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Pinterest AR Try on

If you’ve been browsing beauty products on Pinterest lately, you may have noticed a new button appearing in the corner of some products.

This is the brand-new Pinterest AR Try on feature, which allows you to try on products before making a purchase – using  your camera lens! 

Whether you’re a curious Pinner or a brand on Pinterest, we have all the details on this new feature, how it works and how you  can apply to get it yourself. Keep reading!

What Is Pinterest AR Try on?

Pinterest AR Try on is a new augmented reality tool that allows users to try on products using their camera. The feature was first introduced in January 2020, and was limited to lipstick products. 

Just a few weeks ago, Pinterest added eyeshadow products to the mix!

Pinterest Try on is powered by Pinterest Lens, a built-in feature that uses your phone to find new ideas, recipes, outfits and more just by pointing your camera at an object. Try on takes the feature to a whole new level.

The tool partners with ModiFace to include high-quality rendering, skin tone range features and smart recommendations for products.

In short, it’s pretty awesome.

Who Can Use Pinterest Try on?

If you want to get in on the Try on action, we have good news! For Pinners, the free feature is available in the mobile app on Pinterest and iOS. Just find a participating brand to experiment!

And if you happen to be a brand interested in connecting your catalog to Pinterest Try on, you can do that too!

At the moment, Pinterest Try on is limited to lipstick and eyeshadow products, but the offerings and capabilities are sure to expand.

New brands are being added to Try on all the time! All you have to do is complete the application process.

How to Apply for Pinterest Try on (As a Brand!)

Right now, applications for Pinterest Try on are on a case by case basis. First, you’ll need to meet two basic requirements.

If you meet these two requirements, great! You’ll now need to reach out to your Pinterest account manager to let them know you’re interested in Pinterest AR Try on.

How to Use Pinterest Try On to Shop Makeup Looks

If you want to use Pinterest Try on yourself to test out  makeup  looks from your favorite brands, you can find enabled  products in three  ways:

  • Through the Pinterest Search Bar
  • Enabled on Product Pins in your feed or Search
  • Through Pinterest Lens!

To try on a product, search for your favorite makeup brand with Try on enabled. If that’s too much work, open the Pinterest app and tap the Pinterest Lens icon (camera icon in the top right). 

Now, tap the Lips icon to select Try On!

This will populate products with the feature enabled.  You can tap either the lip or eye icon in the top of  the screen to switch between lipsticks and eyeshadows.  Then, swipe through the color swatches at the bottom of the screen to find products to test!

Testing Pinterest AR Try on feature
Our social media manager Lacey bravely volunteered to test the eyeshadow feature for us!

You can also swipe up on the products at the bottom to find more recommendations (“More Like This Look”.)

And that’s not all – if you tap the color swatch once during Try on, your phone will snap a picture, which you can Pin to shop the look later!

Pinterest  Try on Offers Exciting New Opportunities for Shopping

Pinterest created the Try on tool to make Pinterest shopping an easier  and more satisfying experience.

“We heard from Pinners who wanted to try on new looks for happier purchases they won’t want to return while mobile shopping.

They also wanted ways to explore looks without the anxiety  that may come with trying something new at a store or buying a new product  online they haven’t tried.”


Plus, it’s a great avenue to increase sales  and the performance  of Shoppable  Pins!

“As we make Pinterest more shoppable through products like AR Try on, the platform becomes more engaging and actionable to Pinners, which can result in increases in usage and click-through of ads.”

“Organic features like Try on and ingestion of catalogs to create product Pins can oftentimes complement a paid strategy where brands drive traffic across the site.”


The tool offers a ton of new capabilities for selling on Pinterest and increasing reach. We have to say, we’re excited to see where this goes! We’ll be watching for updates and developments, so check back soon!

Pin Me For Updates :

Pinterest’s new AR Try on opens up a world of shopping possibilities, right from your mobile phone! Find out how it works and how brands can get in on the action here.

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