How to Get the Most out of Your Content on Pinterest

How to Get the Most out of Your Content on Pinterest

We know it’s hard to create new content for Pinterest, and while regularly creating new blog posts, products, and pages with great images may be the best way to grow your business on Pinterest (and elsewhere!), your time is valuable – and in short supply!

And every minute spent promoting your content is a minute you’re not developing your next new product or blog post, serving your customers, or enjoying some downtime at home.

Here are some ideas on how you can spend your time wisely to get the most out of each new piece of content without going overboard. Jeff Sieh and I discussed this live on Facebook recently.

Step 1: Think of a few ways your content could appeal to different audiences.

This will help your content appear in more search results.

Making sure your content is relevant to more audiences is a win-win. To get started, identify a few specific audiences for your content. How might you do that?

Let’s say you wrote a recipe blog post for a Garden Cherry Bourbon Smash cocktail (yum). A few audiences who might be interested in your recipe are:

  • Bourbon drinkers
  • Holiday party hosts
  • Couples planning a wedding

For each of the groups above, think about what might appeal to them. What might they search for that would be relevant to your content? Here are some examples of how to appeal to each audience: 

  1. Bourbon drinkers: Your Next Favorite Bourbon Cocktail
  2. Holiday party hosts: A Holiday Cocktail to Wow Your Friends at Your Next Party
  3. Couples planning a wedding: THE Signature Wedding Cocktail of 2020

    Hint: If the content itself doesn’t include a mention of any of these specific concepts, add it in! This will make for a more satisfying experience as Pinterest users click through to your site, and Google loves updated content, too. 🙂
How to reach a different audience and appear in different search results on Pinterest - three examples reaching bourbon drinkers, holiday party hosts, and couples planning a wedding.

When attempting to identify potential additional audiences or contexts, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • How can you engage a brand new audience you might not be reaching today?
    • Hint: use different keywords to appear in more unique searches 
  • How can you get your content into new searches and in front of new people on Pinterest by relating it to a variety of common everyday interests
  • What current trends could you incorporate?
    • Hint: Check out for ideas!
  • What are some upcoming seasonal moments or important life events for which your content may be especially relevant? 
    • Hint: Pinners plan EARLY (e.g. holiday trends start picking up as early as April!). Grab our planner and get ahead of these trends.
    • Grab our list of seasonal events, everyday interests, and life events which are applicable to Pinterest!

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Step 2: Create different Pin designs for each audience to test for what works. 

There’s no perfect Pin that appeals to everyone. Design a few specific Pins for each of your target audiences or contexts, and see what works best for each one. This is now incredibly easy with Tailwind Create.

When testing, you’ll be looking at which styles, types of images, or titles work best for an audience. It’s very important to do this in moderation and to ensure each Pin Design is distinctly unique. 

When creating Pin images, try a few very different styles and then watch what people like. One is two women toasting with colorful drinks, another is a top-down shot of drinks with

Publishing many similar Pins for the same piece of content (with only slight differences or tweaks) creates a poor experience for Pinterest users who end up seeing the same idea over and over again. It’s also not likely to help you actually learn what works for a given audience.

You may be investing more time for only marginally-better results. Eventually, Pinners may begin to ignore your content, unfollow your boards, or even block your account. 

Be specific. Try to present each Pin in its own unique way with:

  • New photo(s), 
  • Different text on the image,
  • Unique titles
  • Fresh supporting descriptions 
  • Sharing to different Boards, if applicable
Images look very similar. Same photo, same text on image.
Images are unique and feature different photos and text on image.
  • Only have one or two photos of your product right now? Take more if you can, and remember to plan for plenty of white space to allow you to include concise and motivating text on the image.

Step 3: Timely Publishing

Pin each design to the most relevant Board first. When sharing one Pin design to multiple relevant Boards, make sure to space them out using a generous interval (try at least 7-10 days) to avoid creating a poor, repetitive experience for Pinners.

Because you are targeting more than one audience and using different keywords, you can share the first designs for your bourbon drinkers, holiday party hosts, and couples planning a wedding on the same day if you’d like. If you created additional Pin designs for testing with those audiences, give each design a chance to pick up steam for a week or more before sharing your next design.

If those intervals are longer than you’re used to, you may want to consider moving your content calendar up by a few weeks to make sure your designs get out in time for plan-ahead Pinterest users!

Step 4: Measure the results

Measure your engagement, impressions, and traffic using Tailwind’s Top Pins Report, Pin Inspector, and Tribes. You can also use Pinterest’s analytics and Google analytics to see which Pins are driving traffic to your site. If you see an idea or design style that works well for a particular audience, create more content and Pins in a similar mold to reach them again with new content in the future. 

Tailwind’s Top Pins Report is a Quick and Easy Way to See Which Pins are Bringing in the Most Traffic to Your Site.

Try it out today with a [sc name=”free-trial-of-tailwind-for-pinterest”].

Step 5: Keep Getting More From Your Content

Thinking of ways to give your existing content new life on Pinterest? First, ask yourself:

  • Is this idea or piece of content still relevant to your business? Should the content itself be updated to make it more relevant for today?
  • Would new audiences respond better to a brand new blog post or product listing? Maybe it’s time to create new content for your site or blog.
  • If you decide to create new ideas for this content, which new audiences might engage with this content if you presented it in a way that addresses exactly what they’re looking for? Repeat the process in steps 1 and 2 above.

Creating new ideas for existing content helps your content be found in new searches and is less likely to appear repetitive to Pinterest users. 

But, sometimes your great ideas may fall flat or lose steam over time. You may want to create new Pin designs for your content:

  • If the content doesn’t get distribution from the first attempt – if you still feel the idea is relevant, perhaps you need to try a very different design; or the text on image, title, and description didn’t quite attract who you were aiming for. Try again and see if a whole new approach might work. If that flat lay fell flat, try a lifestyle image instead!
  • When there is a new seasonal approach you can add to the design of the Pin – cozy fall colors, themes, and motifs just don’t appeal to Pinterest users in the spring! Make your idea fit into TODAY.
  • When it might be newly relevant or fit into a current search trend. That “homework tips” blog post could be really useful for parents struggling to support their kids with remote learning right now. This is a great opportunity for also pulling in new keywords such as “remote learning”!

Test a couple of new Pin designs (don’t overdo it!) 

An Easy Formula for Reaching New Audiences and Appearing New Searches on Pinterest

If you like an “add this to that and get something amazing” kind of formula, well, you’re in luck. Our “Everything You Need to Know to Succeed on Pinterest” webinar is new, free, and comes with a printable formula to help you reach new people with your content. Check it out!

Here’s a sneak peek:

But if you want the handy list of everyday interests, seasonal moments, life events along with inspiring examples, grab the pdf along with the webinar now.

