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Android users rejoice! The Tailwind for Android app is here!

We asked for your wishlists, examined our brand values and requested tons of user feedback earlier this year before doubling down on the Tailwind Android app.

You were right there with us for the journey, offering your time up for us with tests, suggestions and countless reviews. All so we could get the app just right.

On 11.11, our wish officially came true. The Tailwind for Instagram Android app is live in Google Play, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Want a peek into the updated layout and sleek functionality of our new Android app? Keep reading!

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Psst… Pinterest users – don’t panic! Pinterest functionality for Android is right around the corner!

A Simple App Design to Make Instagram Marketing Easy

When you’re using an Instagram posting app, you want simple, uncomplicated and easy-to-use design.

After all, coming up with your Instagram marketing plan is enough work, right? #HeardThat

That’s why you’ll love the new layout of our Tailwind app for Android.

The friendly, simple design shows you exactly what to do to schedule your Tailwind for Instagram content on the go.

No puzzling or aimless tapping required!

simple Instagram scheduling with the Tailwind android app

When you log in, you’ll see:

  • Your home screen, with a highlight reel of posts scheduled for this week
  • The Publisher Tab, where you can see your drafted posts, your scheduled posts, and your published posts
  • The Analytics Tab (Insights coming soon!) where you’ll see in-depth analytics on your post performance.

Publish on the go with the Tailwind App for Android

Post draft screen for scheduling to instagram

Now you can easily draft your posts on the go in our app.

Simply tap the blue plus sign to upload your photo and create your draft!

In our Publisher tab, you’ll be able to draft your caption, geo-tag your location and add your favorite hashtags.

Plus, you can keep your caption neat by moving hashtags into the first comment – just add them into section right below your caption!

Finally, you can choose between Auto-post or push notifications for each post – making scheduling on the go easier than ever!

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Check Your Posts Before You Publish to Maintain Your Visual Aesthetic

Stressing over how your latest and greatest post will look in your feed is a thing of the past.

The Tailwind for Android publisher tab now shows you your drafted posts and your published posts in a 9-grid preview!

This allows you to check your drafted post images and make sure they’ll mesh with your other content before you hit send!

Why It Matters:

When you’re trying to promote our business or blog posts on Instagram, the last thing on your mind may be how your post looks in your feed.

visually plan your 9-grid

However, the visual appeal of a profile is one of the main reasons people hit that “Follow” button.

Maintaining your aesthetics could send your follower count soaring!

Always Post At the Right Times with Tailwind for Android

schedule at the best times on instagram

The Tailwind Android app gives you one less thing to think about with Smart Schedule!

We automatically generate the best times for you to post your content (based on the frequency of posts you select in your Tailwind dashboard.)

With Smart Schedule integration, you never have to miss your window of opportunity – even when you’re on the go!

You’ll see your publish times in an overlay on each post image.

You can adjust publishing times as needed, or set it and forget it (but don’t forget to respond to your comments regularly)!

We hope you love the new app as much as we do! Leave your thoughts, comments, and questions below – we see every one!

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