How to Post Seamless Instagram Carousels with Tailwind to Boost Engagement

It’s finally here! 

If you’ve been looking for a seamless Instagram carousel app that will allow you to pre-plan and share photos in ‘Multiple Image’ posts on Instagram, your search is over! 

Instagram users can now use Tailwind to plan, schedule, and post multiple images or videos in a single post! But that is not all, we will also do all the heavy lifting for you. Instead of manually uploading your posts, you can now use Tailwind to automatically post Instagram carousels for you!

Tailwind’s carousel tool is available on desktop and mobile.

So, it functions as a mobile carousel app for Instagram, as well as an Instagram carousel scheduler for Mac and PC. 

Ready to get started? This blog post will walk you through step by step.

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1. Create New Post 

Tailwind’s Instagram carousel scheduler allows you to easily create new draft posts by uploading photos from your computer. 

Just open your Tailwind dashboard, and look for the “Working from scratch?” box. Here you’ll see Create Designs, and Upload Media.

With Create Designs, you can use our post creation tool to design stunning social media posts branded with your unique colors and fonts.

Or, you can upload photos from your computer! Here’s what to do:

  • Click Upload Media
  • Select Carousel Post
  • Upload Your Content!

2. Add Multiple Images to Your Instagram Carousel Post

From there, you will be able to select one or more photos or videos to upload from your computer, which will be converted into a carousel post.

It’s like an automatic Carousel photo app!

Once your post is in the editing stage, you will have the option to click “Add More” to add more images to your Instagram post. 

You can add up to 10 images or videos per Instagram post.

3. How to Edit Carousel Post Images 

Once you have your images uploaded, you can drag and drop them to change the order. 

The order on your screen is the order that the carousel that will appear on Instagram.

When users on Instagram swipe right, they’ll be taken forward through your carousel post.

When users on Instagram swipe left, they’ll be able to go back through the images on your carousel post.

If you’re wondering how to delete one picture from an Instagram carousel, just hover over the image you want to delete. A trash can icon will appear in the top right corner!

Be sure to Confirm your Instagram carousel before moving on to the caption so you don’t lose your progress!

Psst… Make sure to double-check everything before moving on as you can’t edit Instagram carousel post photos once they’re live!

4. Write Your Carousel Post Caption for Instagram

Now you’re ready to write a caption for the Instagram carousel you’ve just created. You can ‘make it yours by changing the font, adding spaces and line breaks, and adding emojis to your Instagram caption!

5. Add Hashtags to Your Caption

Don’t forget the hashtags! Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder will populate Hashtag suggestions based on your caption text as you’re typing.

Or, you can use saved hashtags from one of your saved hashtag lists.

Looking for something specific? Start typing a hashtag. You’ll see hashtag options populate, with color-coded popularity and the number of posts with that hashtag attached!

6. Select Your Post Method

Next, you’ll select your post method! You have two options: Auto Post, and Post reminder.

Tailwind can auto-post your carousel for you at your scheduled time, no follow-up required!

Auto posting features only work with Instagram business accounts, but don’t worry.

If you don’t have an Instagram business account, you can either switch over (it’s free and really easy!) to get the most out of Tailwind features, OR, Tailwind can send a post reminder to your phone when the time comes for your post, with the assets you need!

7. Schedule Your Instagram Carousel For the Best Time

Next, it’s time to schedule your Instagram carousel. Tailwind’s Smart Schedule will find the best times to post when your audience is most active on Instagram.

And, if you want to double-check what your feed will look like with a new post, scroll down to the Preview Your Grid section. This will show you your currently scheduled drafts and published posts, so you can get a look at what all your hard work looks like together!

Be sure to press the blue “Schedule post” button at the bottom once you’ve decided on a time.

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8. Post Your Carousel!

Your carousel is scheduled! If you have an Instagram Business account, there’s nothing else you need to do. Instagram Auto Posting is included in your Tailwind plan!

If you don’t have a business account OR selected push notification, keep an eye on your phone! At the scheduled time you selected, you’ll receive a push notification with your Instagram carousel images and saved captions to post directly to Instagram.

Use Tailwind to Schedule Your Carousel Post on Instagram

There you have it- just a few simple steps to creating Carousel posts on Instagram- without having to dedicate time to it every day. 

But being a carousel app for Instagram isn’t the only✨magic ✨Tailwind for Instagram is capable of. It’s easy and efficient to plan and schedule all your Instagram images, Instagram videos, and Instagram stories for the whole week using Tailwind’s Instagram planner.

The Tailwind blog is here for all of your planning and more tips on posting on Instagram to help you learn more about how to attract followers, grow your account, and drive sales from Instagram!

Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already! 

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What are the benefits to Instagram carousel posts?

Especially if you are a small business with products you want to show off, the carousel function can help you get more images in front of your followers in a more dynamic way! It offers you the opportunity to show off details, variety, and even the story behind the product.

Can you edit Instagram carousels?

Yes! As of November 2021, Instagram allows for the editing of your carousel posts. Once you have your images uploaded, you can drag and drop them to change the order. For more on editing your IG posts and carousel images, check out our in-depth blog!

What are the best sizes for Instagram carousel?

  • Instagram Video Carousel: 600px x 600px
  • Landscape: 1080 x 566 pixels
  • Square: 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Portrait: 1080 x 1350

Do Instagram carousels raise engagement?

Carousels have been found to be one of the best ways to engage with your followers on Instagram! On average accounts that use carousels receive higher engagement compared to traditional posting.

How to Change Fonts on Instagram (Captions + Bio)

Change Instagram font options in Tailwind on Purple background

Do you feel like your Instagram captions lack a little something these days?

Wish there was a way to quickly grab your reader’s attention OR help them skim your caption copy for the main points?

Great news – there is, and the secret is a quick Instagram font change!

Let’s take a look at how some of our favorite Instagrammers are making the most of different fonts for Instagram in their captions – and how you can put our new Instagram font changer tool to work!

What Font Does Instagram Use?

Curious what the signature Instagram text font is? This Sans Serif typeface is the immensely popular Proxima Nova, created by Mark Simonson in 2005.

If it looks familiar, it probably is. Proxima Nova is the most popular commercial font on the web and can be found on thousands of websites.

Where Do Those Cool Fonts for Instagram Come From?

If you’ve poked around at all while trying to change your font on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed there aren’t other fonts readily available on the platform. 

And if you’ve spied cursive fonts or funky bubble letters across tons of profiles, you may be already clued in that the types of Instagram fonts you can actually use are limited.

The reason for this is simply that they’re not other fonts at all. 

The stylistic letters and symbols you’re seeing in Instagram captions and bios are actually Unicode characters. 

Poke around Insert Symbols or Special Characters in a word processor doc, and chances are you’ll come across part of or all of the thousands of unique symbols in Unicode.

We won’t dive into the technical specifics here, but suffice it to say, some of these symbols (and in some cases, entire alphabets) can be used in your Instagram bio or caption for a unique look!

Some of the supported Unicode symbols that can be used for Instagram font options are:

  • Ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔ ⓛⓔⓣⓣⓔⓡⓢ

There are also tons of ϝαɳƈყ ıŋʂɬąɠཞąɱ ₣Ø₦₮ [̲̅o][̲̅p][̲̅t][̲̅i][̲̅o][̲̅n][̲̅s] if you know where to look (don’t worry -we’ll help!)

How to Get Different Fonts On Instagram 

You can use these different fonts on Instagram in a few different places, including in your Instagram captions, your Instagram bio and in your Instagram Stories!

We’ll walk you through how to change each below:

How to Change Fonts on Instagram Posts

You can grab any type of Instagram font you want to use in your caption from an Instagram font generator tool like LingoJam. Simply type in the phrase you want to display in a unique font and copy and paste it into our caption!

A word of caution here: a lot of fancy Instagram fonts are hard to read – especially in a long caption. 

That’s why our Tailwind caption font formatting tool gives you four style options that are the easiest to read on the platform while still making your caption uniquely yours!

Here’s how to get different fonts on Instagram with Tailwind’s Instagram planning tool:

  1. Log in to Tailwind for Instagram on your desktop 
  2. Upload your post photo, OR select an existing photo you want to edit!
  3. Begin typing your caption
  4. Select from the different fonts for Instagram in the pop-up. You can choose Serif, Cursive, Bold and Italic.

You can also combine some styles together, such as Bold + Italic, Bold + Cursive, and even Bold, Italic + Times New Roman for all kinds of fancy letters.

You’re not limited to one style for your entire caption, either! You can use any style in any part of your caption except Hashtags. Just click the different fonts you’d like to use on Instagram as you’re typing!

See? We told you it was the easiest way to change your font – no pesky generator or Instagram caption formatting web tool required.

How to Change Instagram Bio Fonts

The Instagram bio is definitely the place where unique Instagram fonts shine. If you’re wondering how to change the font in your Instagram bio, it’s really easy – especially with the feature built into Tailwind’s Instagram scheduling tool!

You’ll need to change the font on your Instagram bio via desktop. It takes just two steps:

Step One: Open Tailwind For Instagram on Desktop

To get different fonts on Instagram, you’ll need to work in an existing draft – or upload a new post to get started.

Now open your draft and type the message you want to put in your Instagram bio (in the font of your choice!)

Once you’ve formatted your new font change for Instagram bio to perfection, select the stylish text you’ve typed and hit copy (Command + C/ Control + C)!

Step Two: Open Instagram for Desktop to Update Your Bio

The secret to how to change Instagram fonts in your bio is really as simple as a quick copy and paste! Once you’re in the Instagram app for desktop, head over to your Instagram Profile >Edit Profile.

Drop your newly-minted Instagram bio font into the Bio textbox. You can do one sentence, or the whole thing!

Just remember that you’ll have to type the complete text in our caption formatting tool to paste into this section.

Once your bio is updated with new Insta fonts, click Submit and check it out!

Pro Tip: If you want to format your Instagram bio with spaces and line breaks to work on Instagram, make sure you remove any extra spaces after emojis, text symbols, and punctuation marks.

Even one extra space at the end of a line cancels out your line spacing!

How to Get Different Fonts on Instagram Story

You can also use the same copy and paste trick from an Instagram font generator (or Tailwind) to add different fonts to your Instagram Stories!