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In Conclusion:

When you unlock new audiences and new keyword searches for your content, your distribution and traffic can skyrocket. It’s simple when you:

  1. Find your audiences.
  2. Create a couple of Pin designs for each one.
  3. Share strategically.
  4. Measure the results.
  5. Keep getting more from your content.

Have you tried this method? What surprising audiences have engaged with your content? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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How to Get the Most out of Your Content on Pinterest

What Content Marketing Trends Reveal About Pinterest as Your Next Big Marketing Channel

Line graph on aqua background

Trade secret : the best content marketers constantly use trends to shape their strategy.

A common misconception about trends is that they are fads, fleeting, and should be ignored. But that’s not necessarily true! Trends give us quick, actionable insights into where our audiences are at and what they value.

Just take a look at the 2020 Pinterest Trends, which the platform forecasted with 80% accuracy. Those aren’t just about fads – they are a window into the deeply-held values and growth people are looking to achieve in their lives!

It’s big stuff, and it’s valuable. That’s why you should never ignore a trend report.

Speaking of, SEMrush’s Global Content Marketing Report for 2020 offers a perfect opportunity to learn from others and take a second look at Pinterest for content distribution and promotion. 

If you’re on the fence about using Pinterest for your marketing strategy, this report may just change your mind.

So, ready to learn about the immense power of Pinterest?

SEMrush. 2020 global report on content marketing

We’ll dig into SEMrush’s report to show you how Pinterest can help your content succeed in 2021 – and beyond! 

About the SEMrush Report 

SEMrush’s report includes 63 pages of insight into everything that has happened in content marketing this year.

The data came from 1,500 survey responses, 1.2 million blog posts, and 600k tweets.

To say that it’s thorough is an understatement, as it examines everything from the most expensive keywords to popular distribution channels and more. 

And here’s what it reveals about the importance of content marketing on Pinterest: 

survey data from SEMrush report

1. Most Content Marketers Aren’t Relying on Pinterest

But they should.

Brands are always trying to find new ways to stand out on social media, especially when they’re using social as a part of their content marketing strategy.

It’s no surprise that “social media content marketing” is the 20th most popular search query related to content marketing, according to the report.

content marketing keywords

The report explains that 69% of marketers use social media marketing tools to improve their content marketing.

Another 87% use social as a form of content distribution (or, in other words, extending the reach of their content and getting it in front of more people). 

Despite this, only 4% said that Pinterest is the most effective platform for content.

This is at least partially likely because many aren’t even using Pinterest!

A large number of businesses focus almost exclusively on Facebook, Twitter, and possibly LinkedIn.

effective social media platforms for content distribution

Pinterest is a relatively new platform to many content marketers, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth investing in. 

It was created as a content-sharing and content-saving platform in early 2010, so there are plenty of opportunities to drive traffic from Pinterest directly!

However, about 4% of marketers have caught on and say that it’s the most effective platform, not that it’s an effective platform.

That’s an important distinction, especially since a study from Merkle demonstrated that Pinterest had the largest year-on-year referral traffic growth in Q4 of 2019.

So what’s the deal?

The biggest reason that most content marketers haven’t made the leap to Pinterest is the misunderstanding that it won’t work for them.

They associate Pinterest exclusively with DIY content like how to make homemade gourmet dog biscuits or motivational quotes.

While this content is on Pinterest, it’s also more nuanced; people are researching buying decisions, and the audience has diversified significantly over the past few years.

Pinterest demographics
Source: Pinterest Demographics

Did you know men signing up at higher rates than ever before? And take a spin through Pinterest’s 2021 Trend report – people are using Pinterest for eco-sustainability, entrepreneurship guides, and global connection.

This isn’t just dog biscuits, people, so just because you haven’t used Pinterest yet isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t!  

2. Visuals Are Crucial, and Pinterest Is All About Visual 

Everybody likes visuals. Visuals can increase views by up to 94% when they’re added to articles and blog posts, and they can also help users retain information more effectively.

impact of images on content performance

Posts with even a single image get 2x as much traffic as text-only posts, and they receive 30% more shares and 25% more backlinks. 

And here’s another marketing secret: Social posts with visuals are prioritized by algorithms because people engage with them more consistently.

They’re also more attention-grabbing in busy newsfeeds and can add additional context to a post. 

You should be using images and videos on your blog posts whenever possible, and those visual components can then directly be used to create Pins on Pinterest!

Infographics can even act as stand-alone posts, and you know what performs well on Pinterest? Infographic Pins.

Pinterest, after all, is not just another social media platform; it’s a visual search engine. Visuals are everything there.

And since you’re already hopefully creating strong visuals for your blog and across other social media channels, why not add them to another platform for extended reach?

Especially since you can easily drive traffic back to your blog. Can you say win-win?

The Insiders Guide to Pinterest Visuals

In order to excel on Pinterest, you will need to lean on visuals, as they’re a crucial part of the platform.

Without images, after all, you have no Pins, and therefore no Pinterest content!

However, there is a tool you can use to remove all the guesswork out of creating beautiful Pin designs to showcase your content.

It’s… drumroll please … Tailwind Create!

If you have even one image in your blog post, this feature will make it easy to create on-trend Pin designs to promote it. 

Here’s how it works:

Start by selecting your brand colors and fonts, and uploading a logo.

Then add the URL you want to pull the image from, select a stock photo, or upload your own site photo.

Next, choose the title that you want to appear on the image.

Tailwind will automatically create different images based on what you’ve inputted. Then, you have multiple designs to choose from!

Easy, right? You have to give Tailwind Create a spin for yourself!

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3. Content with Lists Performs Best

Which is perfect for Pinterest!

According to the SEMrush report, content that features lists outperforms those that don’t.

Posts that contain at least one list for every 500 words of plain text see 70% more traffic than posts without.

Short bullet-point lists can increase page views, backlinks, and shares.

And good news: This translates well to Pinterest content, too! 

Remember that people are on the platform to learn and discover new products and ideas, and information that’s conveyed through a list in the image itself can gain major traction on the platform.

Your Pin can then drive users to your blog for more information about how to execute each of the tips discussed.

4. Many Creators Are Publishing How-To Content, Which Performs Well on Pinterest 

“Valuable” and “actionable” are two terms that you’ll commonly hear over and over again when people are talking about content marketing.

People want content that can help them solve a problem they’re searching to resolve.

That’s often why “how-to” guides and educational content are so popular and effective.

61% of those surveyed by SEMrush named “how to” and educational content as one of the most effective content marketing tactics they used in 2020.

This works for your blog, for social media posts, and for YouTube videos. It’s true for Pinterest, too. 

Pinterest is an excellent platform for sharing your best tutorial and educational content; 85% of regular pinners will actually start research on-platform when they want to start a new project.

You can mention some of the steps in a list, as discussed above, or even consider sharing a video tutorial on-platform.

This makes Pinterest an exceptionally compatible marketing channel for your content marketing overall. 

