Tailwind Pinterest Analytics Helping Your Business Soar on Pinterest OSP Episode 041

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Are you ready for your Pinterest account to soar? You’ve figured out the basics of pinning but now you need to know if all of the effort you’re putting into your Pinterest account is really paying off.

Tailwind Pinterest Analytics Helping Your Business Soar on Pinterest

The best way to track your Pinterest progress is with analytics. If you have a business account on Pinterest you have access to Pinterest’s analytics which provides you information about daily averages and some limited information about what is being pinned from your site. Using Google Analytics can give you detailed information about traffic to your site but doesn’t measure your account growth or pinner engagement such as comments or repins.

In comes Tailwind, formerly known as Pin League. Tailwind is a Pinterest analytics service that allows you to measure your accounts growth, the level of engagement with your pins by other Pinterest users and most importantly WHO is engaging with your pins and your account.

The service offers easy to navigate charts and graphs to really show you what is happening with your account.

In the past couple of years there have been Pinterest based business that have come and gone and though they’ve been through a name change, Tailwind is stronger than ever. In October 2013, Tailwind acquired PinReach, another Pinterest analytics platform adding over 30,000 users to their service and are actively looking to expand their team designers, developers and engineers.

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I chat with CEO and co-founder of Tailwind, Danny Maloney.

Topics covered:

  • Why is it important to monitor Pinterest Analytics
  • Who should monitor Pinterest Analytics
  • What is the most important metric to monitor
  • What kind of business should use Tailwind
  • New features coming to Tailwind to help businesses
  • The difference between Tailwind and Pinterest Analytics
  • Advice for new businesses on Pinterest
  • Accounts that really stand out on Pinterest
  • Pinterest in your email strategy


Danny and the good folks at Tailwind are offering the Oh So Pinteresting community 25% off their first 4 months of a paid plan. To get this awesome deal use this link. Thanks Danny!

(I am an affiliate partner with Tailwind. If you register for a paid account I do earn a commission but it doesn’t change your cost at all. I really appreciate your support.)

To learn more about Tailwind:


Tailwind Blog

Connect with Danny

On Pinterest 

On Twitter @DanielPMaloney

Other links mentioned

Xyron on Pinterest

Four Seasons Maui on Pinterest (Each location has a separate Pinterest account)

Melissa from JSNQ on Pinterest


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