Tailwind Acquires PinAlerts and Oh So Pinteresting Blog

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Today, we are announcing the acquisition of two early thought leaders in the Pinterest marketing space. These sites grew to serve tens of thousands of monthly visitors seeking to improve their marketing efforts on Pinterest. We’re honored that they’ve entrusted Tailwind as the new home for their communities.

PinAlerts and OhSoPinteresting logos

Two Exciting Acquisitions

PinAlerts helped marketers track the success of their content on Pinterest by notifying them of organic Pins saved from their domain. PinAlerts’ primary notification features are already served by the monitoring and notification features within Tailwind, as well as in part by new features added by Pinterest since the service was originally created. As such, we’ll be sunsetting the PinAlerts service and will migrate member accounts to Tailwind.

Sunsetting PinAlerts and moving user accounts to Tailwind will enable us to keep our time and attention focused on adding value for both the PinAlerts community and our 100,000+ Tailwind members, rather than spending time maintaining two separate platforms. PinAlerts members will be contacted directly to migrate their accounts, but if you’re reading this and want to do so now, just visit https://tailwindapp.com/pinalerts and click the big red button to get started.

Oh So Pinteresting is the popular blog and podcast developed by Cynthia Sanchez, Pinterest consultant and social media coach. Cynthia did a great job creating high quality, in-depth content with leading influencers in the visual marketing space. We often found ourselves referring members to Oh So Pinteresting, among other notable Pinterest marketing blogs, and thought the content could make a great addition to our free educational resources. We’ve migrated this content to live on the Tailwind blog.

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Tailwind’s 3rd and 4th Acquisitions

This isn’t the first time that Tailwind has made acquisitions in the Pinterest marketing space. We hope to repeat the success of our acquisitions of PinClarity and PinReach, whose users made the transition to becoming Tailwind members back in 2013.

Acquisitions that Support Tailwind’s Mission

Ultimately, these acquisitions are about supporting our mission to help make world-class marketing easy for anyone. By adding these valuable, free, visual marketing resources to the Tailwind toolkit, we hope to better help our community of over 100,000 members grow their businesses and their careers.

As we’ve grown we’ve seen that helping marketers succeed on newer platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram requires a mix of both new functionality and deep education. No two marketing channels are the same; they all have their best practices and it can take years to master just one channel. If we can help our members get up that learning curve faster, it enables them to grow their businesses faster, increasing their odds of success. So, education has become a core part of the Tailwind platform. Today, Tailwind’s free educational resources consist of: The Tailwind blog and newsletter (subscribe here), Launchpad free visual marketing video training courses, and our Visual Marketing Mastering Facebook Group.

We’re excited to welcome both of these great communities into the Tailwind family!

Tailwind Aquires PinAlerts and Oh So Pinteresting


Oh So Pinteresting founder Cynthia Sanchez at the Tailwind offices with CEO Danny Maloney and Marketing Manager Melissa Megginson

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