9 thoughts on “Skyrocket Falling Instagram Engagement with Stories!

  1. Great article, Instagram is one of the most beneficial platforms to build engagement with. People LOVE it but it can be difficult to break through people’s mindless scrolling, that’s why these tips can be so helpful.

    1. Hi Leonardo! You are so right – it can be really tough to capture attention and break the rhythm of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling! I’m glad you found the tips in this post helpful. 🙂 Kristen

  2. I have not been able to make my captions space correctly using the Tailwind app. Everything is jumbled up, and I am forced to go back to an outside site to fix the spacing, cut and paste it directly into Instagram after I’ve already posted. What is the fix for this?

    Also, each time I’ve scheduled something on Tailwind, I get a prompt saying “It’s time to post! Click here to post”- and I have a business account with IG. Is this supposed to be automated, or what am I missing?

    I want to use Tailwind, but because of the spacing and automation questions I am not finding it easier. I would love to find answers and be able to use it!

    1. Hi Leigh! Thanks for your feedback. When you say jumbled up, what do you mean – that it’s not accepting your line breaks and spacing? One common reason for this is that we automatically hit the space bar after concluding a sentence with punctuation or an emoji! If you add a space after the end of the sentence and then hit the return bar to create line spacing, it will read the space and ignore any line breaks you put in. Try removing extra spaces after the ends of your lines and emojis and see if this helps!

      Business accounts are the only accounts at present that Tailwind can Auto Post with, but you will have to set up the Auto Posting feature first! In your Tailwind dashboard, you should see a banner at the top of the screen (in desktop!) to help you set up Auto Posting. If this doesn’t work for any reason, try reaching out to our CS team via chat or email for help! Thanks for your comment. 🙂 Kristen

  3. ok ok I get it! I need to be more consistent & take advantage of if stories more … it’s time 😉👍 Thanks for clarifying how their algorithm functions. What is the pricing for having Tailwind for both Pinterest + Instagram?

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