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Tailwind introduces AI-generated writing tools for social media + email

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Kristen Dahlin

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in social media marketing we consistently hear about is content creation. After you’ve figured out what to post, and what your image should look like, you’re faced with writing out a caption or description for the post.

Sounds easy enough, right? According to our users, it’s not. In fact, it’s one of the areas most likely to build resentment for social media platforms or lead to avoiding marketing workflows entirely! 😱

Our research participants identified blockers like the amount of time it takes, lack of knowledge or skill in the area of writing, and difficulty coming up with unique ways to get their message across. 👉

Multi-platform marketing is challenging enough for small business owners, without the added cost of struggle, procrastination, or even avoidance when it comes to writing quality copy on multiple social media and email accounts.

Tailwind’s latest feature, Ghostwriter, aims to tackle this problem head-on by giving small business owners a tool to help create keyword-rich, natural-sounding copy for their digital marketing.

Ghostwriter for Instagram Captions

Natural-Sounding AI Copy Tailored to You

You’ll enter a few inputs to Ghostwriter, such as the type of content, what the content is about, keywords and phrases you want to be included, and a CTA of your choosing. Then, Ghostwriter will return three different options for your copy based on those inputs and millions of high-performing social media descriptions (or email subject lines).

You can then tweak these options with quick edits, or use them as is!

Tailwind Ghostwriter enables you to:

  • Use relevant keywords and phrases to help your content become more visible in search
  • Change the tone, style, and approach of your caption based on your preferences and the purpose of your content
  • Easily create high-impact captions that are the perfect length for each platform, and incorporate best practices.

  • Maximize your time creating content, and power through brain fog and writer’s block with ideas and inspiration for future posts
  • Write natural-sounding copy if English is your second language

Ghostwriter for Pinterest Descriptions

Write Better Copy in Less Time

Tailwind Ghostwriter removes the blockers that have set you back from creating frequent, quality content to market your business.

Use our AI-based technology to generate natural-sounding, engaging captions and descriptions in half the time. 

You can start from almost done, rather than staring at a blank page racking your brain for inspiration that doesn’t seem to want to come!

Hundreds of Tailwind members are already using Ghostwriter successfully to uplevel their Pinterest descriptions, Instagram captions, and Email subject lines!

How to Use Tailwind Ghostwriter

Using Ghostwriter is super easy. Simply upload your social image to Tailwind, and on the screen where you input your caption, description, or subject line, simply click “Ghostwrite for Me.”

You’ll input the type of content you’re publishing (think: informational, promotion or sale, educational, etc.) Then you’ll put a few words in detailing what your content is about (ex: lavender bath bombs or traveling!)

Next, add any keywords or phrases that you want to be sure to include, and any CTAs as necessary. Then, click Generate! Ghostwriter will return three different possible captions for you to choose from, tweak, and then add to your social media post.

You’ll love the confidence and ease Ghostwriter adds to your marketing copy. And the best news? Ghostwriter is included on all forever-free plans of Tailwind!

Ghostwriter for Email Subject Lines

What Tailwind Members Are Saying

Spoiler alert- if our beta testing results didn’t give it away, our members are already loving the new Tailwind Ghostwriter tool! Member Gina Clark of Gina Clark Creative summed it up best:

Can’t wait to try it out yourself? We don’t blame you. Sign up for a forever-free plan using your favorite platform, and start experimenting with our new generative AI tool in Tailwind! 👇

Kristen Dahlin

Kristen Dahlin is the Content Marketing Manager at Tailwind — your new Marketing team, helping you create social media designs, schedule posts, and optimize across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest with one easy-to-use social media management tool. Kristen lives in rural Oklahoma with her husband Kyle, daughter Sophie, boxer Lila, and a very temperamental flower garden.

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Published by
Kristen Dahlin

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