Simply choose the font you want to use, copy, and paste it into your Stories.

Or, you could use the new fonts on Instagram Stories! The new font choices have been rolling out to accounts over the past year, and expand the original four font choices to nine. Check them out!

You can change your fonts by opening a Story to create, tapping the text button in the top right corner, and scrolling through the available fonts.

How to Use Instagram Font Change For Sales + Engagement

Besides being totally cool, different Instagram text fonts serve a purpose in your Instagram strategy. In fact, new Instagram font styles can help make your great Instagram captions get more sales!

Want to see how? Here’s some of our favorite uses for different Instagram fonts:

1.Tease Main Points with Different Instagram Fonts 

When users are scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, they’re less likely to stop and click on every caption to read it.

After all, they know there’s another post coming up next!

To capture attention quickly, you have to stop the scroll with an Instagram caption that stands out.

For example, Molly has placed a powerful call-to-action in eye-catching Instagram font exactly where it’ll appear in the feed (only about 35 characters appear before someone has to click read more.). 

Bold the first line of your caption with an eye-grabbing question or statement.

Then bold select keywords throughout your copy to help skimmers get the gist quickly and decide to engage!

2.Bold Key Words That Trigger Strong Reactions

This is a handy psychological trick that plays into evoking strong emotion – all with the use of an Instagram font change! 

Try bolding or adding different fonts for Instagram to select keywords and phrases that will trigger emotion or action.

A great example is something like ⚡️FLASH SALE! ⚡️

3. Highlight Your Events with Instagram Font Changes

Anxious to get attendees to buy tickets on Instagram for your latest event or promotion?

Try bolding the most relevant information so it jumps out at casual browsers.

By bolding the who, when, and where’s, your readers are more likely to check their calendars and figure out if they can attend the event.

If they can, they’ve already achieved that “mental buy-in” they’ll need to keep reading and sign up! 

If they can’t, you’ll save yourself that disappointment that could damage your follower relationship by making them jump through hoops only to find out they can’t attend the event. 

4. Use Instagram Cursive Font In Short Captions

These fancy characters are best used sparingly. If you’ve ever seen a full paragraph of Instagram cursive font, it’s tough to read. So how do you write in cursive on Instagram in a way that won’t overwhelm your followers?

Keep it simple: Choose short but impactful sentences and phrases in your caption and change the Instagram font to cursive.

In fact, this is a great font to use for one-sentence captions or a dreamy song lyric!

5. Mix and Match Different Instagram Fonts for High Impact Captions

If you have multiple CTAs or actions your followers can take from your post, try highlighting them throughout your caption in different fonts.

For example, Download now, Click Get Tickets on my profile, or Questions? Tap the Contact Button!

Conclusion: How to Change Instagram Font on Your Captions + Bio

Before now, using different fonts for Instagram was kind of a headache. Any time you longed to format Instagram copy with bolds, italics or that awesome fancy cursive, you’d have to use copy and paste fonts from web text generators.

While an Instagram font generator isn’t hard to use, it’s just one more step to include in your social media planning…and who needs ANOTHER step?

That’s why Tailwind’s built-in caption font formatting is such a time-saver for Instagram marketers!

With our latest feature, you can quickly customize your Instagram caption fonts. It’s officially the easiest way to change Instagram font and style – all in one screen!

And the best part is, after you’ve finished perfecting your Instagram caption (complete with your new fancy text), you can schedule your post in one click with our Instagram publishing tool.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and start formatting.

And if you’ve never used Tailwind for Instagram before, click the box below for a free trail of Tailwind for Instagram.

FAQs: How to Change Fonts on Instagram

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Tired of using Instagram font generators to spice up your posts? We've got the easiest solution ever for changing Instagram fonts - right in your caption!

How to Post 3 Pictures in a Row on Instagram

Instagram 3 pictures in a row of ice cream on yellow background

Have you seen those perfectly planned feeds on Instagram with 3 pictures in a row forming one larger image? Ever wondered how you might be able to recreate the look on your own Instagram account? 

Maybe you desire that collage look or crave a row by row theme for your Instagram. Or, maybe you simply want your photos to complement each other more! Either way, we’re sure you won’t want to pass up the chance to make your Instagram more follow-worthy.

Any way you slice it, we’re covering the basics with a row-by-row Instagram theme tutorial!

We’re giving you the play-by-play on:

  • Creating and planning a row by row Instagram grid with the Tailwind app,
  • Teaching you how to upload 3 photos on Instagram together
  • Giving you tips and tricks for keeping your Instagram theme pristine 

Ready? Let’s get started! 

row by row theme from @bobthedragqueen on Instagram

Step One: Prep Your Three Picture Instagram Posts

First, you’ll need to do some brainstorming about what you’re looking to create.

Are you willing to commit to this strategy for your entire feed? Or is this a special occasion on Instagram, with three pictures in a row promoting a product launch?

Once you have your plan down, you’ll need to decide what content you want to post. Do you have 3 (or 6, 9, or 12) individual images you want to post together?

Or do you want to split your photos into 1:1 squares to form a giant square on your Instagram feed? 

a mix of closely related pictures and three pictures in a row on Instagram

How do you split a picture into 3 equal parts on Instagram?

If you choose the split photo route, you’ll need to use a tool to divide your photo into equal parts.

Related: 4 Best Instagram Photo Splitting Tools

Simply upload your photo to the tool (We used PicSplit,  but there are plenty of free Instagram photo splitters available!), choose the number of parts you want it divided into, and click Save. 

The tool then crops the image and formats it as multiple images you can directly upload to Instagram– or save yourself even more time and schedule it ahead of time with an Instagram planning tool like Tailwind! 

Psst… When trying to decide how to break up your original image, keep photo orientation in mind. Multiple photo grids of 3 or 6 images work great for landscape and panoramic images. For portrait style or square images, a 9 or 12 square grid is usually the way to go.

Don’t forget- you can also try cropping your pictures beforehand, to keep the focus on the most important part of the image.

Creating split photo row for instagram in PicSplit

Step Two: Upload Your Split Images to Tailwind Instagram Grid Planner 

Now it’s time to upload your split images to your Tailwind grid planner! 

The grid planner makes it super easy to upload each photo individually exactly where you want it. Just click the ➕ on any slot to add the photo! Or you have the option to add multiple photos to your drafts, to make arranging your feed even faster!

Tip: Skipping a scheduler? If you’re posting your photos directly to Instagram, post the last image first. Instagram profiles display the images in order of recency from left to right for each row.

Step Three: Arrange, Schedule and Post Your Instagram Posts in Threes

This is where you’ll be super glad you have Tailwind for Instagram. 

On the Instagram app itself, you can preview each post before you tap share, but you won’t know how it looks with the rest of your feed until it’s already there. 

With Tailwind, you can preview your posts and easily plan your Instagram feed to get the ideal look. Just drag and drop your posts to move them around, and lock them into place when you feel good about your 9-grid!

posting instagram 3 pictures in a row with Tailwind app

If you want to change the days your images will be posted, just drag and drop them to the correct slot on your grid planner. The best part is the posting times are already optimized for your audience with our Smart Schedule!

Planning Instagram 3 pictures online with Tailwind for Instagram scheduler

Tips For a Clean Row-by-Row Instagram Theme

Now that you have your images split up, you’re going to want to keep your Instagram profile looking clean and organized as you unveil your new theme.

Read on for Tailwind’s best tips to help you do just that.

1. Figure Out How Often to Post Your 3 Pictures to Instagram

You’ll have to decide whether you want to stagger out posting your pictures or post all three at the same time. 

Posting Three Pictures in Row on Separate Days

If you stagger your posts, there will be periods of time where your feed doesn’t have that cohesive look.

Your “three posts in a row” images will be broken up across multiple rows.

It also means your message might not make sense before the other one or two parts are posted which can lead to confusion.

Choose this method carefully. You may build anticipation as the theme emerges. Or, it may create a weaker effect on the three posts overall.  

Taylor Swifts Instagram grid row by row theme

Posting Three Pictures in a Row At Once

If you elect to post all three images at the same time, you run the risk of annoying your audience by spamming their feed with three very similar images at once.

However, this method does ensure your feed theme will always be complete and cohesive anytime someone looks at your Instagram profile page.

When making this decision, think about:

  • Whether the three images can stand on their own or if they can only be understood together.
  • The overall effect you’re trying to achieve with the three post method.
  • Whether you’re dedicated to continuing this method from here on out (sudden changes to your Instagram theme will disrupt your grid.) 
Cool black and white minimal instagram grid theme

2. Use High Resolution Photos

Make sure you’re starting out with high image resolution, and quality photos for this project, especially if you’ll be using the photo splitting tools. 

Cropping photos into threes may mean some parts are zoomed in, which can make low-quality images blurred, distorted, or pixelated. 

Even if you’re not using photo splitting, it’s likely that your three images will be more zoomed in than they would be as a normal post. 

Using high quality images makes everyone happy. Reference an Instagram image size guide to make sure you achieve the quality you need.

“Cropping photos into threes may mean some parts are zoomed in, which can make low-quality images blurred, distorted, or pixelated.”

3. Use Carousel Posts to Include 3 Pictures in One Post

If you’re not having success on Instagram with 3 pics in a row or want to feature close-up details that might not be obvious from the profile feed, consider using an Instagram carousel post for the same effect!

Instead of scheduling each piece of your split image separately, turn it into a seamless carousel post that your followers enjoy.

Plus, you can now schedule and post Instagram carousels with Tailwind!

Schedule Your Instagram 3 Pictures in a Row Online with Tailwind App

Whether you’re trying to cultivate a row by row theme, create carousels, or post individual photos from your camera roll, Tailwind has the tools to make tackling your social media easy and saving time inevitable. 

Between Visual Planning, Smart Schedule, caption help, Hashtag Finder, and Auto Post, uploading multiple photos to your Instagram has never been easier. 

Be sure to start your free trial of Tailwind for Instagram if you haven’t already!


Should I post in 3s on Instagram?

Posting Instagram photo splits in threes is a common way to use the layouts of Instagram profiles to create a balance with the ratios already in place. We’ve seen how stepping out of the rule of 3s can create an aesthetic imbalance on a profile unless done creatively to counteract the imbalance of threes.