Final Thoughts 

Pinterest doesn’t get all the clout that Facebook and Instagram always do, but you shouldn’t count it out. It’s users are highly engaged, and many start researching buying decisions on this platform first.

Since it was designed to be a platform to find and save great content, it only makes sense that it’s a strong candidate as a marketing channel for your content moving forward.

Interested in learning more about marketing with Pinterest? See how Tailwind can streamline and enhance your Pinterest marketing here

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2021 Pinterest Trends to Keep Your Eye On

2021 Pinterest Trends on blue background

If 2020 felt like the year of gazing inward, with trends booming in spaces like “finding balance”, “conscious consumption” and “re-wilding”, 2021 may just be the year of gazing on things as we know them – and reinventing them.

“Expect routines to be remixed. Expect regular to be reinvented. 2021 will be a rebirth, not a reset.”

Andréa Mallard, Pinterest Chief Marketing Officer

Get ready to look at the world, your audience and your marketing strategy on Pinterest with fresh eyes.

A major glow-up is around the corner – are you ready?

And remember, the Pinterest Trend report is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, 8 out of 10 Pinterest trend predictions in 2020 were accurate!

So, take a close look at what Pinterest is seeing on the horizon in 2021, and brainstorm how they might fit your brand. You just might be surprised!

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Pinterest Fashion Trends


Introducing Athflow – when athleisure (think yoga pants, sweats, and tanks while running errands) meets elegance.

Pinners are up-leveling their day-to-day lounging looks for more versatility without sacrificing fashion. I’m talking flowy pants, oversize tops, and cotton jumpsuits, people!

Professional enough for work, flexible enough for yoga and versatile for day-to-day errands. Here’s what Pinners are searching:

  • home dress women (+200%)
  • oversized outfit (+300%)
  • soft outfit (+185%)
  • cotton jumpsuits for women (+160%)
  • co-ord outfits two pieces (+30%)

Cocoon Outfits

Cozy, comfortable, and fashionable! Pinners are seeking comfort everywhere in 2021 and finding it in quilted jackets, thoughtful layers, and slouchy socks.

Here’s what people are searching for on Pinterest:

  • Quilted clothes (+400%)
  • cozy aesthetic outfits (+200%)
  • Cocoon sweater (+155%)
  • Fluffy slippers (+90%)
  • Slouch socks (+55%)

DIY Outfits

Gen Z in particular is looking for ways to DIY and personalize everything – including their clothes!

Innovative ways to add meaningful details to jeans, shirts, bags and more are going to be quite a trend on Pinterest in the coming year.

DIY tutorial, anyone?

Here’s whats trending:

  • jean painting ideas (+300%)
  • reworked clothes (+600%)
  • sweatshirt embroidery (+700%)
  • custom hoodies (+130%)
  • tote bag design diy (+115%)

Pinterest Beauty Trends


Blame it on being at home for most of the year, or maybe a new heightened conscious around beauty.

Whatever the reason, Pinners are doing away with caked-on glam and focusing on nourishing their skin and using barely-there makeup!

Here’s what’s trending around ‘skinimalism’ (read: skin minimalism):

  • glowing skin how to get naturally (+400%)
  • face yoga exercises (+400%)
  • homemade skin care (+110%)
  • aloe vera face mask (+115%)
  • natural everyday makeup (+180%)

Indie Beauty

One things for sure – these are not your mother’s indie beauty secrets! Gen Z Pinners in particular are looking for playful twists on makeup basics.

From nails, makeup and more, 2021 is starting to look pretty cute!

Here’s what’s trending:

  • Indie nails (+2100%)
  • Smiley face nails (+900%)
  • Indie makeup (+400%)
  • Inner eye pop of color (+45%)
  • Butterfly eye makeup (+600%)


Out with the heat, in with intricate braids and protective hairstyles!

In 2021, all things braids are predicted to take off, with key searches around plait styles and accessories. Here’s what Pinterest sees:

  • Braids with fade (+900%)
  • Knotless box braids (+150%)
  • Yarn braids styles (+145%)
  • Bubble braids (+135%)
  • Viking braids men (+90%)

Artistic Eyebrows

I’m sure you’ve heard of a statement brow, but in 2021 we’re talking about brows that make a statement.

From rainbows to patterns and more, Pinners are changing the brow game as we know it. Here are just some of the brow-raising trends that are being embraced:

  • Goth eyebrows (+120%)
  • Above eyebrow tattoo (+60%)
  • Ombre powder brows (+50%)
  • Bleached eyebrows (+160%)
  • Colorful eyebrows (+35%)

Pinterest Travel Trends

The Nomad Aesthetic

The interest in the great outdoors isn’t letting up in 2021. Last year, Pinners had responsible travel, getting outdoors and eco-tourism on their mind.

This year, they’re thinking about getting lost in the wilderness with simple camping, road trips and national monuments.

Here’s what’s trending:

  • Wild flower field (+165%)
  • RV accessories (+40%)
  • Motorcycle tent (+100%)
  • Couple stargazing (+165%)
  • Nomad aesthetic (+80%)

Car Experiences

From what we can tell, cars are set to become the “third space” for Pinners this year. Searches around new accessories, date nights and auto experiences are picking up traction in exciting ways!

Here’s what Pinterest is seeing:

  • Car date night (+200%)
  • Drive-in cinema (+190%)
  • Car man cave (+115%)
  • Dog car seats (+100%)
  • Car survival kits (+60%)

Dreamy Getaways

The wanderlust is real, and as Pinners begin to dream about travel again, they’re planning for some ultimate vacations.

We’re talking luxury vacations, romantic locations and jaw-dropping atmospheres.

Here’s what Pinterest is taking note of:

  • Luxury vacation (+50%)
  • Dream vacations (+700%)
  • Honeymoon pictures romantic (+55%)
  • Mountain travel (+35%)
  • Forest resort (+100%)

Pinterest Home Decor Trends

Neon Lights

Light and airy seems to be out! Pinners (especially Gen Z) are doing major room makeovers with colorful LED lights, washing their rooms in moody colors.

Another fun light trick? Adding LED lights to mirrors and vanities for the ultimate getting-ready experience.

Here are the trends on Pinterest:

  • Neon room (+800%)
  • Mirror with LED lights (+200%)
  • Blue LED lights bedroom (+155%)
  • LED light room (+300%)
  • LED light signs (+300%)

Kitchen Shelfies

Open shelving and cabinets are a hit in kitchen design these days, but Pinners are looking to uplevel their kitchen lewk in ’21.

Searches for floating shelves, colored glassware and copper details are on the rise. Get ready for a lot of Pinterest-perfect kitchens in the coming year.

Here’s what Pinterest sees:

  • Copper cookware (+35%)
  • Colored glassware (+135%)
  • Kitchen floating shelves decor (+130%)
  • Plate racks in kitchen (+200%)
  • Clay plates (+105%)

Japandi Design

Say what now? Japandi – a decor crossroads between Japanese design and Scandanavian minimalism is on track to be the next big thing.

