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Want to create seamless Instagram carousels but don’t have time to design four different images? Instagram carousels engage users at a higher rate than other kinds of content. With our library of free Instagram carousel templates you can capitalize on carousel-level engagement without carousel-level work.
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Instantly generate swipeable Instagram carousels (without designing the same thing twice!)

It’s true: Instagram carousel posts offer higher engagement than other content types…

Ralph Lauren used both feed and story carousels as part of an Instagram campaign that drove a “41% increase in product page views.”

 But in the world of social media, nothing’s free. This increased engagement comes with a cost: carousel posts take twice as much work to design (and that’s just for a two image carousel!). If you’re already struggling to stay on top of a full content schedule, one or two extra designs a week might seem impossible...

Start your designs at almost done

Luckily, Tailwind’s library of Instagram carousel templates offers a great starting point for carousel designs. We’ve already done the hard work. All you have to do is pick the colors and images you want to feature in your designs. With one click, we’ll do the rest. 

You can choose your favorite design from the hundreds of templates that we’ve already created and customized, just for you! When you find the one you like the most, you can save it and “remix” it, generating a template from the same family with a subtly different design––perfect for multi-image carousels!

Carousels don't just create engagement...

What if the engagement boost alone isn’t enough to convince you that carousel posts need to be a part of your content strategy?

Consider this: Carousels allow you to demonstrate EVERYTHING your product has to offer in a single post. No other Instagram tool lets you keep your brand at your audience’s fingertips quite like carousels do. 

Tailwind Create provides you with everything you need to tackle the changing Instagram landscape. From carousels to stories, from quotes to product showcases, our Instagram templates have your back.