On that note, however, it is known that because Instagram split photos are more for the purpose of creating an engaging Instagram profile, the same user experience does not translate when each static post appears on your followers’ Instagram feeds when it’s first live.

The original static post when it appears in followers’ feeds upon posting only shows a portion of an image and with little context as to why. Posting split images on Instagram can lead users to confusion and easily make them scroll past your post. This can create less engagement with your posts and your overall Instagram profile if you use split images on a regular basis. 

This is worth keeping in mind when considering whether these types of posts work with the purpose of your Instagram feed and how important engagement is to your profile or brand. 

How to split a photo into a swipeable panorama on Instagram?

Swipeable panorama images on Instagram are where you can split an original panoramic photo into multiple images so that users can swipe to view the full panorama on a static carousel Instagram post. 

Swipeable panorama images are different from Instagram photo splits because the series of split images are posted in a single static post in a carousel while Instagram photo splits are respectively posted as individual static posts. 

Similar to Instagram splitter tools, there are specific tools to create Panoramic images tools for Instagram. It is also possible for Panoramic images to be split using the previously mentioned free tools for splitting Instagram images. 

The way that you can use Instagram photo splitters to create panoramic carousel images is by first using a tool like Photoshop to crop your panoramic image to a 3,000 pixel by 1,000 pixel ratio. From there, you can use any photo splitter tool with specifying you want 1 row and however many columns you desire.

If that sounds like a lot of extra work, a panoramic image splitter tool may be the simplest and most straightforward way to split a photo into a swipeable panorama on Instagram. Here are a few free tools for splitting a panoramic image for Instagram:

  • Panogr. Available on iOS.
  • Pannify Insta Panorma. Available on Android. 
  • Panora. Available on iOS.
  • Unsquared. Available on iOS and Android.
  • Panols. Available on iOS. Currently priced at $1.99.
  • Panora Split.  Available on Android. 

Panorama Split for Instagram for Pc. Available on Windows and Mac desktops.

Wondering how top accounts theme entire rows of their Instagram grids? This tutorial on how to put three pictures in a row on Instagram has your answer!

The Best Free Instagram Photo Split Tools For an Engaging Feed

Photo split into grid for Instagram on pink background

Have you been mystified (and a little envious) of how people get those incredible Instagram feeds with a photo split between multiple posts? 

When you click on someone’s Instagram profile and their 9 grid is one large photo, or they have a beautiful feed design with 3 Instagram pictures in a row, it truly makes for a bold, impactful, and cohesive aesthetic. 

Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Blake Lively use this to garner attention to upcoming movies or albums, and many companies use this method to get more interest in new product launches or new clothing seasons.

So, if you’re thinking of showcasing a photoshoot, or just want to give your Instagram grid (and profile) a professional new aesthetic, we have a collection of free tools to turn one picture into a multi-photo grid for your feed.

Here are our favorite image splitter softwares for posting split pictures on Instagram! ✨

The Best Free Instagram Photo Splitter Tools

You don’t have to be a magician or split a photo a million times to get it perfect for each frame. There are tools for that!

And frankly, cropping and dividing photos on your own is incredibly time-consuming and complicated. 

Who has time for that? Not you!

Let these four photo split tools do the work for you to achieve that cool aesthetic! They’re designed to make splitting pictures quick, easy, and hassle-free.

1. PhotoSplit for Instagram

Available on iOS and Android

Price: Free for the first two photos and then $11.99 (one-time cost)

This app is pretty simple to use for Instagram split photos, and it’s great for beginners. Or, anyone who wants a straightforward tool to get the job done! 

PhotoSplit also includes several grid options including a 1×2, 1×3, 2×3, 3×3 and 4×3, so you can choose an option that works great for your photo!

If you don’t plan on using this feature often, you might not want to pay for the Pro version.

However, if you do see yourself taking full advantage of this app, having a one-time charge instead of a monthly or yearly subscription is well worth it!

PhotoSplit split instagram image tool

Is PhotoSplit the Right Instagram Photo Splitter For You?

Choose PhotoSplit if you’re looking for an app that:

  • Is very easy to use
  • Has a variety of grid options
  • Has a straightforward Instagram picture splitter
  • Charges a one-time charge for unlimited pro photo splitting
  • Allows you to zoom, move, or even rotate your photo
  • Able to post directly to Instagram

How to Split Pictures on Instagram with PhotoSplit:

Step One: Choose Your Grid Option

With this app, you can choose between a 1×2, 1×3, 2×3, 3×3, or 4×3 option.

Depending on your photo, you may want to only take up one row (1×3 grid) of your Instagram 9 grid or up to 4 (4×3 grid)!

Play around with the multiple options and decide what works best with your photo and how much of your feed you’d like this image to take. 

pic splitter tool on Instagram - different sizing options

Step Two: Adjust Your Photo

PhotoSplit allows you to move, zoom, or rotate your image, so take full advantage of it!

Once you’ve decided which grid option compliments your image and feed best, adjust your photo to be centered and zoomed in the way that looks best.

Step Three: Split!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect spacing, hit the Split button on the top right.

The app will then take you to a screen with your pictures numbered and aligned in the correct order in which to post them.

Fair warning: it will look pretty wonky, but they’ve done the photo Jenga work for you to get that photo split sequence perfect on your feed.

Step Four: Post Your Split Image to Instagram

Following the next step, you can tap on each photo in the grid and post it to Instagram from the PhotoSplit app directly. 

However, you can also save your individual images to your Camera Roll and upload them to Tailwind to post in the correct sequence there!

This is a great option if you want to take your time with your caption and hashtags on each frame! Snag a free trial of Tailwind for Instagram here – no credit card required!

Preview your image before you split it
photos are numbered in photo splitter and put in order of posting


before picture - picsplitter


after picture- picsplitter

2. ImageSplitter by Chron

Available on Desktop

Price: Free!

ImageSplitter by Chron

ImageSplitter’s tagline, “If you were asking How to divide your Instagram photos into smaller pieces to make a giant square, you are in the right place!” says it all.

This tool is intuitive, gives recommendations of picture size for each grid option and includes helpful graphics to show you what your image would look like with each grid layout.

Grid options include 3×1, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5, and 3×6. 

Is ImageSplitter the Right Instagram Photo Splitter For You?

Choose ImageSplitter if you’re looking for a tool that:

  • Has a desktop version
  • Is free
  • Is easy to use
  • Gives helpful recommendations for sizes and examples for your photos
  • Is able to post images to your Instagram

How to Split Pictures on Instagram with ImageSplitter

Step One: Upload Your Image

ImageSplitter gives recommendations on the sizes that will work best for each different type of grid option. 

recommended sizes for image splits

So, if you want to only post 3 pictures in a row on your Instagram, you can choose an image that will look best horizontally with the 3×1 grid.

If you have more vertical space you want to show, you can choose the larger grids.

Step Two: Choose Your Grid Size

resize and adjust your image cropping

Your image will automatically be split into 9 separate images for a 3×3 grid; however, you can adjust the Columns and Rows buttons on the left sidebar to create whatever grid style you want!

Step Three: Adjust Your Image 

After you’ve chosen how many spots of your grid you will use, you can then drag the boxes around to fit the exact part of the image you want to show!

image adjusting in Chron ImageSplitter

These green lines show where your image will be split, so you can get a good idea of what each post will look like.

This capability eliminates the need to crop the image or zoom in before uploading – you have all the control!

Step Four: Split!

Once you’ve chosen your image layout, hit the Split Image button. 

ImageSplitter will process the images and download a zip file including your individual posts.

Each photo in your folder will be labeled with a number. You follow these numbers to post your images in the correct order so they will show on your feed the right way!

Step Five: Upload to Instagram

Now, follow the numbers on your saved images and upload to Instagram in the order! 

If you want to take a bit more time with your caption or just want to not rush to post, upload your images to Tailwind and schedule them to post automatically for you! 

You can include Hashtags in the First Comment and edit all your captions to perfection. Plus, plan and schedule posts quickly (without leaving your feed looking like a lopsided mess in between each upload )

3. 9Square for Instagram

Available on Android

Price: Free!

9Square for Instagram is a simple app you can use to get that giant square image on your Instagram feed!

There are a LOT of grid option presets to choose from, and this app also allows you to flip your picture (horizontally or vertically), crop, and rotate.

This app is only available on the Google Play Store though, so there isn’t an option for Apple devices.

If you can deal with a few ads, this free app can’t be beat!

Is 9Square The Right Instagram Photo Splitter For You?

Choose ImageSplitter if you’re looking for a tool that:

  • Is free for Android
  • Has drag features to crop and zoom
  • Allows you to rotate or flip your image
  • Is easy to use
  • Allows you split photos and post them directly to Instagram
9 Square for Instagram

How to Split Pictures on Instagram with 9Square for Instagram:

Step One: Choose Your Grid Preset

9Square has the option for a grid from 3×1 to 3×5 and even 2×1 to 2×5.

Choose what layout works best for your image. Here, we uploaded a photo to a 3×1 horizontal grid to show our lovely team members on a windy day in Oklahoma last year.

Step Two: Crop

Once you have the exact split you want, hit the Crop button on the top right.

This will send you to a page where you can post your images directly to Instagram or save them to your device.

Again, these images are conveniently labeled in the order you should post them!

Step Three: Upload to Instagram!

Now, you’re ready to upload your images to Instagram!

You can do this directly from the app by clicking the bottom right “Instagram” button, or you can save them to upload yourself (or through Tailwind!)

cropping photo into three pictures in a row
preview and save your new creation in 9-square
9-grid with images in three rows

4. PineTools

Available on Desktop

Price: Free!

PineTools is another great desktop tool you can use to split your images, and it offers a TON of editing options! 

These can get a little more advanced than the other apps and image splitter softwares listed, but it gives you all the control in determining exactly what your image will look like to match it to your Instagram theme.

edit instagram pictures with pinetools

Is PineTools The Right Instagram Photo Splitter For You?

Choose ImageSplitter if you’re looking for a tool that:

  • Has a comprehensive desktop experience
  • Provides a variety of tools for high-resolution edits
  • Gives you advanced options and more control

How to Split Pictures on Instagram with PineTools:

Step One: Edit Your Image (optional)

To take full advantage of this tool, scroll through the left sidebar to see the different options available to edit your image!