This aesthetic incorporates sleek lines, neutral and earthy color schemes and zen set-up. No wonder it’s a fan favorite!

Here are the increases in search around this trend:

  • Wooden bed design modern (+500%)
  • Neutral color palette earth tones (+300%)
  • Minimalist bathroom design (+400%)
  • Japandi (+100%)
  • Modern minimalist kitchen (+115%)

The Cloffice

Perhaps a trend born out of necessity, the “cloffice” refers to the creative measures people are taking to create private home offices in open floorplans.

No door required!

From mudrooms, converting closets and even using furniture to divide up rooms, Pinners are getting creative when it comes to their home office space.

Here’s whats trending:

  • Cloffice ideas (+200%)
  • Home library design (+700%)
  • Bookshelf room divider (+150%)
  • Modern mud room (+200%)
  • Computer gaming room (+600%)

Pinterest Health and Wellness Trends

Ritual Baths

Bath time just got a makeover! Ditch the rubber ducky and immerse yourself in a new experience with these trending new rituals.

Here’s what Pinners are searching for in 2021:

  • Spiritual cleansing bath (+180%)
  • Full moon bath ritual (+90%)
  • Bath tea recipe (+60%)
  • Bath in bedroom free standing (+50%)
  • Deep soaking tub (+145%)

Serious Sleep

Perhaps our favorite new self-care trend, sleep care is on the rise. From new bedtime routines to pre-zzz stretches, Pinners are looking to get more intentional about their rest.

Here’s what Pinterest sees:

  • Night affirmations sleep (+100%)
  • Sleep blends for diffuser (+80%)
  • Before sleep workout (+300%)
  • Silk sleepwear (+60%)
  • Sleep yoga (+90%)


Alternative spiritualism, rituals and practice are becoming more widespread, and the trend isn’t slowing down.

Mindfulness was a powerful Pinterest trend last year, and in the coming year Pinners are getting in touch with manifestation – and their higher selves!

Here’s what Pinners are interested in this year:

  • Protection crystals (+100%)
  • Manifestation techniques (+105%)
  • Fantasy map making (+300%)
  • Visualize your highest self (+55%)
  • Zodiac sign facts (+600%)

Pinterest Food and Drink Trends

Spicy Recipes

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just us? 

Pinners are tired of the same old spices they’ve always used— they’re ready to dish the heat.

This year cooks are leveling up with searches for spice-filled condiments and flavorful concoctions. 

Here’s what Pinterest predicts: 

  • Tomatillo enchilada sauce (+75%) 
  • Cajun chicken pasta recipes (+55%) 
  • Jalapeño pepper jelly recipe (+200%) 
  • Hot honey recipe (+155%) 
  • Poke bowl sauce (+70%)

Next-Level Charcuterie

Charcuterie boards took the world by storm this year. Those meat and cheese platters seemed to be everywhere, from celebrities’ tables to bridal showers to cocktail parties.

You can expect this trend to continue in 2021- but with a twist. Pinners are seeking new variations on the entertaining staple this year. 

Here’s what Pinterest is looking forward to: 

  • Breakfast charcuterie boards (+500%)
  • Candy charcuterie boards (+200%)
  • Dessert charcuterie boards (+300%) 
  • Fruit charcuterie board (+200%) 
  • Mexican charcuterie board (+155%)

DIY Gourmet

Time to ditch the remote and grab your chef’s hat—Food Network is coming to a kitchen near YOU.

That’s right, Pinterest trends this year are going gourmet.

From restaurant-inspired creations to pretty plating to elegant dishes, you can expect Pinners to put their culinary skills to the test. 

Here’s what Pinterest sees: 

  • Food garnishes (+55%) 
  • Gourmet food plating (+105%) 
  • Basque burnt cheesecake (1000%) 
  • Tea recipes homemade (+60%) 
  • Bread art (+130%)

Pinterest Craft and Hobby Trends

Classic Crafts

Time for some new takes on old favorites, and trust us – this is not your Grandma’s knitting!

Tactile crafts and hobbies will still be popular in 2021, but they’ll come with fresh inspiration and daring techniques. 

Here’s what you can look forward to: 

  • Glass etching designs (+400%) 
  • Crochet basics (+155%) 
  • Aesthetic embroidery (+300%)
  • Bottle painting ideas (+300%)
  • Leatherworking tools (+200%)

Global Interests

 Oh, the places you’ll go!

COVID-19 put a damper on most travel plans this year, and will probably continue to do so next year as well.

BUT that doesn’t mean your mind can’t drift abroad. Pinners in 2021 will try their hand at global-inspired hobbies. 

Here’s what Pinterest expects: 

  • Jyotish astrology (+300%) 
  • Ancient Egyptian architecture (+200%) 
  • Persian calligraphy art (+2000%) 
  • Irish quilt patterns (+100%) 
  • Japanese carpentry (+95%)

Digital Makeover

In 2020, we saw new intentionality around home decor surface. In 2021, Pinners are bringing that same intention to their digital spaces!

Phone backgrounds, widget design and laptop screens are all getting a refresh this year.

Check out what Pinterest found:

  • Laptop wallpaper aesthetic high quality (+3000%)
  • Playlist covers photo aesthetic (+2400%)
  • Funny lock screen wallpaper (+300%)
  • Gaming background wallpaper (+200%)
  • Get off my phone wallpaper (+170%)

Beginner Tutorials

Like the old adage says, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

In 2021, Pinners won’t be afraid to be a beginner with a new hobby or interest. 

Here’s a few you’ll likely see: 

  • Knife painting for beginners (+150%) 
  • Sublimation for beginners (+1100%) 
  • How to skateboard for beginners (+155%) 
  • Resin art for beginners (+300%) 
  • Candle making for beginners (+80%)

Pinterest Wedding and Events

Minimalist Weddings

2020 called for an abrupt shift from grand, mega-weddings to smaller, more intimate affairs.

You can expect this trend to continue into 2021 as well, with Pinners searching for laid back wedding and fun elopement inspiration. 

A few trends on the horizon: 

  • Small backyard wedding (+160%) 
  • Simple wedding cake small one tier (+200%) 
  • Wedding jean jacket bride (+130%) 
  • Courthouse wedding outfit (+200%)
  • Desert elopement (+55%)

Planning the Little Things

Between city lockdowns, quarantines, WFH, and mass business closures, Pinners everywhere had to learn how to make the most of the little things in 2020.

Pinners will lean into this trend even more in 2021 with searches surrounding celebrating small occasions and making everyday moments more magical. 

Here’s some celebrations that will be making an appearance: 

  • Monthsary message for girlfriend (+145%) 
  • Anniversary box for him (+80%) 
  • Cheers and beers party (+85%) 
  • Movie date night at home (+110%) 
  • Death to my 20s party (+300%)

Pinterest Business Trends

DIY Business Basics

As 2021 begins, Pinners are stepping away from the corporate ladder and into their own offices.

