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The Marketing Tool That Tells You What To Do

Like a personal trainer for your marketing, Tailwind Copilot gives you a personalized, easy-to-follow marketing plan so you always know what to post, how to grow, and what to focus on next.

Start with a forever-free plan. No credit card required.
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Trusted by 1,000,000+ Brands & Small Businesses

Other marketing solutions are just tools. Tailwind Copilot gives you a detailed plan, guides you step-by-step, and provides best-in-class tools to help you get it all done.

A plan tailored to your unique business

Copilot factors in your business type, time available, and more to select the marketing campaigns that will generate the best ROI with the time you have available.

An actionable, easy-to-follow plan, & help getting it done

Copilot helps you stay organized with a calendar view that shows your upcoming marketing so you always know what’s ahead. We even help you stay on track with helpful reminders.

Act with confidence

Your plan incorporates proven marketing best practices and industry-specific strategies so you can invest your limited time into the most impactful marketing with the best ROI.

Grow your reach and convert more customers

Comprehensive marketing plans help you reach your customers across the entire marketing funnel. From social to email, from awareness to conversion, you can be confident you’re marketing effectively with Copilot.

Always know what to post next

Copilot gives you a huge variety of content ideas to choose from so you don’t have to come up with it all on your own. Say good-bye to writer’s block, overthinking, and constantly stressing about what to create next.

Personalize your plan now

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Start with a forever-free plan. No credit card required.

Tailwind Copilot guides you every step of the way

From giving you post ideas to designing post images for you, Tailwind holds your hand every step of the way so you have clarity, confidence, and control over your marketing.

Get better results in less time

Your plan seamlessly integrates with Tailwind’s powerful social and email marketing tools so you can execute all your marketing in one place with a streamlined workflow.

Get the power of social and email marketing combined

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Start with a forever-free plan. No credit card required.