We wanted this image to be a bit browner to match our feed and cropped to just the right size.

editing images with PineTools

Be sure you have the right ratio when you crop to ensure that your image will be split into equal parts that are compatible with the square images on Instagram!

Step Two: Split Image

Once you have the image you are excited to work with, select “Split Image” on the left sidebar.

You’ll upload your image again and decide how many blocks you want your image split into.

This tool does not provide the standard grid options, but instead lets you choose exactly how to split your image yourself! 

You do this by clicking on Vertically, Horizontally, or Both (Grid) to determine the direction you want your image sliced. 

pic splitter options in pinetools

Then, you choose the Quantity of Blocks you want on each column and row. This allows you to get really creative with how you’d like to cut your photo!

Step Four: Download Your Split Images

Now that your image is split, PineTools will generate the pieces of your larger image labeled by each row and column. 

Download these while keeping the names for easy uploading next!

Step Five: Upload your images

Now, take your downloaded images and upload them to Instagram! You’ll need to follow this order: 

  • Row 3, Column 3; Row  3, Column 2; Row 3, Column 1
  • Row 2, Column 3; Row 2, Column 2; Row 2, Column 1
  • Row 1, Column 3; Row 1, Column 2; Row 1, Column 1
save your split image pieces

Use all of these editing tools to jump in and plan your feed theme with some great eye-catching designs!

5. Instant Squares

Available on Android

Price: Free

Instant Squares for Android is a much-beloved app that easily splits photos into a variety of squares and rectangles in 30 seconds or less! 

Social media users also love the ability to select the parts of your image you’re most interested in capturing with zooming and adjustments. It’s easy and intuitive to work with while giving you total control of your split photo for Instagram!

Is Instant Squares The Right Instagram Photo Splitter For You?

Choose Instant Squares if you’re looking for an app that:

  • Is compatible with Android
  • Gives you different sizing options, such as 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, all the way up to 3 x 9!
  • Allows you to add captions and hashtags
  • Shows you a Preview of your split image
  • Posts directly to Instagram

How to split pictures on Instagram with Instant Squares:

Step One: Choose Your Photo Edit

Instant Squares allows you to choose between two edits when you open the app – a grid photo on your profile or a swipeable panorama! The panorama is perfect for posting Instagram carousels to your feed.

Step Two: Position Your Photo

Select your photo and tweak the central focus with rotation, cropping, zooming or moving tools.

On this screen, you’ll also select the size of the split square you want to create by changing the numbers in the bottom right corner.

The grid overlay gives you a peek of what will be included in each square.

Step Three: Preview and Save Your New Split Image

Preview your new split images on the next screen, and save each piece or share it to Instagram!

The squares are labeled with the order you should post them in to make it as easy as possible to create your new Grid.

Position your photo edit in Instant Squares
grid preview in instant squares

Start Scheduling Your Split Instagram Pictures to Your Feed

Now that you know how to make one picture into multiple on Instagram and are ready to update your feed, let’s get those images published!

And of course, you can use Tailwind’s publishing tool to schedule and publish your images!

Tailwind’s Instagram publishing tool makes it a snap to schedule your split photos into a beautifully curated Instagram feed ✨.

You can avoid the rush of copy and pastes to get your full image on your feed with stellar captions and relevant hashtags for great engagement!

Plus, our Instagram visual planner experience allows you to double-check everything before it’s posted – no out of order images for your feed!

Ready to dazzle your followers with a new Instagram aesthetic? Claim your free trial of Tailwind for Instagram here!

Pin Me For Later :

Looking to achieve the unique split grid effect on your Instagram feed? Here are a few photo splitter tools that will do the job for you in seconds!


Where do I find the split and crop slice tools?

Image splitter softwares that are free or for purchase can be found on your mobile device’s app store and through a simple Google search for a desktop version of an image splitter software for download. 

There are plenty more options beyond these 4 fabulous free tools we mentioned here in this article! Do your research and comment below on which ones you found to be particularly useful or impressive!

What is the best way to use Instagram photo split tools to enhance your feed?

Instagram photo splits are a very popular way to display your static Instagram posts on your Instagram profile in a way that invites those who see it to engage more. Users landing on a profile using Instagram photo splits tend to scroll on the profile for a while so that they can see what the “bigger picture” looks like.

Because Instagram profiles are displayed in rows of 3 static posts, the best way to use Instagram photo splits to enhance your feed is to ratio the splits to be 1×3, 2×3, or 3×3. So you will either have 3 photos produced out of the one original, 6 photos out of the original, or 9 photos out of the original. 

Starting a Business with Your Bestie

Starting a Business with Your Bestie blog header

I sat down with the co-owners of Duo Collective and real-life besties Abbey Oslin and Courtney Peterson to talk about starting a business together, and what that journey looked like.

Spoiler alert: It’s FASCINATING. 

Courtney and Abbey are absolutely magnetic, and a big part of that is due to them being experts in the marketing field and having several years of related experience. 

But I believe they’re even more magnetic and capable because they didn’t start Duo Collective alone, they each did it with their best friend. And not just any best friend, but a person whose strengths balance out the other’s weaknesses! 

Abbey is a left-brained individual who loves SEO, strategy, and writing. While Courtney is a right-brained creative, who is a design guru. And together, they not only have two big pieces of the puzzle required for successfully running a business, but they also have a close relationship based on love and respect. 

Their story of co-workers turned best friends, turned co-owners of a growing and thriving business shows that the most sustainable way of following your passion is by delegating and creating a sustainable business from the very beginning. 

And that sometimes the right person comes along to help put the pieces together. ❤️ 

While not everyone would be down to start a business with their bestie, Abbey and Courtney show that it is not only possible, but it makes the process more fun and much easier! 

When starting a business with someone else, there may be some uncomfortable moments of growth and difficult conversations. But having someone to do business with can make the process and experience much more doable.

Read on to find out what that looked like for this dynamic duo!

Starting a Business with Your Bestie website screenshot

What external events brought you two into business together?

Abbey: We worked separately and together at an agency full-time for eight-plus years on many different clients. Courtney has always run the creative side, and I’ve always been on the account side. 

So naturally, we just worked day in and out together and realized we could do what we were doing on our own for different types of clients that we felt more passionate about.

 So it started as a working relationship, turned into a friendship, turned into a friendship work relationship.

Had you been planning on one day starting a business together or was the opportunity a pleasant surprise?

Courtney: It was never our plan to work together. It just fell into place. 

We would go on coffee walks all the time while we were at work. And we would ideate, ‘hey, we have these skills. We are craving something bigger, better for ourselves. What does that look like?’ 

And Abbey, one day was like, well, you can do this, and I can do this. You’ve got the creative side. I’ve got the analytical strategy side. 

Why don’t we just combine what we do here, but for our own business? And I looked at her, and I was like, wow, that’s genius.

Abbey: We were like, let’s start a coffee shop. Let’s create a shirt company. There were a billion ideas, and we actually had a client come to us that turned out to be the perfect opportunity where we were like, ‘Hey, let’s try it and see how it goes.’ And then there was no going back.

Starting a Business with Your Bestie Pinterest screenshot

What have been some benefits of going into business with your best friend?

Abbey: A lot. It’s so natural to have that separation of work and personal life, and then when they blend, sometimes it can be confusing and tricky. 

But for us, it’s just a natural blend of work in our lives and doing the things we love, and we don’t need to switch it on and off. 

One of the best things is that we can ebb and flow with what’s happening in our lives right now.

Courtney: Right. It’s very flexible. We can work when we want, turn it off when we want. We talk every day. We’re basically married, I would say at this point. 

So it was nice to have that flexibility and know that if you’re riding and getting going on a project, you don’t need to stop. You can keep going, or you can take a break whenever you want. You’re not restricted to the nine to five.

Starting a Business with Your Bestie Instagram screenshot

How do you preserve and maintain your friendship while also co-owning a business?

Courtney: I would say that the main thing comes down to the communication part of it. And sometimes the communication can get hard or a little weird and you need to have those hard conversations. 

At the beginning of our business, I think it was hard for us to get to that point where we’re like, “ooh, I don’t necessarily feel comfortable with this.” Or “I don’t necessarily want to focus on that.”

In the beginning, it was a little rough, but then we ended up getting a business coach and she helped us talk through that and how to manage it. And we’ve had tough conversations since, but they’re not awkward anymore

Abbey: I think it’s essential to over-communicate everything. We tell each other when we’re going grocery shopping, which might seem silly, but at the same time, you might be like, I don’t know what they’re working on right now, or I don’t know what they’re doing.

And then maybe you go into a spiral of, well are they going to do this thing that I think they’re going to do? 

Starting a Business with Your Bestie screenshot instagram image 1

And it’s like, just ask and keep the lines of communication open. And as long as you do that, then you know what’s going on and you don’t have those thoughts constantly going in your head. 

So I think that’s been our thing. We over-communicate everything and it works great.

How do you navigate challenges whether in your business or between you both and come out stronger?

Abbey: Communicate. We talk through them. It’s the theme of the story, but I feel like every time we hit a roadblock, we’ll figure out how to navigate the roadblock at that time, but then we’ll go back and figure out what we can do better next time.

Say we had a new project, and the timeline didn’t go how we wanted it to. Afterward, we’ll figure out how to fix it rather than dwell on the moment. 

We just talk to each other before, during, and after at all points. Just to make sure we’re both on the same page.

Courtney: And it’s funny because our communication line is open from text messaging to calling, Snapchatting, and voice messaging. 

If there’s any form of communication out there, we’ve probably done it.

Abbey: Yeah. And it’s back and forth. We might start a conversation on Snapchat, and then we’ll finish in Google chat or Hangout.

We use a lot of systems that help us with that. Anything important that’s happening, we know we’re going to put it in Asana, or we’re going to use Tailwind to help us plan social. 

If we have an idea, we’ll put it in there. And we’ll use different tools to make that come to life.

Starting a Business with Your Bestie Facebook screenshot

What are some of your favorite platforms you use to communicate and plan content?

Courtney: Well, obviously Tailwind. We use that every single day for Instagram and Pinterest.

