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Instagram Professional Dashboard

If you’re an Instagram for Business account user, you’re likely familiar with many of the changes the platform has rolled out over the past year. In 2020 alone, Instagram introduced Badges, Instagram Shop, Checkout, and Branded Content tools, to name a few!

Now Instagram is changing things up slightly to help business owners and content creators grow their business on the platform- the Professional Dashboard!

Instagram Offers a New View for Tools and Insights

The new Professional Dashboard will serve as a central hub on the Instagram app for business owners and creators to access all the tools and resources they need!

This dashboard will allow you to track your performance metrics, use professional tools, and learn social media stats and strategies cultivated by Instagram.

The dashboard will have three sections: 

  1. Track Your Performance 
  2. Grow Your Business 
  3. Stay Informed

Track Your Performance

This section will show you insights and trends based on your account’s performance. 

Some of these insights include: 

Accounts Reached 

This section details the reach and impressions of your content.

Here you can sort your top posts, Stories, and IGTV videos by reach. You can also see data on your profile visits, such as the number of taps received on your Instagram profile action buttons – like ‘Call’, ‘Text’, or ‘Directions’!

Content Interaction 

This is where you will find all the engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, shares, and more, for your Posts, Stories, and IGTV videos.

You can also see your top Posts, Stories, and IGTV videos by interactions to get clues about what content is performing best!

Instagram Professional Dashboard

Your Audience 

This section will show you data and demographics on the users seeing and interacting with your content. You’ll find out information like, age, gender, location and most active times for your audience!

Content You Shared 

This section will showcase all the content you’ve shared or promoted for the last 7 or 30 days.

You can view and filter all your content (Posts, Stories, IGTV) by media type, reach, interactions, and time frame. This is another valuable way to see what content is resonating your followers most, and what content seems to be falling flat.

Grow Your Business

This section contains the professional tools you can use to help improve your business’s presence on Instagram.  

Some of these tools include: 

Branded Content Tools 

Branded content tools allow creators and businesses to easily post and clearly disclose branded content, no matter what Instagram format they choose to use. Here’s where you can manage the Branded Content tag as a Creator. Businesses will also see Branded Content Approvals in this section, where they can manage tag requests, approvals, business partners, and Ad Creation!

Branded Content Activity 

This section gives key metrics and indicates how your branded content is performing. 

Instagram Shopping 

Instagram Shopping allows businesses to post products and users to buy directly from the app. Use this section of the dashboard to monitor the ‘Shop’ side of your account.

Saved Replies 

This section allows you to craft, save, and view replies to commonly asked questions about your business. Write it once, save it here, and use a shortcut to insert it into Direct Message conversations later, rather than having to type it out every time. 

Stay Informed

This part of the dashboard is where you can find all of the tips, tricks, best practices, and guidance Instagram has specifically curated to help business owners and creators like you make the most of the platform. 

You can also find Instagram Guides created by Instagram’s Creator account saved here for easy reference! 

Conclusion: Instagram’s Professional Dashboard is a One-Stop Shop

Although the new Professional Dashboard might seem to really ~shake up~ your Instagram experience, nothing about the analytics or tools Instagram offers has changed with the update. 

The new dashboard simply allows you to see all your insights and tools together in one place, rather than having to click into multiple parts of the platform (And who doesn’t love things that make your life easier?!).

What do you think about the new update? Let us know in the comments below

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The Instagram Professional Dashboard organizes all your analytics, tools and resources in one place. Take a walkthrough with us!

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