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The Most Powerful Pinterest Analytics Available

Measure performance and analyze all your Pinterest efforts
Powered by the Official Pinterest Business Insights API

  • Powerful Reporting
  • Content Optimization

Go Beyond Vanity Metrics

Unravel high-level trends into key drivers, down to the individual pin

Tailwind's Pin engagement analytics tool tracks Repins and Comments over time.
  • Track followers and engagement trends for repins and comments at the profile, board and individual pin level
  • Analyze virality and fan engagement levels over time to ensure your Pins are resonating
  • Free performance summaries in your inbox make sure you stay informed and never miss a beat
  • Google Analytics and Omniture integration shed light on your Pinterest ROI with metrics such as visits, transactions and revenue down to the specific pin
  • Archive historical data to gauge progress over time or export to run your own reports
Tailwind's Pin engagement analytics tool tracks Repins and Comments over time.

Analyze and Optimize Pinterest Content

Guide your Pinterest Strategy by understanding how your audience responds to the content you share

Actionable Pinterest analytics include individual Repin counts, filtering and interest heatmaps in the Tailwind dashboard.
  • Powerful filtering and sorting features let you slice and dice your Pin data to uncover insights by board, category, date range, keywords, #hashtags, source url and more
  • Interest heatmaps verify that you're focusing on the right content for your audience, and identify prospects for improvement at a glance
  • Learn when to pin based on when your audience is most active
  • See what’s trending right now, even if it was pinned months ago

Your analytics power insights across all of Tailwind

  • Smart Scheduling
    Optimize social publishing with recommended times to pin, based on your data
  • Content Management
    Get content recommendations based on what your audience responds to

Actionable Pinterest Analytics tools for the Enterprise

Learn how Tailwind Analytics can help your brand tap into the power of Pinterest data