Abbey: That’s how we navigate everything when it comes to social between the two of us. I’ll do the copy and the captions, and she’ll do the visually aesthetic feed and dropping things in. It’s a perfect collaboration. 

We also use Asana. It’s our favorite project management platform. We can assign things to each other, so we both know what each other is doing.  

We have priority boards that will be like, “Here are our priorities for the week.” And we both have a line of sight to the stuff happening, which makes it really easy. And everything else we use is pretty much Google.

From launching to managing, do you think starting a business with someone else makes it easier or more difficult?

Courtney: I would 1000% say easier. Abbey and I both individually freelanced before we came together and started Duo. 

When I was doing freelance design, that was always my goal to get out, have my own business, and do it myself. 

And I found that was really hard. It’s a little lonely because it’s just you, and you don’t have somebody sitting there motivating you or constantly pushing you, setting goals together, moving your business forward. 

So I would say going into business with a partner is a whole lot easier than doing it solo.

Abbey: Yeah. I feel like, naturally, everyone goes through it. When you’re running your own business, you have these perfect high weeks where you’re like, “I can conquer the world, and this is going to be amazing.” 

And then you have those low weeks where you’re like, “What am I doing? Why am I even doing this.” 

And we balance each other out because very rarely are we ever both in a low phase. One of us can help pull each other out. So it really helps, especially in those early days of running a business, when you are questioning a lot more often, “Why am I doing this?” 

You have someone else to keep pushing, challenging you, and getting you to do that one step further.

Courtney: I think it also helped a lot because I’ve got more of the creative side, and she’s got more of that analytical side. Some of the things that she wouldn’t necessarily want to work on are what I get excited about and want to work on and vice versa. So that helped a lot.
Abbey: And I feel us already being a partnership naturally creates more partnerships in connection with other businesses and opportunities to work together. So it’s just kind of fun.

What tips do you have for successfully starting a business with someone else?

Abbey: I think assigning roles, even if it might seem so silly to be like, “Your job is to do this.” 

I think just the clarity in defining the roles of who owns what is so important because there are so many hats to wear.

Even though there are two of us, it still feels there are double the duties we have to do. So clearly assigned roles helps with that. 

And I think also breaking it down into tiny steps. It can feel so overwhelming just to start a business because you’re like, “Oh, we need all of this stuff, and we can’t go live until all this stuff is done.” 

But we just took it one step at a time. Today let’s buy the LLC. Tomorrow, we’ll secure the domain. The next day we’ll start an Instagram. 

Just do things step by step, and then naturally you’ll get there rather than just being like, “I have to do this all, but I have to wait until I’m ready.”

Courtney: It makes it a lot less overwhelming at the beginning. And then taking those baby steps with all of those little things was fun because you’re like, “Oh my gosh, we have the LLC. Now let’s secure that domain.” So then, the next day, you secure the domain. 

Every day it’s just this added addition of fun, and you can slowly see your business grow. And it makes it, like Abbey said, a lot less overwhelming.

Abbey: And I’d say we started our business without anything. We took on a client at the very beginning, and I don’t even know what we did for our contract. I’m sure we just did something in a word document, but we just st

Starting a Business with Your Bestie Instagram feed screenshot

With what you know now, would you go back and do it all over again? If so, what would you do differently?

Abbey: We see this a lot with our clients too, a lot of people are new moms, or their family dynamics are changing, or there’s some significant life shift. They’re getting married, or something’s happening. 

But there’s a big shift in their life where they want to reprioritize things that are happening. And they realize their work isn’t what they loved anymore. 

That naturally happened for me too. I had just come back from maternity leave, and I was like, “I don’t love this. If I’m leaving my baby at home, I want to be doing something I love.” 

I think we’d both say that we would do it a billion times over again. Yeah. We wish we would’ve done it sooner. I feel like everyone says that when they start a business, you wish you would’ve done it sooner.

What’s your process individually and as a team for your course creation and coaching? Do you guys collaborate or is it pretty individualized?

Courtney: So it goes both ways, I would say. And it depends on what course or what project we’re working on. But like we said before, I’m on the creative side; she’s on the strategy side. 

When it comes to the actual services we provide, Abbey is the SEO genius nerd. And I dabble in it, but I don’t know nearly as much as her. 

And then, I am the branding nerd, and I create all the visuals, the brand assets, and the style guides. Then when it comes to social, we are; actually, I would say 50-50 s far as the strategy and creativity for our packages.

Abbey: I’ll do a lot of the initial research. The SEO research and the analytical stuff in advance. Courtney will then build the creative that reads into all of that. And then we come together to deliver the final product. 

So yeah, it is like a collaboration of sorts, depending on some of our client projects, like the really SEO-heavy ones are way more on my side. And then some of the really heavy branding ones are way more on Courtney’s side.

 So it kind of balances each other out, which is pretty nice.

Courtney: And the funny thing is we never send anything off to a client without getting the eyes of the other person on it. So she’ll send me SEO stuff, I’ll send her branding stuff, and we’ll make sure that we’re both aligned to everything before we present it to the clients.

What is each of your favorite things to do in the business? 

Courtney: I would say mine is social. I love the social world. And when reels came around, I was like, oh my gosh, we have to start doing these and figure it out. 

Being in Tailwind every week and making sure the grid looks quote unquote as perfect as I can make it. I would say, yeah, social is my baby and the thing I like to focus on the most.

Abbey: I truly love to create SEO-focused content for our business. I’d say blogging, finding partnerships, and finding those opportunities. That’s one of my favorite things. 

I love our clients to death, but if we can sit down and work on our brand, it brings us so much joy to ensure we’ve slotted time in our calendar to focus on ourselves.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to venture into business ownership but feels like life is too busy?

Courtney: I would say that life is always going to be too busy. There’s never going to be a time where you slow down. I think we’re all guilty of being like, oh, well, next week I’m going to start that workout routine. And next week I’m going to do this and that.

The next week comes and goes, and you’re like, well, shoot, I didn’t do it. You’re going to do that with starting a business too. 

I would say just start, you have to, and baby steps. You have to take these tiny steps to get there, so you don’t overwhelm yourself or scare yourself out of doing it. 

And do it. Just jump on the opportunity and do it.

Abbey: I think setting dates and deadlines for yourself, we do that for our business. We have to set deadlines for when we’re going to do something because you can constantly push stuff off. 

So you set a date, and even before you do it, tell someone else you’re doing this because then it gives you accountability to follow through. 

Whether that’s a post on your social page or you say, hey, I’m going to do this. Sometimes, that gives you the nudge you need, the reminder, and the accountability to follow through.

Courtney: And I would say don’t let anybody scare you. Don’t let people sit there and tell you that you can’t do it or that starting your own business is way too hard or you’ll never succeed. 

Because that’s not true, like we said earlier, we both wish we would’ve done this years ago and quit our full-time gigs. You just have to trust in yourself and that you can do it and just go forward with it.

Abbey: Yeah. I think a lot of times we’re too worried about what other people will think of us. Like, what if I fail, or will my old coworkers think I’m a fraud. You worry too much about what other people think, rather than just taking the leap and being like, who cares? 

What we should worry about more is what we think of ourselves. If in the future you are going to regret not taking that opportunity, that feeling is more important than what so-and-so from five years ago thinks of what you’re doing now.

From a business perspective, what made you decide to use Tailwind?

Courtney: Efficiency. I would say that’s number one. We started off manually posting every day, and that got to be so hard, especially with me doing the creative visual side of it, coming up with the ideas, and then having her write the content for it. 

We would be bothering each other every day about one Instagram post, which got to be a little ridiculous. And then it’s hard to plan ahead. 

So, I would say it’s the efficiency and the planning. I’m a freak about what our feed looks like, and with Tailwind, I can see what it looks like a month in advance. 

For me, those are the big things that Tailwind has offered that we have loved—and just setting and forgetting it

We know when it’s going to go live and when it’s going to post from an Instagram perspective, so we jump on our phone, engage, comment, and chat. But Tailwind did all the hard work for us.

Abbey: In addition to that, Pinterest being a search engine in and of itself, was a huge priority for us from a business perspective. Pinterest is the one platform where you don’t need to be present every day; you can literally go in and schedule a month in advance and then forget about it. It’s magical. 

Even looking from an analytical perspective, it drives 60 – 80% of the traffic to our website

As a small business owner, you need that time to take the pressure off of all the day-to-day activities, and that’s the one platform where you’re allowed to do that.

Starting a Business with Your Bestie Instagram screenshot image 3

What’s your favorite Tailwind feature and why?

Abbey: Pinterest overall. It’s just a set and forget it thing. It’s amazing. And I’d probably say from a feed layout perspective, being able to view your full Instagram of what your feed’s going to look like is kind of beautiful.

Courtney: I would say that’s what it is for me, seeing what the feed looks like in the future. And then I love that they give you hashtag recommendations, too. And that you can flip through and look at the different hashtags. Because sometimes hashtag research in and of itself can get heavy, and it’s a lot, so it’s nice that they have that in there, as well.

What’s next for the Duo Collective?

 Courtney: So many things. We are getting close to a new website, and it’s going to look so much better once we launch. 

And then we have hopes to start a podcast. I’m not sure if that will happen this year, but if not, definitely the beginning of next.

Abbey: We need to follow our own advice and put it on the calendar, and then that’ll happen. 

We also just launched a beta round of an SEO group coaching program. It’s focused on copywriters and web designers, helping them include SEO in the packages they’re offering to clients because it’s starting to be a non-negotiable when it comes to that work. 

We just started week one, and we’re super excited. And hopefully, in 2022, we’ll be opening that up to everyone.

Starting a Business with Your Bestie Instagram screenshot image 4

Where You Can Find the Duo Collective

They have lots of amazing free content on their blog if you’d like to follow Courtney and Abbey on their entrepreneurial journey. They also offer coaching services for social, strategy, and design. Along with an SEO Beginners course that dives into what SEO is and how to best use it. 

They are a wealth of information in the marketing industry for anyone who wants to start ranking above their competitors!

