The Pinterest Business Insights API, Tailwind and You

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Pinterest announces official access for select companies to a Business Insights API. Meet Tailwind v3, now powered by the API.

What does the announcement of a Pinterest Business Insights API mean for you?

  1. Faster and better product development – APIs standardize how software developers, such as Tailwind, can access data. This makes development cycles faster and leads to fewer bugs to fix, so we can spend more time building new features that empower you. Immediately, we are rolling out Tailwind v3, powered by the new Pinterest Business Insights API (see below).
  2. Improved Brand Safety – Ensuring your brand’s safety is a big priority for us- and APIs can help keep you safe, both as a business and as a consumer. By ensuring developers use data appropriately, structured API technology and relationships help build a more organized, safer web.
  3. An indication of Quality – As a two year old startup, we’re honored to be in an alpha class alongside great companies such as Salesforce, HootSuite and Spredfast. While being invited to access the Pinterest Business Insights API is by no means an endorsement of our company by Pinterest, we hope you will feel more confident investing in Pinterest and tools such as Tailwind that help maximize your benefit.
  4. More Innovation – Tailwind has been helping build the Pinterest ecosystem since early 2012. We’re excited to see big social media platforms entering the Pinterest market, but also confident that our history of innovation with Pinterest is a substantive advantage. More competition will lead to ever faster innovation, driving us to deliver better solutions for you.

Announcing Tailwind Version 3

Pinterest API Business Insights

Tailwind v3 powered by Pinterest Business Insights API


Version 3 of Tailwind is up and running on the Pinterest Business Insights API. v3 expands on existing capabilities with enhancements such as a new trending pins view to show which pins from your boards have been most viral in a given timeframe, easier ways to engage your community, more flexible notification options to let you receive your data how and when you want it and a Weekly Summary Dashboard for an at-a-glance view across all of your data. The biggest addition, though, is a comprehensive Domain Monitoring capability to help you see which of your images are trending across Pinterest, how users are discussing your brand and which pins are driving your reach. Login to check it out>>

Monitor Domains on Pinterest

Monitor Domains on Pinterest with Tailwind

Tailwind is where it is today because of you. It’s now our responsibility to you to make the most of this opportunity. We’re looking forward to delivering more for you everyday, now with access to Pinterest’s Business Insights API. Please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime to learn more or share your thoughts: [email protected]

Pinterest API & You

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