1. Copy the meta data from Pinterest using the method above

Step 2. Login to Blogger and go to “Template” then select “Edit HTML”

Edit HTML In Blogger

Step 3. Paste Meta Tag Into head

Paste Meta Tag In Head On Blogger

Step 4. Click “Finish” back on Pinterest.

And as a bonus, here’s how to claim a Shopify site!

See? Pinterest Website Verification Isn’t Too Hard!

Now that you know how to claim a website on Pinterest, you can really get started on Pinterest. Learn how to get more traffic from your Pinterest marketing!

Want to skyrocket your website traffic? This simple guide is your passport to free traffic growth from Pinterest (even if you’ve never Pinned in your life.) Grab it now!

blog image - how to claim your site on Pinterest - Pinterest Site verification

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