Small business and entrepreneurship will be major trends in the new year. As a result, searches for tips on starting and running a business will skyrocket. 

Here are some of the top search predictions: 

  • Branding your business (+105%) 
  • Podcast design (+130%) 
  • Entrepreneur motivation (+200%) 
  • Accounting basics (+150%) 
  • Small business ideas (+90%)

Pinterest Family Trends

Small Pets

This is a trend that had us scratching our heads a little! Last year, we saw an obsession. with pampering our furry friends. In 2021, families will lean away from the furry and into… scales?

Low maintenance pets like lizards, frogs, and tortoises are climbing in Pinterest search.

Hey, those slithery creatures need love, too! 

Here are some trends you can expect: 

  • Pet lizards (+40%) 
  • Tortoise food (+95%) 
  • Pet frog (+110%) 
  • Pet snails (+160%) 
  • Pet chameleon (+50%)

Eco- Friendly Parenting

Entertaining the kiddos will have a more educational and environmentally friendly take in 2021.

You expect more searches for art projects using materials from around the house and outdoor activities. 

Here are a few specific trends to keep an eye out for: 

  • Art education projects (+35%) 
  • Outdoor education (+85%) 
  • Cardboard toys (+85%) 
  • Pencil shaving art for kids (+115%) 
  • Banana peel fertilizer (+300%)

Mindful Schooling

Mindfulness, morals, and manners will be top-of-mind for parents to teach their little ones in 2021.

Some things you don’t always learn in school, and parents are looking to take some time to instill important lessons in their young ones this year.

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Mindmap ideas creative (+300%) 
  • Stories with moral lessons (+400%) 
  • Teaching kids manners (+145%) 
  • Government lessons (+185%) 
  • Mindfulness activities for children (+300%)

Just looking at this list, we’re excited for what 2021 has in store! In every corner of the web (and Pinterest) it seems like old favorites are being upcycled, and the status quo looked at with new eyes.

So that’s our challenge to you as you prep your Pinterest content this year. What exciting new remixes can you come up with in your own content?

Brainstorm in the comments – or just let us know your favorite trends on this list! We’re excited to dive into 2021 with fresh vision.

Cheers to a new year!

Pin Me For Reference :

Pinterest Trends: A Look Back on 2020

Pinterest Trends in 2020

2020 was crazy, unpredictable, and scary at times. And honestly, that may just be the understatement of the year!

However, it seems like one platform had its finger on the pulse of what people were doing, seeing, and thinking about, even in the wildest of times.

That’s right – Pinterest!

Specifically, the Pinterest Predicts report – where Pinterest analysts check out what’s happening in search and trend forecast what’s coming up for the year.

And this year (even with all the chaos) Pinterest’s trend predictions were scarily accurate. In fact, they called 8 out of their 10 predictions correctly!

If that doesn’t encourage you to head on over to see the 2021 Pinterest Trend predictions, I don’t know what will.

But before I get to 2021, let’s recap what users were searching on the platform in 2020. Why, do you ask?

Because each of these trends gives us a glimpse into what users are passionate about and planning for next.

And to take it one step further, these hot trends will tell you a lot about what your Pinterest audience values most – an incredible insight when you’re aligning your marketing strategy to find your loyal Pinterest community.

Ready to recap? Let’s go for it!

“Even in the face of a global pandemic, 8 in 10 of our 2020 trend predictions held strong throughout the year.

That’s because Pinterest is where people go to plan, so we have a better sense of what they’ll do next.”


[sc name=”create-cta-blue-bloggers”]

Pinterest Trend #1: Re-wilding

This year, Pinterest predicted a wave of people putting their devices down and getting outside in 2020. Pinterest saw people becoming more curious about the natural world around them.

For some, that means spending more time outdoors, or bringing the outdoors inside their homes!

The team at Pinterest noted huge increases in search traffic on the platform for outdoor-centric topics like lake fishing (+274%), nature travel (253%), and outdoor kitchen bars (+2795%).

Pinterest searches for outdoor kitchen bars in 2020
Indexed searches for “outdoor kitchen bars” (Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest Trend #2: 90’s Re-Run

The 80’s had their moment to shine, and now the 90’s are back in the spotlight. You may have feelings about that millennials – I know I do.

From 90’s street fashion, hairstyles, music to TV shows, traces of the decade are everywhere. Especially on Pinterest!

Before casting their prediction, Pinterest noted increased searches for Y2K outfits (+669%), scrunchies (+6309%), 90’s streetwear (+277%), and 90’s cartoons (+227%).

Pinterest Trend #3: Space Everything

If you’re a Libra, you’re gonna love this one!

JK, but one thing is for sure – Pinners loved astrology and the cosmos more than ever in 2020.

Whether it’s the approaching possibility of space tourism, a push for STEM education, or just daydreaming about the stars, Pinners were looking at a galaxy of space-related content this year.

In fact, Pinterest saw an uptick in searches for things like astrology-themed parties (+247%), galaxy painting (+157%), STEM activities (+135%), and ‘two the moon’ parties (+589%).

Pinterest Trend #4: Internationally Inspired

While the pandemic limited international travel, artisans and educators are using digital media and virtual experiences more than ever to share their culture across the web.

The result? An inspiration to try something new. Virtual tourism seems to have positively impacted Pinners too, who are recreating everything from traditional dishes to home design from across the globe.

Pinterest used an explosion in search for Indian living rooms (+2080%), Japanese tubs (+589%), Arabic treats (+407%), and Australian landscaping (+781%) to predict this trend in 2020. And they called it!

Pinterest searches for Indian living rooms in 2020
Indexed searches for “Indian living rooms” (Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest Trend #5: Finding Balance

As the world seem to come to a stand-still this year, Pinners’ gazes turned inwards to wellness, growth and mental health improvement.

Searches for social media detox (+314%), art therapy activities (+444%), and self-discovery journaling prompts (+147%) began to climb, as well as health-focused searches for sea moss (+380%) and ylang-ylang oil (+91%).

Pinterest Trend #6: Conscious Consumption

More than ever, Pinterest users are sitting up and taking note of their eco-footprint on the world. As the conversation about climate change continues, so did the searches for low-waste living (+446%), solar light crafts (+427%), climate change protest signs (+5961%), and eco-friendly product swaps (+172%).

The trend shows no sign of slowing, either. Check out Pinterest’s tracking of searches for solar light crafts below!

Pinterest searches for solar light crafts in 2020
Source: Pinterest

Pinterest Trend #7: Pampered Pets

Love for our furry friends is at an all-time high in 2020, and Pinners are searching for innovative ways to spoil their pets.

Everything from pet resorts (+260%) and dog patios (+131%) to dog toilets (+214%) spiked in search.

And Pinterest reports that this is still true at the end of 2020, with dog patios gaining another 40% in search year over year!

