Pinterest as a Power Tool for Your Business

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Wouldn’t you agree that tools can take a difficult task and turn it into something that can be easily done?

Then, if you exchange a manual tool with a power tool, WATCH OUT, the possibilities could be endless.

Pinterest can be a power tool for marketing and growing your business.

Sure, you could stick to the old “traditional methods”:

•You could talk to people one by one to tell them about your business.

•You could tell each person you meet that you’re an awesome resource of information in your field.

•You could use traditional advertising like print ads or TV commercials and hope your ad reaches the right people and they remember your message.

Sounds pretty expensive and inefficient, huh?

Pinterest as a Power Tool for Your Business

Recently, I had the pleasure if speaking to a group of business owners, entrepreneurs and social media pros to explain how Pinterest can be used as  a power tool for business.

As with any tool, some planning, preperation and practice are required to use it effectively. But, once a little bit of work is done you could potentially have a very powerful marketing tool in your hands.

I thought you might enjoy taking a look at the slides I used during the presentation.

I’ve jumped into the world of Slide Share and have embedded the presentation below. Simply click the buttons beneath the slides to move back and forth between them.

Topics covered:

  • Pinterest statistics
  • Pinterest basics
  • An easy way to see what’s been pinned form your site
  • Establishing Pinterest goals
  • Calibrating your tool (Setting up your Pinterest account)
  • Pinnable images (Free image sources and editing tools)
  • Pin it button options
  • The importance of mobile
  • SEO and Pinterest
  • Reaching Pinterest goals
  • Pinterest for traffic generation (You can read more abut that here)
  • Measuring your success (Pinterest analytic tools)

I avoid to doing the boring presentations where each slide is read word-for-word.  I’m really into using images and very little text, big suprise huh?

In this one, I did include text to help communiate the message. However, if you have any questions about what the message is behind the image, feel free to ask in the comments below.

By the way, did you know that you can pin SlideShare slides to Pinterest? It has be done directly from the share button on the SlideShare site. Once it’s pinned the presentation can be viewed within Pinterest. Click here to visit SlideShare and give it a try.

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