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Do you feel like you’re in a Pinterest rut, and banging the same old drum with your Pinterest content?

There are tons of new niches, educational content, and tips and tricks catching eyes on Pinterest right now, and the biggest question many Pinners are asking themselves is how to translate their knowledge into new forms of content to ride the wave?

Never fear, Pinterest super guru Jana O. is here to help you unlock your creativity, power, and purpose to approach your Pinterest content with fresh ideas and experiment with new approaches on Pinterest!

The Pinterest with Purpose course creator, Pinterest professional, and Clubhouse star is here to share her thoughts and advice for putting a new spin on the same way of doing things on this episode of Marketing Unleashed!

Jana works with coaches, course creators, service providers, and consultants to monetize their unique knowledge on Pinterest. 

“They still think of Pinterest as a place for recipes and crafts and things like that. Of course, we love it for those topics, but most people probably know there are so many topics, especially in health and wellness, self-care, style, and relationships as well.

These are all niches that have really exploded on Pinterest, and there are a lot of people in my audience who are trying to figure out how to translate those ideas they have and that they teach and coach around to the platform.”

Jana O.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to use your industry knowledge to speak to new audiences
  • The correct way to think about Pinterest as part of your marketing
  • The best Idea Pin ideas to try
  • What kind of content to make for Pinterest to continue the conversation with your audience

And so much more!

Watch the full episode here!

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On reaching your audience on Pinterest…

“I think we have to remember that people are on Pinterest looking for ideas, inspiration and things to make their lives and their businesses better. They’re looking for things to do and try and buy, and we have to figure out how to capture their attention with things like that.”

On using your content to nurture a continued relationship…

“A lot of people when they first get started, they don’t realize that people aren’t necessarily gonna like, see their thing and buy it immediately. There has to be some of this nurture going on between when someone finds you and when someone actually pulls out their wallet and that’s even more true on Pinterest – we call it very top of funnel.

And that’s because people are new to us in a lot of situations when they find us because it’s a search engine. So we need to remember to take what we’re teaching and what we know, these things that we’re monetizing and breaking it down into little things, little tidbits or micro ideas that are going to give people ideas, inspiration, solutions, and things to try.”

On why Idea Pins are great for sharing knowledge…

“Idea Pins are a really great tool for people who are infopreneurs, who are teaching what they know and monetizing that and who are leveraging personal brands. And that’s really what coaches are doing in most cases.”

On the type of Idea Pin she encourages her clients to try…

“One of the types of Idea Pins I’ve been encouraging people to think about when they think about different approaches to creating Pins is a comparison. Like, taking two different things and comparing them.”

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Does it feel like your Pinterest content is stuck in a rut? Jana O. of Pinterest with Purpose is sharing her outlook on how to freshen up your approach to Pins that your audience will love!

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