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3 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Improve You Email Marketing

It can be easy to forget the importance of email in a world full of social media marketing. Learn how to improve your email marketing with simple our tips.

Email marketing can be difficult to perfect. Figuring out how to collect emails, what content to use and what actually works for your audience can certainly seem like a daunting task but, dont worry! We’ve outlined three tips that can help improve your email marketing and get you the results you desire.

1. Build Your List

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just trying to capture a few more users, there are a few simple ways to quickly build a valuable email list.

Special Offer on Site: Everyone loves free stuff, and your website visitors are no different.  By simply adding a CTA offering a free eBook, coupon or exclusive content to your site, users are more likely to enter their email addresses. However, you must ensure it’s relevant to your audience. If your company specializes in wholesale dog food, don’t offer a free eBook on Etsy Marketing. Think about it from your consumers point of view and they’ll be more likely to connect.

Le Bunny Bleu Uses a Lightbox to Capture Emails
Le Bunny Bleu Uses a Lightbox to Capture Emails

Require an Email Confirmation: What good is an email address if the person doesn’t check their inbox? By sending a confirmation email, or by employing “Double Opt-In“,  you find out if the user is likely to engage, and your future message are more likely to get through. This also allows you to ask the subscriber to check their spam folder and put your email address in their address book; then the spam filter will no longer catch it.

2. Send Good, Relevant Content

Now that you have a list built up, make sure to supply great content to keep open rates high and to prevent unsubscribes.

Get Away from Sales-Centric Emails: If a user subscribed to your email list, then they want to hear from you! Many companies make the mistake of only sending out emails when they have something to sell. Of course, subscribers want to know about special deals your company may have, but they also want to rely on you for valuable, relevant insights into what your company specializes in.

Keep it Short: Your subscribers are busy people. While users do want the special insights your company posses, it’s better to provide a snippet of enticing information with a link back to your website. It’s also important to keep emails short because so many readers use their mobile devices to check their inbox. The shorter the snippet, the more will fit on a tiny smart phone screen.

Target Content Where Users Spend Their Time: With the ever growing popularity of social media, you can improve your open and click through rates by including information from their perferred social network. Brands like Karmaloop, Xyron and Minimus saw their metrics greatly improve by using socially targeted email campaigns from PinMail by PinLeague.

3. Test & Analyze

Finding the right timing, content, segments and subjects takes some time. By testing and analyzing your user data, you can optimize your email campaigns and make them even more effective.

Find the Right Time: Timing can make or break an email campaign, and not all users are created equal.  While many brands may find that users open emails on Wednesdays at 11 am, your audience might prefer reading them after 10 pm on Sundays.  A great way to gauge your timing before the email campaigns begin is to look at your Google Analytics visits. There you can see what days and what times might work best for your audience. You can also easily A/B test campaign times to see what works best for your users.

A/B Tests: When deciding on an email subject line, body content, timing and so on, it can be difficult to tell what will resonate with your audience. When testing email subject lines, try using different calls to action, including the individual’s name in the email, rhetorical questions or anything else you think might grab the readers attention. In the body of the email, it’s good to test different headers, content and picture-to-text ratios to see which will best lead the user to your site. For more in depth information, KissMetrics has a great article on how to start using A/B testing.


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