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April Marketing Dates to Remember (+ Post Ideas!)

An April calendar surrounded by tulips on a pink background

April showers bring… marketing inspiration! 🌷It’s spring time! That means the weather is changing and so is your business. Use the new season, new month, and new days to inspire your social media content throughout the month, every week, and each day!

Ready for ideas? Keep reading 👇

April is the Month of….

  • National Alcohol Awareness Month Increases awareness of alcohol addiction 
  • National Month of HopeEncourages all to be a beacon of hope and light for others
  • National Humor Month Reminds us all to celebrate the light-hearted moments in everyday life
  • National Volunteer Month Encourages Americans to take time out of their busy schedules to do something for others
  • Stress Awareness Month Recognizes and educates about the detrimental effects of stress on the human body

April Monthly Post Ideas

A few ways to implement these: 

  • Share your favorite inspirational quote to your Instagram Story. You never know who might need to hear it. 
  • Take a day off from being the boss that you are and volunteer somewhere you’re passionate about. Share your experience on your social media and encourage your followers to do the same.
  • Host an Instagram giveaway that donates to the winner’s charity of choice
  • Challenge yourself to post an inspirational quote and/or joke every day this month 
  • Create a blog post about ways to reduce stress as it relates to your field (ex: 10 Ways to Lower Stress on Your Wedding Day)

Important Weeks in April

  • National Library Week- April 4-10Recognizes the value our libraries provide everyday
  • National Wildlife Week– April 5-9Promotes awareness and conservation of wildlife and habitats
  • National Public Health Week- First Week of AprilEncourages people to help create a healthy nation and reduce unhealthy habits
  • Administrative Professionals Week– Last week of AprilCelebrates the secretaries and administrative professionals that keep businesses going worldwide

April Weekly Post Ideas

Ways to celebrate these with your business: 

  • Create a Pinterest Board to keep a running list of your favorite book recommendations
  • If you sell a product, do a photoshoot that features your product outdoors in wildlife settings. Use this week to post ‘wildlife inspired images to your social media accounts 
  • If you’re a food blogger, do a blog post round-up of your most popular healthy recipes to celebrate National Public Health Week 
  • Give the administrative professionals and secretaries a shoutout on your Instagram and/or Facebook during Administrative Professionals Week. Show them how much you appreciate them! 
  • Use a question sticker on your Instagram Stories to get your audience to come together and share their favorite ‘healthy life’ tips during National Public Health Week. Share the answers to your Story!

Important Days in April

  • April Fool’s Day– April 1The age-old holiday of playing practical jokes and tricks on others 
  • National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day– April 2Honors the classic lunchbox favorite 
  • Easter- April 4Celebrated by Christians to honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • National Walking Day- April 5Encourages Americans of all ages to get out and stretch their legs
  • National Pet Day– April 11Celebrates our furry (and not so furry!) friends
  • National Make Lunch Count Day– April 13Encourages workers to take a real break from work to eat lunch
  • National Tax Day– April 15The day U.S. taxes are normally due! (don’t worry- it was pushed back this year)
  • National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day– April 15Encourages employees to have a more laid-back dress code day
  • National Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day– April 22Encourages parents to take their children to work 
  • National Superhero Day– April 28Honors superheroes, both real and fictional 

April Daily Post Ideas

Ways to recognizes these dates on social media:

  • Get creative on April 1! Post your most interesting (and harmless!) prank to your social media. Bonus points if you can tie it back to your business.
  • Or run a promotion on April Fool’s Day with the idea “Prices this great are no joke!”
  • On National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, you could make yourself a PB&J sandwich. Orrr, you could use the opportunity to market your product or service as the perfect pairing for your consumer (think: You and these earrings go together like peanut butter and jelly 🍞)
  • On April 5, go for a walk and post an “Ask Me Anything” question box on your Stories. Answer the questions in your Stories as you get your exercise in! 
  • You know the drill… everyone loves cute pictures of animals! Be sure to take advantage of National Pet Day and make your followers’ day.
  • On April 13, make yourself take a real brain break during your lunch hour. No working through lunch! No eating at the desk! If you make (or order!) a delicious lunch, post it to your Story and encourage your audience to take time for themselves too
  • If your workplace allows it, take your kids to work (or to your home office) with you on National Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day! It will be sure to provide memorable experiences for you both! If you’d like, document the experience on your Instagram Stories!
  • On National Superhero Day, highlight some of the real life superheroes you look up to through an Instagram post

Conclusion: How to Use Monthly Trends In Your Marketing Content

Now that you have plenty of ideas to fill your April content calendar, you’re free to go enjoy the nice spring weather! Enjoy! ☀️

How do you recognize seasons, holidays, dates, and months in your business’s social media? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

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Need some inspiration for your marketing calendar? Check out the months, weeks and days that the world is celebrating in April, and get some content inspo!


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