Pinterest Trends: A Look Back on 2020

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Pinterest Trends in 2020

2020 was crazy, unpredictable, and scary at times. And honestly, that may just be the understatement of the year!

However, it seems like one platform had its finger on the pulse of what people were doing, seeing, and thinking about, even in the wildest of times.

That’s right – Pinterest!

Specifically, the Pinterest Predicts report – where Pinterest analysts check out what’s happening in search and trend forecast what’s coming up for the year.

And this year (even with all the chaos) Pinterest’s trend predictions were scarily accurate. In fact, they called 8 out of their 10 predictions correctly!

If that doesn’t encourage you to head on over to see the 2021 Pinterest Trend predictions, I don’t know what will.

But before I get to 2021, let’s recap what users were searching on the platform in 2020. Why, do you ask?

Because each of these trends gives us a glimpse into what users are passionate about and planning for next.

And to take it one step further, these hot trends will tell you a lot about what your Pinterest audience values most – an incredible insight when you’re aligning your marketing strategy to find your loyal Pinterest community.

Ready to recap? Let’s go for it!

“Even in the face of a global pandemic, 8 in 10 of our 2020 trend predictions held strong throughout the year.

That’s because Pinterest is where people go to plan, so we have a better sense of what they’ll do next.”


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Pinterest Trend #1: Re-wilding

This year, Pinterest predicted a wave of people putting their devices down and getting outside in 2020. Pinterest saw people becoming more curious about the natural world around them.

For some, that means spending more time outdoors, or bringing the outdoors inside their homes!

The team at Pinterest noted huge increases in search traffic on the platform for outdoor-centric topics like lake fishing (+274%), nature travel (253%), and outdoor kitchen bars (+2795%).

Pinterest searches for outdoor kitchen bars in 2020
Indexed searches for “outdoor kitchen bars” (Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest Trend #2: 90’s Re-Run

The 80’s had their moment to shine, and now the 90’s are back in the spotlight. You may have feelings about that millennials – I know I do.

From 90’s street fashion, hairstyles, music to TV shows, traces of the decade are everywhere. Especially on Pinterest!

Before casting their prediction, Pinterest noted increased searches for Y2K outfits (+669%), scrunchies (+6309%), 90’s streetwear (+277%), and 90’s cartoons (+227%).

Pinterest Trend #3: Space Everything

If you’re a Libra, you’re gonna love this one!

JK, but one thing is for sure – Pinners loved astrology and the cosmos more than ever in 2020.

Whether it’s the approaching possibility of space tourism, a push for STEM education, or just daydreaming about the stars, Pinners were looking at a galaxy of space-related content this year.

In fact, Pinterest saw an uptick in searches for things like astrology-themed parties (+247%), galaxy painting (+157%), STEM activities (+135%), and ‘two the moon’ parties (+589%).

Pinterest Trend #4: Internationally Inspired

While the pandemic limited international travel, artisans and educators are using digital media and virtual experiences more than ever to share their culture across the web.

The result? An inspiration to try something new. Virtual tourism seems to have positively impacted Pinners too, who are recreating everything from traditional dishes to home design from across the globe.

Pinterest used an explosion in search for Indian living rooms (+2080%), Japanese tubs (+589%), Arabic treats (+407%), and Australian landscaping (+781%) to predict this trend in 2020. And they called it!

Pinterest searches for Indian living rooms in 2020
Indexed searches for “Indian living rooms” (Source: Pinterest)

Pinterest Trend #5: Finding Balance

As the world seem to come to a stand-still this year, Pinners’ gazes turned inwards to wellness, growth and mental health improvement.

Searches for social media detox (+314%), art therapy activities (+444%), and self-discovery journaling prompts (+147%) began to climb, as well as health-focused searches for sea moss (+380%) and ylang-ylang oil (+91%).

Pinterest Trend #6: Conscious Consumption

More than ever, Pinterest users are sitting up and taking note of their eco-footprint on the world. As the conversation about climate change continues, so did the searches for low-waste living (+446%), solar light crafts (+427%), climate change protest signs (+5961%), and eco-friendly product swaps (+172%).

The trend shows no sign of slowing, either. Check out Pinterest’s tracking of searches for solar light crafts below!

Pinterest searches for solar light crafts in 2020
Source: Pinterest

Pinterest Trend #7: Pampered Pets

Love for our furry friends is at an all-time high in 2020, and Pinners are searching for innovative ways to spoil their pets.

Everything from pet resorts (+260%) and dog patios (+131%) to dog toilets (+214%) spiked in search.

And Pinterest reports that this is still true at the end of 2020, with dog patios gaining another 40% in search year over year!

Pinterest Trend #8: Responsible Travel

We’ve seen the rise of eco-consciousness earlier in this list, but the new commitment to the environment is touching spaces. like travel, too!

Increases in search around train travel (+107%), eco-friendly travel (+73%), and agritourism (+57%) are on the rise.

And the interest around international inspiration blends into this trend category too, with learning vacations (+32%) on Pinners’ minds.

Pinterest Trend #9: Home Hub

It makes sense that during stay-at-home orders, people are turning their attention into making a house a home! Or, dare I say, an oasis?

From searches for garden rooms (+104%) to indoor water fountains (+917%) and entire audio rooms (+807%), more Pinners than ever before are looking to create experiences right at home.

And fun doesn’t end there! Curiosity about homebrewing (+411%) and indoor microgreens (+223%) are up too, indicating an interest in DIY experiences around food and drink.

Pinterest Trend #10: Beyond Binary

As we move towards awareness around gender identity and expression, Pinners are looking for ways to make a better, more accepting future.

Gender-neutral names (+301%), unisex nurseries (+527%) and gender-neutral haircuts (+625%) all skyrocketed on Pinterest in 2019 and into 2020.

Searches for tuxedo dresses (+99%) and androgynous wedding wear (+51%) were up as well, signifying increased interest in expression during life’s biggest moments.

Conclusion: Key Trend Takeaways from 2020

While some of these trends are just plain fun (hello, 90’s!), so many of the trends on this list point to a shifting conversation about identity, expression, and connection – whether it’s to our pets, ourselves or the natural world around us.

As we look forward into 2021 and even the years beyond, take note of what these trends say about your target audiences, and in turn what you can add to these conversations with your unique voice and brand power.

Whether it’s re-imagining your brand’s eco-footprint, creating experiences in the home (or abroad!) or just trying your hand at an international recipe, you can use these trends to inspire and connect with your Pinterest audience like never before.

So what are you waiting for? Get to Pinning!

Tried one of these trends in 2020? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Pin Me For Reference :

 Pinterest called 8 out of 10 trends on the platform in 2020 - and they say a lot about Pin audiences today! Brush up on the year in review for Pinners here!

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