Pinterest Trend #8: Responsible Travel

We’ve seen the rise of eco-consciousness earlier in this list, but the new commitment to the environment is touching spaces. like travel, too!

Increases in search around train travel (+107%), eco-friendly travel (+73%), and agritourism (+57%) are on the rise.

And the interest around international inspiration blends into this trend category too, with learning vacations (+32%) on Pinners’ minds.

Pinterest Trend #9: Home Hub

It makes sense that during stay-at-home orders, people are turning their attention into making a house a home! Or, dare I say, an oasis?

From searches for garden rooms (+104%) to indoor water fountains (+917%) and entire audio rooms (+807%), more Pinners than ever before are looking to create experiences right at home.

And fun doesn’t end there! Curiosity about homebrewing (+411%) and indoor microgreens (+223%) are up too, indicating an interest in DIY experiences around food and drink.

Pinterest Trend #10: Beyond Binary

As we move towards awareness around gender identity and expression, Pinners are looking for ways to make a better, more accepting future.

Gender-neutral names (+301%), unisex nurseries (+527%) and gender-neutral haircuts (+625%) all skyrocketed on Pinterest in 2019 and into 2020.

Searches for tuxedo dresses (+99%) and androgynous wedding wear (+51%) were up as well, signifying increased interest in expression during life’s biggest moments.

Conclusion: Key Trend Takeaways from 2020

While some of these trends are just plain fun (hello, 90’s!), so many of the trends on this list point to a shifting conversation about identity, expression, and connection – whether it’s to our pets, ourselves or the natural world around us.

As we look forward into 2021 and even the years beyond, take note of what these trends say about your target audiences, and in turn what you can add to these conversations with your unique voice and brand power.

Whether it’s re-imagining your brand’s eco-footprint, creating experiences in the home (or abroad!) or just trying your hand at an international recipe, you can use these trends to inspire and connect with your Pinterest audience like never before.

So what are you waiting for? Get to Pinning!

Tried one of these trends in 2020? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Pin Me For Reference :

 Pinterest called 8 out of 10 trends on the platform in 2020 - and they say a lot about Pin audiences today! Brush up on the year in review for Pinners here!

The 10 Most Popular Pinterest Categories

What’s a Pinterest category and why do categories matter? Categories used to be manually applied to Pinterest Boards to provide more context on the content therein, but this option has been removed. So, why do we care about categories? Knowing what’s popular can help you present your content in ways that reaches all new audiences and appears in new searches. Cool, right?

So, which are Pinterest’s most popular categories? Let’s start with a look at all the options.

What Pinterest Categories Are Available?

There are 33 categories to choose from – from Animals and pets to Women’s Fashion and nearly everything in between.

How to Find a List of Pinterest Categories

Pinterest Categories List:

Check out the list of Pinterest categories and the kinds of content you would find in each one. Might your content fit into more categories than you initially thought?

It may also help you determine whether Pinterest is a natural fit for your business, though there are an awful lot of people finding success from within the “Other” category! Just because your content doesn’t fit neatly into one of the categories doesn’t mean you can’t also generate traffic from Pinterest.

[sc name=”cta-text-pinterest-traffic-guide”]

  • Animals and pets – cute critter photos and memes
  • Architecture – Some attainable inspirations and some total eye candy
  • Art – Wall art, drawings, how tos
  • Cars and motorcycles – Hotrods, antiques, and car shows
  • Celebrities – Mainly shots from movies and tabloids
  • DIY and crafts – Painting, sewing, crafts of all kinds!
  • Design – Home style ideas, drawings, design inspiration, graphics
  • Education – Resources and ideas for kids, parents, and teachers
  • Entertainment – Party planning, movies, books, tv
  • Food and drink – Recipes, recipes, and more recipes!
  • Gardening – How to grow anything
  • Geek – A place to share all those things that are so uncool they’re cool – superheroes, nerd humor, etc. 🙂
  • Hair and beauty – Hair and makeup
  • Health and fitness – Exercise and weight loss
  • History – Funny, artistic, and curious photos of old landmarks and cultural history
  • Holidays and events – Holidays, decorations, celebrations
  • Home decor – DIY Home decor, home decor inspiration
  • Humor – From clever to cheesy and a little PG-13, gifs and memes aplenty
  • Illustrations and posters – Paintings, posters, designs, drawings – total eye candy
  • Kids and parenting – Projects, learning tools, activities, crafts, parenting tips
  • Men’s fashion – Tips and products for the well-dressed man. Learn to tie a tie, match your socks, roll up your sleeves 🙂
  • Outdoors – Outdoor design, landscaping, and gardenscapes
  • Photography – Amateur and artistic photos plus helpful how tos
  • Products – Mainly product photos
  • Quotes – Inspirational quotes and poetry
  • Science and nature – Science experiments, learning resources, and astounding (and sometimes odd) nature photography
  • Sports – Sports memes and workouts
  • Tattoos – Inspiration for your next tattoo – in the form of tattoos, designs, and photos
  • Technology – Privacy protection, shortcuts and productivity hacks, coding tips, and cool products
  • Travel – Travel tips, destinations, and gorgeous photography
  • Weddings – Wedding dresses, etiquette, planning tips, invitations, jewelry
  • Women’s Fashion – Current trends, fashion to buy, how-tos
  • Other/Everything – Quotes, recipes, crafts, humor – EVERYTHING

The 10 Most Popular Categories on Pinterest

Technically, there’s no true way to see a list of the most popular Pinterest Board categories. BUT, Statista did a study in 2017 which provided some insight; and experience and observation can fill in the rest.

While Statista looked at general categories or topics of interest, we will map our most popular categories to actual Pinterest categories listed above.

Our mostly-unscientific list of the most popular categories on Pinterest, and not necessarily in exact order features:

  1. Food and Drink – Showing up in the #1 and #2 spots in the Statista study (for food, drinks, and hobbies) – there’s no doubt that Pinterest is a go-to resource for all things recipes. In fact, some people report using Pinterest SOLELY for finding recipe ideas!
  2. Home Decor – The first place people go for home interior ideas? PINTEREST!!
  3. Travel – Is there any better way to plan a trip? I think NOT! Group Boards make it easy to collaborate with fellow travelers.
  4. Health and Fitness – Whether we follow through or not, Pinterest is a great place to find workout ideas and health information.
  5. Women’s Fashion – “What to wear to a spring wedding….” There’s no better place for style inspiration!
  6. Hair and Beauty – How many of you have saved Pins to show to your stylist? ‍♀️
  7. DIY & Crafts – Part of art, art supplies, and hobbies, DIY is HUGE on Pinterest.
  8. Entertainment – Quotes, books, movies, music etc. Inspirational quotes, in particular, are incredibly popular.
  9. Weddings – There’s a reason for the stereotype. There’s nothing you CAN’T find for planning the wedding of your dreams on Pinterest.
  10. Holidays & Events – Pinners are planners and doers. Seasonal content is incredibly popular on Pinterest.