You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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Starting a Business with Your Bestie Pinterest Pin

10 Best Instagram Planning Apps to Perfect Your Feed!

Ever plan the perfect Instagram post only to realize you didn’t have the right tools to make it happen?  We get it! So many steps go into planning top-notch visual content for your Instagram feed that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

That’s why our resident Instagram experts Rebekah Radice, Jeff Sieh, and I cracked open our Instagram content processes (and phones!) to give you the skinny on the 10 best apps we’ve ever used to plan our Instagram posts and pictures. 

Ready to experiment with some new tools and plan out your Instagram content in a whole new way, eye-catching way?

Watch the recap of our FB Live below, and keep scrolling to find out more details on each app like pricing, availability and whether it’s the right Instagram planning app for you!

1. Easil

Price: Free for Basic, $7.50 a month for additional features and capabilities

Download: Easil is currently only available on desktop

What It Does

Easil is an Instagram design app that offers on-trend templates and allows you and your team to easily craft eye-popping designs for your Instagram posts. Its impressive features include:

  • 1000’s of Easil’s fully customizable templates
  • The Brand Kit which saves custom color palettes, fonts, logos
  • Text Effects Tools for styling text

Why You’ll Love It

Easil is a top-notch DIY design platform designed by graphic designers.

In Easil, you’ll find top-of-the-line, ready-to-use templates for a variety of social media and file sizes, from Instagram Stories to full Presentations and beyond! 

Amazing visuals like those found in Easil will elevate your content to a new level, and help you plan a look and feel that is sure to WOW!

Easil’s designs look and feel as if they were made by your own personal graphic designer for a fraction of the cost!

Plus, Easil has a ton of user-friendly tools for creating advanced graphics like GIFs, PNG files, and multi-layered files.

You’ll also never have to worry about branding the designs you make – you can upload your own fonts, logos, and even craft an entire custom Color Palette based on your image automatically with the click of a button!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Easil is the perfect Instagram design app to take your social media game to the next level if you’re a Brand Manager, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, eCommerce Manager, or in a similar role looking to create custom, on-brand visuals for Instagram.

To hear our thoughts on why Easil is a must for professional-looking graphic designs, skip to 3:10 in our FB Live Replay above! 

2. Be Funky

Price: Free for Basic features and $6 a month, or $4.99 a month when billed in a one-time annual payment for additional features

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

Be Funky is a veteran one-stop-shop photo editing app with the following features:

  • Photo editing (selfie touch-ups, preset filters)
  • Collage Maker (endless templates, textures)
  • Overlays, stickers, and more!

Why You’ll Love It

Be Funky has been around a while, and it’s only gotten better with time!

This handy app is available on iOS and Android.

You can access all its nifty features like basic photo resizing, touch-ups and blemish removal, collage templates, and light effects on the desktop!

Plus, Be Funky is a super user-friendly app that lets you plan your Instagram feed perfectly with beautifully edited photos.

Take a look at how easy it is to navigate the features and find the tools you need!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Be Funky is an incredibly user-friendly photo editing app for any Instagram users looking to make fun edits to their photos. No advanced editing knowledge required!

To hear our thoughts on why we love Be Funky for photo editing, skip to 9:13 in our FB Live Replay above! 

3. The Lightricks Suite 

Price: Free for basic features, subscription costs for more advanced features

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

The LightricksSuite is home to an array of impressive products including:

  • FaceTune (the original) & Facetune 2: The photo editor famous for selfie touch-ups!
  • Enlight Photofox: For out-of-this-world photo editing capabilities you thought could only be done on Photoshop
  • Enlight Videoleap: Powerful video editing tools fitting for both the pros and amateurs

Why You’ll Love It

We included the entire Lightricks suite in this round-up because all of their Instagram feed apps and tools are top-notch!

Lightricks are the makers of Enlight PhotoFox, VideoLeap, Quickshot, PixaLoop, Swish and possibly their most well-known, FaceTune!

With the tools produced by Lightricks, you can achieve professional-quality editing on your photos, touch up blemishes and imperfections, shoot effortless video and even add movement to still images! 

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Lightricks products are famous among Instagram experts.

This includes Social Media Influencers and Social Media Managers looking to touch up their selfies to perfection and take their social media creations to the next level.

To see a play-by-play of the amazing edits you can achieve with Lightricks, skip to 12:10 in the FB Live Replay!

4. InShot

Price: Free, or pay $2.99 to remove ads and get access to additional features

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

InShot is an incredible tool to have in your back pocket for posting videos on the go! It includes:

  • Photo and video resizing options so none of your images is lost
  • Text, GIFS, music, and sticker edits
  • Easy-to-use video editing tools

Why You’ll Love It

InShot is a must-have app if you frequently repurpose videos onto your social media profiles.

This easy-to-use app allows you to fit existing videos into different post sizes, such as Instagram Stories, Posts, Youtube videos and more! 

It’s the perfect app to plan Instagram posts with creative visuals that’ll captivate potential followers.

InShot also has text overlays, GIFs, music and stickers available that you can time over different parts of your video!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

InShot is perfect for the serial videographer (and photographer!) that repurposes content across multiple social platforms.

Want to hear more about InShot’s easy video editing capabilities? Skip to 17:09 in the FB Live replay!

5. Typorama

Price: Free

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

Typorama allows you to create gorgeous Quote and text posts for Stories, your feed and more! In Typorama you can:

  • Use lovely ready-to-go text layouts for quick editing
  • Add advanced text design effects
  • Choose from hundreds of fonts to fit your style

Why You’ll Love It:

Typorama is hands-down one of the easiest ways to create breath-taking typography on your Instagram Posts, Stories and more!

In fact, it takes the guesswork out of font pairings for you by “automagically” generating 35 text layouts from hundreds of fonts! 

All you have to do is select your background, type your text and style it.

Plus, you can add other design elements to make it pop with 3D effects, shadows, gradients, and filters!

Take your photos from pretty to awe-inspiring with just a few simple words. And if you want to include a picture like this in your Feed as well, it’s just as simple as cropping the image.

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Typorama is perfect for the Instagram user that loves including quotes and phrases on their feed.

Learn more about Typorama at 20:03 in the FB Replay!

6. Lightroom  

Price: FREE for Android/ iOS, $9.99 for some Pro features, including Creative Cloud access

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

Lightroom is the ultimate Instagram feed layout app, with photo and preset capabilities. It allows you to:

  • Expertly adjust colors and lighting
  • Edit imperfections and correct photos
  • Apply popular presets available around the web

Why You’ll Love It:

If you’ve ever worked with presets or dreamed of using them on your Instagram images, Lightroom is the photo editing and Instagram planning app you need.

You can expertly edit lighting, colors, tones and photo composition in Lightroom.

It’s also one of the most popular apps for downloading and installing presets.

Presets help you edit a photo in seconds in the same style as your other photos, establishing an aesthetic when planning your Instagram feed!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Content creators constantly battling poor lighting in their product and lifestyle photos, and fans of presets and batch editing!

7. WordSwag 

Price: $3.99 

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

WordSwag is another strong contender in Instagram theme apps. Like its name suggests, this app adds some swag to your graphics for Instagram!

Why You’ll Love It:

If quotes are regularly included in your Instagram feed theme, a tool like WordSwag is invaluable!

This handy app automatically generates a beautiful design from your text.

And, you can choose between 30 other choices with a handy click to find the design combination that works for you.

You can also share your design with friends and contacts easily, which increases the chance that your lovely design could get a repost on another account!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

WordSwag is great for quote lovers, infographic makers and feed owners that could use an Instagram theme app to make their text designs beautiful!

Find out what we have to say about WordSwag at 31:59 in our FB Live Recap!

8. Over 

Price: Over Pro Monthly is $14.99 or $99.99 for a yearly subscription

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

What doesn’t Over do? Over is one of the best Instagram planner apps around! It allows you to:

  • Design professional-looking posts, videos, and Stories
  • Add your photos and videos to gorgeous templates for quick content on the go
  • Better your design skills with tips, tricks and hack articles right in the app!

Why You’ll Love It:

Over is another top-notch design service that allows you to design beautiful posts, videos, and graphics from your mobile device!

You can add text to photos, expertly edit, and even use thousands of breathtaking templates to design world-class posts with ease. 

Over also gives you a ton of tips, tricks and hack articles designed to take you from a design beginner to a design pro in no time. Take a look at some of the amazing resources they offer, right on the home page!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Over is perfect for Instagram influencers, social media managers and brands looking to add trendy design to their Instagram feed.

To find out why we love this OG graphic design app, skip to 35:23 in the replay!

9. Photoshop Fix

Price: Free, or $9.99 subscription to the Creative Cloud

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

Photoshop Fix is a great tool to plan your Instagram feed with photos you never thought you could post!

Whether you have a camera roll full of outtakes or perfect photos with one noticeable blemish, you can remove, edit and freshen with ease!

Why You’ll Love It:

Photoshop Fix is a top tool for healing, liquefying, painting and even removing entire objects out of your photo!

Take a look at Rebekah’s screenshot.

Would you believe she edited a huge, dark nasty stain off the wall behind her with the flick of her finger?

That’s what makes Photoshop Fix a fast favorite.

It gives you masterful control over your photos, allowing you to put your best photo forward in just a few clicks.

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Photoshop Fix is the perfect tool for beginner and experienced editors alike to freshen up photos. You can seriously clear your camera roll of all those “I love this picture, but…” photos with Photoshop Fix!

To hear more about Rebekah’s experience with Photoshop Fix, skip to 37:40 in the replay!

10. Tailwind App

Price: $15 monthly per account, or $9.99 a month when billed annually

Download: iOS and Android

What It Does

Tailwind offers an amazing Instagram feed app (we’re not biased or anything). With Tailwind Instagram Planner you can:

  • Find the perfect hashtags and save them into lists!
  • Auto-Schedule your posts for the best times to rake in engagement
  • Arrange all your photos with a drag and drop 9 – Grid Preview tool!

Why You’ll Love It:

We’ve presented 9 tools to help you edit your photos, create amazing videos, and even style world-class text boxes.

However, to plan your Instagram feed, you need to see all those posts together and arrange them to your liking, right?

That’s where Tailwind, the best Instagram grid planner, comes in! When you upload your posts into your drafts, you can expertly drag and drop your posts to rearrange them.

You’ll see what they’ll look like together before you even post, thanks to the 9-Grid Preview!

