How to Sell More Online Using Pinterest & Instagram

How to Sell More Using Pinterest & Instagram

Fantastic news: It’s never been easier to launch your own online business!

In minutes, you can publish a new online store, start charging for products or courses, and begin to spread the word.

But… It’s also never been more challenging for you truly stand out and get found by your ideal customers. It feels like a neverending flood of businesses crowd your notifications, email inbox, and social media feeds, shouting “Buy, now (or else!)”


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It’s no wonder Pinterest and Instagram feel like a breath of fresh air — both for you as an entrepreneur and your customers too.

Ready to kick pushy, icky-feeling marketing to the curb and grow your sales? Dive into our best resources below to master the art of attracting and serving your ideal customers on Pinterest and Instagram.

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Sell More on Pinterest

If you’re an online store owner with inspiring products, you should think long and hard about Pinterest for one simple reason: There’s a good chance your ideal customers have already adopted a serious pinning habit.

Today, more than 200 million monthly users dive into Pinterest to discover inspiring ideas to make their life better and plan their next purchases.

More online sellers than ever are opening their eyes to the power of Pinterest to accelerate their sales. A recent study revealed 72% of Pinners say the platform inspires them to shop — even when they aren’t actually looking for anything.

In fact, Pinterest beat out social media platforms, search engines — and even friends and family — as the top source for Pinners to get ideas for what to buy.

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Grow Your Online Store

Want to skyrocket your online store’s traffic & sales? Grab this free guide to the 24 Best Ecommerce Tools.

Sell More on Instagram

It’s no secret: Instagram is huge. More than 500 million users open the app every day for a pocket-sized hit of inspiration and to discover things they care about.

The best news for your business? An eyebrow-raising 60% of those monthly users say they discover new products on Instagram.

Let’s make sure your store has an honest shot at being found next.

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