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How can I create Instagram Stories that stand out?

If you’re tired of grinding out daily (or more than daily) Instagram Story posts without seeing a meaningful return on your time investment and you know it, clap your hands!

While sharing any Story is better than sharing no Story at all, it’s incredibly frustrating to feel like you’re launching content into a black hole. Sometimes, you just have to wonder, “If I post three stories a day, and no one’s around to see them, did I really post three stories?”

This feeling is all too common! Luckily, Instagram’s developers built a powerful way to increase Story engagement into their app: stickers.

You might associate stickers with kids, hydroflasks, or the Macbook lid of your friend who’s really not thinking that far into the future, but Instagram’s stickers are powerful tools to extend your reach and get more clicks and followers.
Adding location stickers to your story can automatically increase exposure, since other Instagram users who search for that location can organically come across your content. And if the content that you’re publishing is valuable to that audience, that incidental exposure might lead to intentional engagement.

You can take this trick one step further by tagging yourself in your story. This might seem egotistical at best, but it allows those incidental story viewers to tap right to your profile, increasing your exposure even more.

Hashtag stickers can also be a powerful tool to develop new audiences. As you’re posting a Story, Instagram will suggest a couple of hashtags that it thinks is relevant to your post. However, not all hashtags are created equal.
You’ll want to carefully select the most relevant hashtags, based on the number of posts in the hashtag or the amount of traffic that the hashtag gets (if you don’t want to do all this work yourself, you should check out Tailwind’s hashtag finder).

If you’ve stuck stickers till you’re sick of sticking and you’re still not seeing the results you want, it might be time to call in some reinforcements. 

Tailwind Create has a huge library of instantly customizable Instagram Story templates. With one click, you can generate hundreds of different designs (for both Feed and Story!) that feature your brand colors, your images, and your text

With a second click, you can see different versions of every template––in other words, you’re not going to run out of variety anytime soon.

Plus, we save your brand colors, your favorite fonts, and even your website or logo, so that when you come back to get ahead of the content deluge, you don’t have to start from scratch. 
The truth is stickers can only take you as far as your content allows. If you think your content needs an upgrade to take your Instagram Stories to the next level, come check out Tailwind Create!

What are people saying about Tailwind Create?

“I no longer spend several hours creating Pins in Canva and I downgraded my graphic design subscription, saving me $150 immediately. I am LOVING Tailwind Create!”
Julie Starr
Business Consultant
“Sometimes when you are so into doing your own design all the time, it’s hard to step outside of the box. So, I like that there are designs that I would never create on my own.”
Nellie Acevedo
Lifestyle Blogger
“Right now, 2 of my 4 top-performing Pins are ones I made with Tailwind Create. They aren't designs I would normally have made, but they work with my branding.”
Kristie Hill
“I’m actually a bit blown over with how good it is… The more you use it, the better it gets… You can create 10 Pins in 10 minutes!”
Sam Remer
Fashion Blogger
“It’s kind of like having a virtual assistant that is more creative than you are... I’m not stuck with the same templates that I’m getting in Canva and Adobe.”
Julianne Brainard
Travel & Lifestyle Blogger
“With this tool [Tailwind Create], I had so many options in a few seconds. The colors templates/palettes are beautiful. This product is really a game changer."
Jasmine Goodwin
Art, Crafts & DIY Blogger

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