You can play with the order of your posts in real-time to create a stunning Instagram feed in just seconds. Try it out!

[sc name=”triforce-text-cta”]

Instagram feed planner app from Tailwind

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

If you need an all-in-one Instagram management tool and an Instagram feed planner, this tool is for you.

Not only can you use our app to see your Instagram feed all laid out, but you can also tackle every other part of scheduling your posts seamlessly at the same time!

[sc name=”instagram boilerplate”]

To find out more about the features of Tailwind that help you plan and perfect your feed in minutes, skip to 41:50 in the FB Live Replay!

Whether you have a vision you can’t figure out how to implement, or you’re clean out of inspiration, these apps will get your feed popping in no time!

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Have a favorite app to help you plan your Instagram feed and capture world-class visuals every time? Let us know in the comments below!

Schedule Instagram Stories with Tailwind!

Schedule Instagram Stories with Tailwind

Social media marketers, rejoice: planning and scheduling Instagram Stories content just got a lot easier with Tailwind App.

In fact, it’s so easy, you can schedule an Instagram Story in just four steps!

In this blog post, we’re covering how to schedule a story on Instagram with Tailwind App, how it works, and some pros and cons of scheduling.

What are you waiting for – let’s go!

[sc name=”instagram-story-starters-v2-image-cta”]

How to Schedule Instagram Stories

If you’ve been wondering how to schedule an Instagram Story, or were under the impression that it can’t be done, you’re going to be really excited by our latest feature.

Below, we’re outlining the four-step process for planning Instagram Stories with Tailwind.

Schedule Instagram Stories with Tailwind

From uploading multiple photos and videos, selecting precise times, and even finding relevant hashtags for your Story, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to get some control over your Stories content calendar!

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Upload Story Images to Your Tailwind Dashboard

The first step is to upload your photos and videos to Tailwind!

If you’re already a user of our Instagram publishing tool, you’ll notice a brand new Stories icon over your 9-grid preview.

Just starting out with a [sc name=’free-trial-of-tailwind-for-instagram’]?

Log into your Tailwind dashboard and look for a large purple ⊕ icon to the top right of your screen. This icon takes you to your Create Story dashboard!

tap the plus icon to schedule stories in Tailwind

Here’s how to add a new Story to your Tailwind drafts:

  • Tap the Create Story Button (purple plus) on the right side of your dashboard
  • Drag & drop photos and videos to your dashboard or tap “Choose a local file” to upload manually from your camera roll
  • Preview your selected file uploads
  • Select “Add”

Now that you’ve added your Story images to drafts, you’ll see thumbnails of each displayed in your Create Story dashboard!

2. Schedule Your Instagram Story for the Best Time

The next step is to choose your posting time!

When you select the Story draft you want to schedule, you’ll see a section appear to the right of your image called ” Select a Time.”

When you click here, a calendar popup will appear, allowing you to select the date and time that you’d like to schedule posts for.

Select the time you want to post your Story in Tailwind Dashboard

Keep in mind that you should select a time when you see a lot of engagement from your followers (check your Tailwind Smart Schedule or Instagram Insights if you aren’t sure!) and a time when you’ll be able to interact with the push notification on your phone.

3. Add Texts and Hashtags to Your Instagram Story

After you’ve scheduled your Story, you can either save your changes or add text to your Instagram Story with the Notes section!

This handy feature saves so much time – rather than typing a few sentences on your phone and looking for emojis to accompany your image, you can just craft your message in advance here.

Add text to your Story and hashtags when scheduling

It’s all copied to your clipboard with the push notification. Just drop it in with the Paste function and you’re all set!

And that’s not the only handy feature here! Our Hashtag Finder tool also works for Story Notes.

As you type your Story text in the Notes, suggested hashtags will auto-populate in real-time.

These help increase your Story visibility and reach!

4. Save Your Instagram Story and Wait for a Push Notification

Now that you’ve scheduled your Instagram Story, added text, and searched for the best hashtags for your post, it’s time to send it live.

Save the changes to your new Story, and settle down to wait! When it’s time to post, you’ll receive a push notification to your phone from Tailwind app. Opening this notification will copy your text to your clipboard and download your Stories image to your phone before opening the Instagram app.

Then post to Instagram Stories! Super easy, right?

Should You Schedule Instagram Stories? Pros + Cons

If you’re wondering to yourself, “can I schedule Instagram Stories? Should I be scheduling Instagram Stories?”, this section may help clear a few things up.

As with all things on social media, there are pros and cons to everything you do! Here are the pros and cons for scheduling Stories, and a few instances where you should weigh your options carefully.

Pros of Instagram Story Scheduling

Cons of Instagram Story Scheduling

  • You might lose that spur-of-the-moment, organic feel with pre-scheduled Instagram content.
  • Reposting user-generated content and engaging through responses will still have to be done in the app.
  • You’ll have to remember to check the app regularly to catch shares, mentions and engagement before 24 hours is up.

Depending on your overall social media strategy, you’ll want to weigh the above pros and cons to decide what’s right for your audience. Remember, you don’t have to schedule all of your Stories content if organic engagement and spur-of-the-moment Lives are your thing.

Just schedule the important stuff, like product launches, FAQs, new blog post teasers, and more to lighten your load!

Can You Schedule Instagram Stories to Post Automatically?

One of the major questions we get is, can you schedule an Instagram story with automatic posting?

While this is the dream for some Instagram accounts, Instagram does not currently allow API access for automatic posting. There are no approved apps for scheduling Instagram Stories automatically.

That means that in order to schedule Stories content, you’ll have to rely on push notifications through mobile apps to send your Story live.

Push notification warning for Instagram Stories scheduling

The good news is, it’s only one extra step, and Tailwind app reminds you when it’s time to post!

Post Your First Story with Tailwind’s Instagram Story Scheduler!

Ready to start scheduling your Instagram Stories with Tailwind? You can try this feature (and all our other amazing features like Instagram Carousel posting, visual planning, Auto Posting to your Feed, and Hashtag Finder with a free trial of Tailwind for Instagram right now – no credit card required!

Sign up and post your Stories today!

[sc name=”instagram-boilerplate”]

Want to schedule Instagram Stories? It just got a lot easier! Find out how to use our Instagram Story scheduler in just a few steps.

How to Find Relevant Hashtags for Instagram

header image - pens forming a hashtag on purple background

You know finding hashtags are important, but with millions of posts on social media at your fingertips – how do you find relevant hashtags for Instagram posts?

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to get more likes on Instagram.

After all, specific hashtags help your posts get seen by those who aren’t already following you.

That expands your reach faster over time!

Bottom line: If you’re not using hashtags, then you’re not getting as much engagement on your posts as you could be!

According to our data, 9% of Instagram users use no hashtags, and 27% use less than 3 hashtags per post.

Let’s pump that engagement rate up with a few easy steps to find the best hashtags for your Instagram posts.

1. Do Your Research on Instagram Hashtags

There’s a hashtag for everything. Yet, not every hashtag attracts your targeted audience.

Start with hashtag research to increase engagement and get more eyes on your posts. Find hashtags for Instagram by doing 2 things.

  • Look at competitor feeds. Check out which hashtags your competition uses on top-performing posts. 
  • Click on the Explore page and observe the trending pages. Take note of the popular hashtags people use on top posts and Instagram Stories.

2. Find Your Niche Hashtags

Now, you have a list of trending hashtags that’ll boost your visibility on Instagram to start you off.

Next, find relevant hashtags specific to your audience and niche. Doing so maximizes your chances of engagement with your core group of followers! 

Niche hashtags attract fans with an interest in your brand, services, and products.

First, think about your industry, then do a few hashtag searches for keywords.

Look for hashtags with less than 500,000 posts as well. These are low volume hashtags that help your brand stand out against less competition. 

And Don’t forget to save your hashtags in hashtag lists to make posting on Instagram easy!

3. Check Out Local Hashtags

Providing local services or products? You might want to target a specific area. Just enter a few location-based keywords terms into the search bar for hashtags in your area. Here’s how to find local hashtags on Instagram:

  • Look at Instagram’s suggested tags. Type in your state, then note hashtags for your industry. 
  • Check out local businesses, like radio stations. Find hashtags similar to your brand and location.
  • Search hashtags for micro-locations like your city or nicknames for your area.

4. Try Branded Hashtags

Always include one or more branded hashtags on your Instagram posts!

Doing so helps you track brand recognition and reach. Plus, it’s a great way to get your fans involved.

Followers who use your branded hashtag while sharing user-generated content on Instagram keep your branded hashtag page thriving and give you plenty of materials! 

Make sure to call out your branded hashtag in your Instagram bio so your existing followers and new ones can join the fun!

But, if you don’t have a big following, then branded hashtags won’t give you a lot of traction at first. That’s why it’s essential to find hashtags for Instagram in many different ways! 

5. Use Tools to Find Hashtags

If you’re stuck on how to find hashtags, then consider using Instagram hashtag tools. Free or low-cost apps help you find high and low volume keywords. 

After all trending hashtags frequently change, so you’ll need to stay on top of your hashtag game with regular hashtag research. This can get time-consuming, though.

That’s why it’s advisable to use a tool to find hashtags perfect for your latest campaigns. 

Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Finder Makes It Easy!

Are you ready to find relevant Instagram hashtags? Hashtag Finder suggests Instagram tags as you craft your post in Tailwind.

GIF demonstrating Tailwinds hashtag finder for searching relevant hashtags on instagram

Type the caption of a draft post, and Tailwind Hashtag Finder suggests related hashtags for you to choose from.

Add any of the suggestions to your caption with one click.

The Instagram Hashtag Finder will immediately update your suggested hashtags accordingly, like magic! Try it out for yourself with a [sc name= ‘free-trial-of-tailwind-for-instagram’] – no credit card required!

Here are three ways you can use Hashtag Finder to find relevant Instagram hashtags quickly.

1. Choose Your Hashtags Wisely

Find the right hashtags for Instagram with our smart color-coding system. It uses colors to help you make quick and informed choices between different hashtags.

The colors guide you towards using the “Good” and “Best” hashtags where your post is most likely to be competitive.

But, the color-coding system also alerts you to “Niche” hashtags that don’t get much usage along with “Competitive” tags where your post may get buried. 

