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Have you ever joined a brand’s email list after signing up for their newsletter, purchasing a product or downloading a content offer and received a cheery welcome message in your inbox?

It feels good, doesn’t it? That’s what welcome emails are for – feel-good recognition and a thank you for choosing to further your relationship with a brand. Most people expect to receive some form of a welcome email after taking the next step with your business.

The welcome email can end there, or it can move the new email subscriber into a campaign or workflow, such as onboarding after they sign up for your product or service. 

Although they seem little in the grand scheme of marketing, that’s why these emails can be so important. 

You’re building the like, know and trust factor, deepening your relationship, and providing your new subscribers with a chance to learn what to expect from you as a brand!

What is a Welcome Email?

 A welcome email is your first impression for a new client, subscriber, or visitor. It’s usually your very first communication with the new subscriber, which is why it’s especially important. In this email, you can say a friendly hello, begin the onboarding process, or even provide something of value, like a discount or offer.

Why you Should Send Welcome Emails to New Clients

The first, and main reason that you should be sending welcome emails to everyone who joins your list or purchases your product, is that they expect you to! 74% of new clients expect a welcome email as soon as they subscribe to your email list.

And, they open them! Welcome emails have much higher open rates than a lot of marketing sends – a 91.43% open rate, in fact!

They also have a 26.9% click-through rate, which means that they’re more likely to open your first email, read it, and click on the links that you provide.

It’s a huge opportunity to put your best foot forward as a brand, deepen the relationship and begin providing the value that will keep your subscribers coming back for more!

Types of Welcome Emails

Although the idea of welcoming your new subscriber is the same across all types of welcome emails, there are a few differences in presentation and purpose depending on who you are and what you do. 

Here are some of the most common types!

Onboarding Welcome Emails

An onboarding welcome email is designed to greet your new clients and move them through a tutorial of everything they need to know to successfully use your product or service. This is especially popular with apps and software programs.

This could be a single welcome email, but more often than not, it’ll be a welcome email series, where you provide useful information over a period of time – not all at once – to introduce your new client to your product and how it works.

New Subscriber Emails

If you run a blog or platform where you provide consistent content for your audience, you might send them a single welcome email.

In this email, you’ll most likely be thanking them for subscribing to your email list, introducing yourself, and letting your new sign-up know how often you’ll be communicating, how you’ll be doing it, and what you’ll be communicating about.

Offer Welcome Emails

A popular way to incentivize people to join your email list is to have them exchange their email for a download, perk, offer or discount. 

If you use this method, then you’ll send a welcome email saying hello, thank them for subscribing and provide a link to the offer or the discount code.

Pro Tip: If you provide a discount code, also include a catchy button to take them to your storefront, where they can shop to their heart’s content!

How to Write a Winning Welcome Email

Ready to write a welcome email that wows? We’ve got you covered.

There are a few things to keep in mind when crafting the perfect missive to your new subscriber. You’ll want to catch their attention with a great subject line, give a warm greeting, introduce yourself, and tell them what to do (or expect!) next.

How to Write Welcome Email Subject Lines

The subject line may be the shortest, sweetest part of your email, but it’s surprisingly hard to get it right because it IS so short.

Your subject line should be no longer than 5-7 words. Most people view emails on their phones, which means lengthy subject lines are cut off, and they’ll have to click to read all of what you were trying to say. 👎

So, to keep your subject line visible, readable, and click-worthy, limit it to 5-7 words, and consider using emojis. These tiny visuals will help your email stand out in a flooded inbox.

You can include the word Welcome in your subject line, and an even better trick to use here is the function that allows you to populate the first and last names of your subscriber on most email marketing platforms

“Welcome, Kristen!” feels a lot more personal than “Welcome, and Thanks For Subscribing!” And, personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

The more your new subscriber feels seen and recognized, the more likely they are to keep opening further emails from you. In fact, welcome emails can have as much as an 86% lift on open rates for brand emails!

Greeting Your New Email List Subscriber

What would a welcome email be without a welcome? The first thing you want to do in your email is to thank your new subscriber for joining your list. This goes a long way towards nurturing your relationship, especially if you use the personalization trick we mentioned earlier!

If you’re unsure what to say, include the elements of “welcome, thank you, and we’re so glad you’re here.” Feel free to get creative with your brand voice – this is a fantastic opportunity to give your email subscriber a chance to see your personality!

Introduce Your Brand

In your welcome email,  you’ll want to reintroduce your brand and what you provide, and the ways that subscribers can get value out of your continued emails. If they know what to expect from you, and what need you’re filling for them, they’re more likely to keep opening further emails from your company!

Tell Them What to Do Next

Now that you’ve greeted your subscriber and told them all the ways you’re going to make their lives better or easier, it’s time to tell them what comes next!

This may look like providing a link to your website or storefront, directing them to a landing page where they can consume your latest content, or if your welcome email is part of an onboarding series, providing them with the next step in onboarding, as well as the frequency with which you’ll be sending next steps and tips to them over the coming weeks.

Welcome Email Examples to Inspire You

Now that you know what a welcome email is, what role it plays in your email marketing funnel, and the types of welcome emails that exist, let’s take a look at some of the best welcome emails out there. 

You can use ideas from these great welcome email examples to craft your own message unique to your brand or business. 

Let’s take a look!

1. Lyft

Ride-sharing app Lyft has a great branded welcome message that introduces its mission statement, and how Lyft is going above and beyond for it’s customers in a difficult time for traveling.

2. Target

Target’s welcome email is branded with graphics and clear CTA buttons. Their subject line “Welcome! See how your new account makes shopping easy” is backed up by a clean, easy-to-navigate email.

3. Rise

This welcome email is a fast favorite. From the enthusiastic greeting to the embedded GIF of the founders, this welcome email is warm, personalized, and fun. It also details the next steps for set-up, and what you can expect from the community.

4. Movie Fan

Movie Fan congratulates new members on joining the program, and reminds them what the benefits of joining their program are in a handy chart listing all of them. They also tip off the subscriber on what they’ll find in future emails!

5. Desygner

Desygner’s welcome email is full of details about the features new members can take advantage of. They also share their mission statement, and how their software solves a problem for the people who use it (no design background.)

6. Peacock

Peacock’s streaming service welcomes new signups to the flock and clearly states the value of the app. The welcome email also features suggested picks based on popular categories, and users can click on any of these to begin watching immediately (which is a heck of a CTA!)

7. Tailwind

Hey, we have one of these too! In our welcome emails, which are part of an onboarding series, we share the value we provide, and the features of our app, like Tailwind Create and our social media scheduling tool.

8. REI

REI’s Co-op program shares upfront what types of emails they send and encourages people to update their preferences to tune into the things they’re most interested in. Further on in the email, they provide a coupon code and ask what the next adventure is for the outdoor enthusiasts subscribing, taking them to categories of the store.

9. Clever Girl Finance

Clever Girl Finance immediately reaffirms the value that they add by mentioning their community. The personalized welcome email immediately explains how the program works and the next steps, with clear CTAs to log in and get started!

10. Firebase

And finally, Firebase clearly outlines the next steps for different goals and purposes for their software with easy-to-read graphics and CTAs.

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