How to Choose Which Pinterest Categories to Target

While we might be inclined to try to wedge our content into Pinterest’s popular categories, the most important factor is going to be where your Pin really belongs. If you have a Pin for your article on “Food Photography,” you could present it in a way that would appeal to people interested in “Food and Drink.” But you wouldn’t try to make it (by changing text on image, title, and description), fit in the “home decor” category just because it’s a popular one!

That same Pin for “Food Photography” could be presented in such a way that it appeals to those interested in the “Design” category by changing the photo you use, the text on image, the title, and description. Remember to always save it to the most relevant Board first (generally you’ll look to the Board name to decide relevancy) and not to save it to more than 10 boards. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to where you save your Pins. Quickly saving Pins at the best times for engagement and to more than one Board at a sensible intervals is where a Pinterest marketing tool like Tailwind can make you more effective AND efficient.

[sc name=”create-cta-blue-bloggers”]

[sc name=”pinterest-boilerplate”]

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Pinterest Search Trends – Spring 2020

Well, we certainly are living in interesting times, aren’t we? We could almost say they’re “Pinteresting” times, as Pinterest recently reported a weekend of the highest number of searches (up 60% year over year!), saves, and link clicks EVER. Certain topics are experiencing a meteoric rise in engagement. Let’s look at some of those trends and how you might use them.

At a time when tensions are high, the economy is shaky, and people are stuck at home, you might be wondering:

  • What should I Pin on Pinterest right now?
  • How can I adapt my content to make the most of this spring’s unprecedented Pinterest engagement and strong search trends to provide what people want and need right now?
  • Is there anything I should AVOID sharing on Pinterest right now?

Jeff Sieh and I talked about this live on Facebook:

What’s Trending on Pinterest this Spring?

Much as you would expect – the search trends on Pinterest reflect our current situation. Many of us are stuck at home, maybe (hopefully) also working from home, trying to keep the kids occupied, and feeding the family with what’s already in the pantry. However, people are also embracing their creativity and want to try new things to pass the time.

Pinterest Trends in Health, Wellness, and Self Care Searches

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean staying on the couch – unless you want it to! Physical fitness and mental well-being are hot topics right now, with people looking for workouts they can do on their own, as well as ways to support mental health in a challenging time.

Searches forAre up*
Stress relief3x
Stress quotes3x
Self care at home4.3x
Home bodyweight exercises3x
Exercise routine at home2.9x

Pinterest Trends in Parenting & Home Schooling Searches

With all the kids at home, many parents are trying to teach and entertain their kids while also working from home themselves! They’re looking for ways to create routines, stave off boredom, and educate, but also to enjoy some extra time together. 

Searches forAre up*
Work from home with kids17.5x
Home games for kids4.3x
Easy lunch ideas for kids128x
Science experiments with kids4x
Indoor activities with kids14x

Pinterest Trends in Food Searches

Always a popular topic on Pinterest, searches for recipes have increased tremendously. More beginners are looking to try their hand at cooking the basics which are hard to come by in local stores. Easy recipes with flexible ingredients that utilize what’s already on hand are in high demand.

Searches forAre up*
Yeastless bread recipes45x
Bread in crockpot42x
Freezer meals2.5x
Sweet amish bread15x
How to make tortillas4x

Pinterest Trends in Beauty & Personal Care Searches

Just because we’re not going out, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good! More time at home might mean more time to try fun makeup looks or try a DIY nail style that seemed too time consuming before.

Searches forAre up*
Home hair cuts5x
Spa day at home2x
Homemade eyebrow wax recipes4.2x
Fun makeup looks2x
DIY manicure at home1.5x

Pinterest Trends in Entertainment Searches

Searches for staying social and being entertained while remaining at home are UP! Date night ideas, fun for the kids, and much-needed happy hour inspiration are all trending. Can you provide a list of great ideas for your audience? 

Searches forAre up*
Indoor date ideas7x
Family movies125x
White claw cocktails2.3x
Family activities at home10x
Drinking board games2x

Pinterest Trends in Hobbies & Home Searches

More time at home means more time to start a new hobby! Try catering to beginners, and provide ideas for those who do and DON’T have outdoor space to enjoy right now.

Searches forAre up*
How to start a garden for beginners2.5x
Embroidery for beginners2.6x
Canvas painting ideas for beginners step by step3x
Best books to read in 20202.4x
Victory gardens10x

Pinterest Trends in Holidays & Events Searches

People are looking for new ways to celebrate their loved ones –  but the celebrations will look a bit different this year. Support people’s desire to reach out even as they stay apart. Provide creative ideas to help them show they care.

Searches forAre up#
Mother’s Day at home30x
Virtual graduation parties20x
Gift baskets1.3x

What NOT to Pin on Pinterest Right Now

Pinterest is working hard to make sure people find accurate information on their site. To that end, if you search for anything related to COVID-19, you’re going to be redirected here:

So, leave off anything related to the virus or pandemics. Not only will you not get any reach, you’re likely to be reported for spam and risk losing your account for falling afoul of Pinterest community guidelines

Pinterest Search Trends Looking Ahead

While the struggles due to “social distancing” are likely to persist for a while and many of the trending searches will continue to bring in engagement and traffic, it’s likely that we’ll see a bit of a shift to more longer-term concerns. Just as sales of home office furniture spiked and have receded, we may find searches for home haircuts and bread recipes replaced by those for:

  • Budgeting
  • Cutting costs
  • Taxes (US filing deadline extended)
  • Affordable (everything)
  • Starting a business

So, think ahead in your content creation. What are people likely to need from you in a month, two months, six? 

[sc name=”pinterest-seo-webinar-image-short-cta”]

Using Pinterest’s Trends Tool

Find the sweet spot for your business with Pinterest’s Trends tool. Get ideas from the home page (refresh for more hot topics) or search your keywords. Even hard-hit industries such as travel can find opportunities right now.

How to Use Pinterest Search Trends in Your Marketing

Use the terms you find that are trending now to create new Pin images for older relevant content – just lean in to what people are looking for now by reframing the text on your image, the Pin title, and description and being sure to save to a relevant Board and make sure to update the copy on your website, too. Most importantly, use these terms to create content today – you can start getting that traffic sooner than you think.

The opportunity has never been greater, and we have never had more information about what people are searching for on Pinterest. 

What trend will you lean into first?

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Or me!

*First two weeks of March compared to last two weeks of February

# Last half of March compared to first half of March, 2020


Pinterest Partner Newsletter

Are You Making the Most of the BIGGEST Seasons on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a place where new ideas come to life – all year round!! ❄️ ☀️

300 million people are active on Pinterest each month and have saved over 200 billion images of Christmas nail designs, summer salad recipes, Halloween makeup ideas, and every piece of Pinterest seasonal content you can imagine – and then some.

Did you know that Pinterest users start planning their seasonal activities on the app three to six months in advance?