If you want to see how often a hashtag is used on Instagram, simply hover over a given hashtag, and you’ll see the number of posts attached to that hashtag!

In this extensive post on Instagram hashtag research, we recommend that you use a variety of hashtags: 

  • One or two “Competitive” ones
  • Some highly-targeted “Niche” ones (if they exist), 
  • A fair number of “Good” and “Best” ones. 

Just make sure all the hashtags you use are relevant to your post.

Our handy hashtag counter even counts up how many hashtags are on your post. Instagram limits the number of hashtags to 30 per post, so you want to stay under that!

If you’re curious about how many hashtags to use per post and how to brainstorm and deploy them, this Instagram hashtag strategy works for anyone. Our Hashtag Finder helps you find the right hashtags for Instagram quickly and easily!

See just how intuitive Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Finder is in this short demo video.

2. Shuffle Hashtags for Even Fresher Tags

If you don’t like the hashtags you find, our “Hashtag Shuffle” feature gives you access to every hashtag suggestion we have and updates those suggestions as you add more hashtags or more text to your caption.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to find hashtags for Instagram, Hashtag Finder does the job for you and more. 

Hashtag Finder is also available on the Tailwind mobile app (make sure you have updated to the latest version to access it)!

According to a study by Track Maven, Instagram accounts that use 9 hashtags per post get more than 2.5x as much engagement per post as accounts that only use only one, so get tagging!

3. Save Even More Time With Hashtag Lists

The fun doesn’t stop there either. After you find relevant hashtags, then our Hashtag Lists feature is the perfect complement to Hashtag Finder.

Come up with the right blend of tags and copy them into a hashtag list. Next, save it with a unique name. Now you’re ready to add your favorite hashtags to any future post with just a few clicks!

Hashtag lists in Tailwind App

Tailwind Hashtag Lists are already saving marketers hours. Now, you can refresh stale hashtag lists with new tags in minutes with up to 30 hashtags.

Just add an existing hashtag list to your caption and explore the recommendations automatically generated by Hashtag Finder!

And did we mention, you can even tuck your hashtags in the first comment with a click of a button? No more messy captions.

With more features being added all the time, Tailwind for Instagram is an indispensable tool for marketers who want to grow their Instagram presence and find relevant hashtags for their business.

Since we’re an official Instagram Partner, we focus on building a product that helps you build long-term success on the platform!

Don’t worry – we comply with Instagram’s Terms of Service to keep your account (and your personal information) safe. ☺️

[sc name = ‘instagram-boilerplate’]

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Struggling to find Instagram hashtags that are niche and relevant to your posts? Here are tips on how to strategically find hashtags! #howtofindhashtags #instagramhashtags

How to Use Our Desktop Instagram Planner Online (Step-By-Step Tutorial!)

how to use Tailwind's desktop instagram planner online header

On the hunt for an easy-to-use, comprehensive desktop Instagram planner to perfect your Instagram feed?

You’ve come to the right place! Take a look at our in-depth walkthrough of Tailwind for Instagram, as well as tips on how to use all the amazing features of our Instagram planner for Mac and PC!

Our tool is web-browser based, which means our Instagram grid planner desktop tool is available anywhere you have a WiFi connection.

Ready to meet the Instagram planner of your dreams? Let’s dive in. ‍♀️

1. Create New Posts (Upload Photos, Videos)

Tailwind’s desktop Instagram planner allows you to easily upload your photos and videos to your drafts from your computer. You can upload one photo or several at once. Don’t worry, we can handle it!

To upload your Instagram content to Drafts, simply click Upload Photo/ Video.

upload multiple photos and videos at once with our instagram desktop grid planner tool
The Upload Photo/ Video button is above your Drafts on the right!

2. Use The Tailwind/ Unsplash Integration to Easily Find Stock Photos

Even when you’re filling our desktop Instagram feed planner with your own unique content, you still might find yourself without the perfect picture for a post.

That’s where our handy Unsplash stock photo integration comes in! You can search and schedule as many free stock photos as you need to your feed. Simply:

  • Click the Choose Free Stock Photo button above your Drafts display
  • Enter your search term in the popup window
  • Select the image that you’d like to use
  • Click Upload as Draft when you’re all done!
source stock photos for instagram with our desktop Instagram feed planner

3. Edit Your Photos

Worried that your full-size picture might get cut off when posted to Instagram? Don’t be! Our online Instagram grid planner allows you to not only upload but easily edit photos within the tool on desktop.

Here’s how to use our cropping tool to ensure your post has the proper image dimensions for your feed:

  • Select your picture on the Draft screen
  • Hover over the image and click the Crop icon in the top left corner
  • Choose your desired image dimension – landscape, square or portrait!
  • Toggle the Crop preview until your frame is perfect
  • Click Crop!
edit your photos and crop to the right dimension with our online Instagram grid planner

4. Update Your Instagram Captions

Our tool also gives you the ability to write the best Instagram caption possible. Here’s how it works:

  • Begin writing your awe-inspiring caption
  • Hit the return key to add easy-to-read line breaks
  • Select a fun Instagram font from the floating menu above your caption
  • Click the Emoji Picker (smiley face icon just below your caption) to quickly add emojis to your caption.
format your caption with our tool

5. Find the Best Hashtags

Trying to find the best hashtags to give your posts the attention they need? Our desktop Instagram feed planner offers a built-in Hashtag Finder tool that generates the best hashtags specifically tailored to your post.

  • Start typing your caption to see suggestions auto-populate in the Suggested Hashtags box
  • Click See More Suggestions (the crossed arrow icon) to find even more related hashtags
  • Select color-coded hashtags based on a mix of Niche, Good, Best and Competitive hashtags
find and save the best Instagram hashtags with our desktop instagram feed planner

6. Save Your Favorite Hashtags as Lists

After you’ve selected the best Instagram hashtags for your post on our desktop Instagram planner, why not save it for similar posts in the future?

Now you can with our Hashtag Lists tool! Here’s how:

  • Click Create New Saved Hashtag List (the icon with two squares and a plus sign)
  • Name your Hashtag List
  • Save your entire caption for an easy to access template, or just the hashtags!
  • On your next post, click Saved Hashtags to see – and add – your existing lists.
Create Hashtag lists with our desktop instagram planner

7. Add a Location to Your Post

Adding a location to your post helps expand your reach and get more eyes on your post. Our desktop Instagram grid planner makes it easy to do!

To tag a location on your latest post draft:

  • Click on a post to edit
  • Navigate to the “Add a Location” search bar
  • Begin typing your location
  • Select the most relevant tag from the search results

8. Tag Brands, Friends, Customers and Influencers

Just like location tagging, when you tag brands, friends and influencers you widen your reach on Instagram. User tagging is built into our Instagram feed planner for desktop. Here’s what you do:

  • Select the post you want to edit
  • Tap the Tag button at the bottom of your post image
  • Click anywhere on the photo to tag
  • Search the username in the popup bar
  • Press Enter

9. Schedule a Link to Your Instagram Bio

Tailwind integration allows you to schedule a link with your post. When your post goes live, the post image will appear on your landing page in real time!

[cta id=’18007′]

To schedule a post link to your link in bio landing page, simply enter a Link label in the text box below your caption. Then, add the link you want to direct your followers to right next to it!

You also have the option to add a custom CTA to your caption, like “tap my link in bio for more info!”

schedule links to your link in bio to auto post to your instagram account

10. Amplify Your Post With Pinterest

Want to get even more eyes on your post? Our Instagram scheduler desktop tool will help you cross-promote your Instagram content to Pinterest (and Facebook!) by checking a box!

Check Amplify with Pinterest to get started. A pop-up box will then prompt you to select the board you’d like to send your post to.

You can even set that as default board if you plan to promote your IG content on the board frequently!

share your Instagram content to Pinterest with Tailwinds instagram scheduler desktop tool.

11. Schedule Your Post at the Best Times via Smart Schedule

Hoping to catch as much engagement as possible on your new post? We have a tool for that! Our Smart Schedule feature suggests the best times to post when your followers are online and engaged.

When you’re editing your post, you’ll see the Smart Schedule recommendations at the bottom of your screen. Choose the available time slot you like the best, or create your own custom time!

12. Manage Your Weekly Posting Schedule

Consistency is key on Instagram, whether you’re committing to posting once per day or three times a week!

Our Instagram planner desktop tool allows you to have complete control over your posting schedule based on your preferences – and the best times to post for your account!

To manage your weekly posting schedule:

  • Hit Edit Timeslots (above Your 9-Grid Preview display on the right!)
  • Review your Weekly Posting Schedule and tap the time slots you want to use on each day of the week.
  • Want to start from scratch? Hit Generate New Smart Schedule to reset your suggested posting times.
  • Before you close out, make sure your time zone is correct, so that your Instagram posting schedule goes off without a hitch!

13. Schedule Notifications to Post Stories

Although Instagram doesn’t allow our Instagram feed planner desktop app to Auto Post to Instagram Stories (or any other app for that matter!), you can still use Tailwind to schedule Instagram Stories. Here’s how:

  • Upload your Stories image to your Tailwind Drafts
  • Click Edit Your Post
  • Change the Posting Method to mobile notification
  • Click Schedule

When the scheduled time rolls around, Tailwind will send a push notification to your phone. With just a tap, you can open your image in the Instagram app and send it right to your Stories!

14. Preview Your Feed With Our Instagram Grid Planner Desktop Tool

Now that your post is all ready to go, you’ll want to doublecheck that it looks great in your feed!

Take a peek at your grid using the 9-Grid Preview function on Tailwind’s Instagram grid planner online. Your drafted posts will appear slightly opaque, while your scheduled and published posts appear in full color.

Don’t like the arrangement? Simply drag and drop your posts until you’re satisfied. Your scheduled post times will remain the same – just the post content will shift!

Use Tailwind’s Desktop Instagram Planner to Schedule Your Feed

As you can see, it’s incredibly easy to plan and schedule your Instagram feed via Tailwind’s desktop Instagram planner.

Our comprehensive tool covers all the important details you need to expand your reach, grow your following and make a feed your followers will love!

Want to try it out for yourself? Grab a [sc name= ‘free-trial-of-tailwind-for-instagram’] today – no credit card required!

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