How Instagram Layout Templates Tell Your Brand’s Story

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How can I supercharge my Instagram Feed using Instagram Grid Templates?

Are you worried about your Instagram feed giving the vibes of a drab, spam account? Whenever someone visits your Instagram abode, you want to get them hooked to your feed, right? An aesthetic yet cohesive Instagram Layout Template might be your answer.

Quick Tips for Instagram Grids

If your feed looks like a messed-up puzzle, it’s very likely that your audience gets turned off and leaves your feed faster than the speed of light. Your Instagram Layout Template should do one and only one job .i.e, capturing the attention of your audience in less than 7 seconds and making their jaw drop! Period. Here are a few tips:

Keep It Cohesive

Your Instagram layout should be an amalgam of cohesive panels that beautifully work together to create one big digital canvas painting. Your Instagram Grid Template should also help your audience see the big picture. If it is not doing that, it is not working.

Make Sure the Theme Matches Your Brand

Make sure that the theme of your Instagram Post Layout Template matches the color of your brand. Most Instagram Grid Templates allow you to change the background color to match your branding color palette. So that whenever somebody visits your profile, they remember your bright, bold, or subtle brand colors even after they click away from your profile.
The most common Instagram grids contain 9, 12, or 18 posts. The style of your grid depends on your taste and your brand aesthetics. The easiest way to design your Instagram grid is by using an Instagram Grid Template. You should pick a solid Instagram Post Layout Template that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.
You can find Tailwind’s collection of Instagram Grid Templates and pick one that fits your brand image the best. You can also do your research before selecting the suitable Instagram theme. The best part about Tailwind Instagram Grid Templates is that they are free. You can test out these templates before deciding on one.
With Tailwind Instagram Post Layout Templates, you don’t have to spend hours creating the perfect grid for your Instagram. Our templates allow you to create cohesive yet customizable Instagram layouts within seconds.

Make Sure the Theme Matches Your Brand

The content on your Instagram should also be consistent with your template. So, pay extra attention to it next time you photograph or choose a stock image for your feed. Stick with a particular filter or similar lighting so that whenever your audience comes across your pictures on their feed, they know it's your brand.
Your template and your images should work together to look beautiful and evoke some sort of emotions in your profile visitors. Use the perfect combination of your brand colors, images, and template design to elicit these emotions and get your audience hooked!
But most importantly, stay consistent with your content and posting schedule. You will soon start seeing more engagement and an appreciation for your beautifully designed profile/posts in your DMs.
People will also remember your profile and keep coming back to it if you do everything correctly. So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below for a free trial of our Instagram Grid Templates.

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