That means businesses and brands need to stay far ahead of the Pinterest trends if they want to capitalize on peak search seasons.

Don’t stress. You’ve got this. Here’s how to squeeze the most out of all of your holiday and seasonal content every year on Pinterest with a little help from Tailwind.

[sc name=”Pinterest Planner Inline text”]

Quick Pinterest Trends and Seasonal Stats to Consider

Pinners aren’t the kind of people who talk a bunch of big ideas but never put them into action. Nope.

98% of Pinners say they’ve tried something they discovered through Pinterest. (Who hasn’t?!)  Meanwhile, 88% of weekly Pinners (66% overall) say they’ve made a purchase based on something they saw on Pinterest.

Keep in mind that 97% of all Pinterest searches are unbranded. That’s good news because it gives everyone plenty of room to create incredible action-inspiring Pinterest seasonal content that gets found and gets clicked. Plus, it encourages brands to create Pins that add true value to the platform instead of simply marketing their products.

How to Make All of Your Pinterest Content Seasonal

Just because you don’t create content that’s exclusively seasonal doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on the seasonal nature of Pinterest.

Leaning in to seasonality on Pinterest is as simple as changing the image and text for a fresh, seasonally-appealing Pin! Your “Books to read in 2020” would make a “Great Summer Reads” Pin, too! –

Alisa Meredith, Tailwind

It’s really that simple. “Dinner Parties on a Dime” easily becomes “Budget-Friendly Summer Get Togethers.” Your apple cobbler recipe would make a perfect “Cozy Fall Cobbler” Pin.

Get more ideas from this great video with Alisa Meredith, Jeff Sieh, and Cara Chace.

How to Create Your Pinterest Seasonal Content Calendar

Use the Pinterest trends and stats below (plus Tailwind’s SmartLoop) to make the most of your Pinterest seasonal content year-round!

New Year

When to Pin: June – December

The Competition: 183m Pins saved

The Activity: 14m searches

Yep, all the winter holiday peak Pin seasons start in June!

Of course, you have your hot trending manicure and décor searches for New Year’s Eve.

However, people are also looking for ways to level THEMSELVES up. Skip the dieting and ho-hum New Year’s resolutions for nuanced (and keyword-rich) tips like “12 natural facial masks you can make in your Ninja blender” or “12 mood tracker ideas.”


When to Pin: January – April

The Competition: 386m Pins Saved

The Activity: 38m searches

Rose gold lovers, now’s your time to shine! Use Easter searches as a catalyst to promote your spring-themed content like floral photoshoots, pastel linens, sustainable or zero-waste products, and all things outdoors.

Help your followers go beyond pre-packaged gift baskets with ideas like homemade mini wine bouquets, personalized shaving sets, and artisan soaps.


When to Pin: February – July

The Competition: 4b Pins saved

The Activity: 121m searches

Go big with your seaside lifestyle shoots, destination canvases, and warm sunset-themed décor. Pinners are looking for Pinterest seasonal content to help them make the most of their time outside the house. Help them create their backyard (or studio patio) stargazing sanctuary or save money while gas prices peak.


July 4th

When to Pin: April – July

The Competition: 78m Pins Saved

The Activity: 14m searches

Stand out from a sea of red-white-blue plastic Pins with some rustic and vintage-themed content. Outdoor games and fresh spins on traditional BBQ are always great choices but how can you help Pinners plan for less-than-perfect weather? Keep travelers in mind too with history-inspired destination Pins for every region.

Back to School/College ✏

When to Pin: June – August

The Competition: 1.5b Pins Saved

The Activity: 104m searches

School lunches, comfy class outfits, and dorm room décor all top Pinterest seasonal content.

However, Pinterest trends show that Pinners have unofficially declared late summer the time for “new year” resolutions.

Searches like:

  • Career planning
  • Family planning
  • Organization
  • Budgeting
  • Home improvement
  • Travel goals
  • Positive mental health
  • Productive routines
  • Sustainably lifestyles

all surge at the end of summer as Pinners switch from relaxation mode to get-it-done mode.



When to Pin: June – October

The Competition: 933m Pins Saved

The Activity: 227m searches

Halloween is the perfect time for makeup artists to go all out with their Pins. With Halloween and fall-themed engagement searches skyrocketing, photographers can promote their spooky, vintage, and rustic autumn shoots. You can thank Stranger Things for an uptick in early 80s-themed fashion and décor.


When to Pin: June – November

The Competition: 728m Pins Saved

The Activity: 67m searches

Some Pinners travel, others host guests. Keep both in mind. Friendsgiving is a top search for Pinners planning a holiday gathering with buds. Time-saving Pins are always a safe bet too. Consider the spirit of the season with solutions for Pinners to donate leftovers or spend the holiday volunteering with their loved ones.

Black Friday

When to Pin: June – November

The Competition: 16m Pins Saved

The Activity: 1m searches

Get your gift guides ready early with plenty of budget-friendly tips, organizers, and self-care solutions. Make sure your landing pages are mobile-friendly. Last year, over a third of all Black Friday purchases happened on smartphones.

Winter Holidays

When to Pin: June – December

The Competition: 3b Pins Saved

The Activity: 321m searches

Pinners want realistic content they can actually manage – not grandiose dreams. Keep your Pins relatable to average people.

This year, sunflower Christmas trees, boho, and zero-waste are topping Pinterest seasonal content. Cheesecake dominates Pinterest trends for desserts while animal prints and satin lead for fashion.

Photographers can break out their Christmas photo booth ideas and albums.

Honorable Mentions

The holidays below not have the longest peak Pin seasons, but they still surge with several hundred million Pins at different points throughout the year. You have plenty of room to get creative!

  • Super Bowl: January and February
  • Valentine’s Day: January and February
  • St. Patrick’s Day: January through March☘
  • Memorial Day: April and May
  • Mother’s Day: February through May
  • Father’s Day: March through June

Let SmartLoop Do the Heavy Lifting

Tailwind’s SmartLoop lets you organize your Pinterest seasonal content and recirculates it for you at the perfect time based on a preset calendar.

Seasonal loops turn on and off automatically so your Valentine’s content won’t go out in June, but your Halloween and Thanksgiving content will – every year.

SmartLoop can also track and pull your best-performing Pins for resharing. Helllllllo engagement!

[sc name=”CTA – Image – SmartLoop – General”]

In Conclusion

Pinterest trends aren’t always what (or when) you expect. Stay proactive and organized to make sure your hottest Pinterest seasonal content is always ready to go when Pinners are looking for it.

  • Plan early (like, much earlier than you’d expect).
  • Broaden your perception of what “seasonal” means and get creative.
  • Remove tedious searching and Pinning with Tailwind’s SmartLoop.

Start planning the next holiday’s Pins (and the next one and the next one) with SmartLoop! Give it a try now for free.

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Are You Making the Most of the BIGGEST Seasons on Pinterest?