Introducing Tailwind for Instagram Scheduling & Analytics

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Introducing Tailwind for Instagram scheduling and analytics

More Engagement on Instagram With Less Effort

Posting to Instagram consistently can be a real headache.  As we researched how bloggers and marketers are going about managing their Instagram accounts today we discovered some startling inefficiencies and major headaches.  Tailwind for Instagram sets out to help solve the three biggest issues that Instagram marketers face.

  • Posting to Instagram consistently is difficult and can disrupt your workflow
  • Creating enough content to post to Instagram can be a burden
  • Getting more likes and comments on Instagram is hard

Imagine a world in which scheduling to Instagram from a desktop or mobile device is easy, where an efficient workflow saves you hours, where every post goes out at the best time possible time, and where scheduling posts from around the web can be accomplished in bulk, in moments…

Now that world is a reality thanks to Tailwind for Instagram!


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5 Reasons You Need Tailwind for Instagram

1) You’ll Get More Engagement

Historically, marketers who use Tailwind have gotten 4 times the engagement on their social media posts as those who sign up for Tailwind and then don’t become a paid member.  A big part of the reason for that is Tailwind’s “Smart Schedule” which creates an optimized schedule that ensures you post when your audience is most responsive.

Posting at the right time is crucial on Instagram since how fast engagements accumulate on your posts is an important factor which the Instagram algorithm uses to decide whether to show your posts to your followers, or whether to rank them in the “Top Posts” section for any given hashtag.

To perform well on Instagram you need your posts to start accumulating engagements as soon as they’re posted.

2) You’ll Save Hours

Our testing shows that scheduling to Instagram through Tailwind can save marketers minutes per post. The average marketer would save hours over the course of the year, giving you more time to focus on what you most love.

Check out this side-by-side video of the comparative workflows and see the time savings for yourself.

As Tailwind User Experience Analyst, Stephen Siu, put it, “The most gratifying part of being on the Tailwind for Instagram project has been hearing the excitement from our members when they tell us that what we’ve built has solved a real problem for them; that something that was difficult and frustrating is now easy and delightful.”

3) Plan Posts in Advance

Tailwind for Instagram Mobile App CalendarInstagram is about capturing in-the-moment photographs (it’s the “insta” social network after all) so it forces posts to be published by hand.

As an official Instagram Development Partner we worked around this limitation by developing a notification-based system that pushes your image, along with your caption, to your phone when it’s time to post.  You simply swipe the notification, paste in your caption, and post. Easy!

Tailwind for Instagram allows you to schedule Instagram posts in advance, minimizing a daily disruption and allowing you to becoming considerably more efficient.  Our intuitive drag-and-drop calendar and mobile app allow you to manage your posts on the go too. Tailwind for Instagram includes a dedicated iOS app and Android support via SMS messaging.

“I love Tailwind’s Instagram platform because it allows me to create Instagram posts ahead of time, on my own schedule. It’s so simple to drop in photos from my desktop, add descriptions, and schedule slots for popular posting times throughout the week!” – Allison Sidhu, Managing Editor at Foodal

4) Create Instagram Posts Lightning Quick

Our convenient browser extension allows you to regram content from your website, from around the web, or from Instagram itself, in seconds.  It works by showing you a “schedule” button when you hover over any image on the web, or you can use it to see only the shareable images on any webpage and then schedule them straight to your Tailwind queue.

If you use the Tailwind browser extension on we will automatically create attribution for the source, although you should also reach out to them and ask for permission to use their content before it goes live.

5) Learn From Meaningful Analytics

screenshot-tailwind-for-instagram-analyticsAnd, of course, it wouldn’t be Tailwind without useful Instagram analytics at the profile and the post level.  We believe that by keeping a close eye on the posts that your audience responds to you can make smarter decisions about the kinds of content to create and make big improvement to your strategy over time.

“Tailwind’s Instagram platform saves me time, keeps me organized and — best of all — has me posting to Instagram at the right times and the right frequency. Since I started using Tailwind, I’ve seen measurable growth in my follower base and engagement levels. Tailwind is so, so easy to use and I really couldn’t live without it!”  – Catherine Brock, Editor at Budget Fashionista

How to Use Tailwind for Instagram

Want to learn more before getting started? Join us on Thursday for our walkthrough webinar on Facebook Live. We’ll be showing off all the features and taking your questions live!

Try Tailwind for Instagram Today

Tailwind for Instagram costs $9.99 per month if paid annually, $15 per month otherwise.  Tailwind for Instagram is considered a separate product from Tailwind for Pinterest and will incur a separate charge.  The free trial of Tailwind for Instagram is available for existing members of Tailwind for Pinterest as well as non-Tailwind members.

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