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5 Ways to Create Inspiring Pinterest Content

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Creating inspiring content on Pinterest that engages audiences and drives clicks is every Pinterest marketer’s dream.

After all, Pinterest is a platform where people come to be inspired. Whether searching for the latest recipes, home decor ideas, or even must-have products to buy, there’s no doubt that Pinterest is the place where people dream.

And if you want to be a part of that dream, there are five core inspirational ideas to incorporate into your Pinterest content strategy.

The best part is, you don’t have to use all of them. Even two of the five will make a big difference!

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Ready to learn the five ideas for creating inspirational content on Pinterest? Let’s dive into all of them below! And stick around for a bonus that has people saying things like,

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Pinners in Search of Inspiration

Pinners use Pinterest overwhelmingly to plan, make and DO.

In fact, Pinterest is overwhelmingly positive for this reason. People visit Pinterest to escape negativity, current events, and dream about their future.

In fact, it’s such a positive environment that Pinterest actually blocks political ads and hate speech. Instead, they champion mental health support resources, inclusivity, and body positivity.

Now you know why Pinterest is our happy place!

In order to create Pins that tap into these happy feelings and inspiration, you’ll want to use a few of the five strategies below. These are Pinterest’s Five Dimensions of Inspiration:

  • Visually Appealing
  • Original
  • Positive
  • Relevant
  • Actionable

We’ll lay out the five dimensions below in more detail, with actionable tips to help you master each!

1. Make Your Pins Visually Appealing

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your Pin design and strategy. Visually appealing Pins stand out in the Pinterest feed and make viewers curious to learn more!

Experiment with beautiful, aesthetic images and eye-catching colors in your Pin design and photography. And make sure your lighting, composition and focus are top knotch.

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Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and design, even if they don’t consistently match your regular company branding and color palette. As our Pinterest expert Alisa always says, “are you on Pinterest for branding or for traffic?”

Try making your branding a little more subtle in favor of a show-stopping Pin design that highlights your product or topic. A small but legible URL or logo will do!

Another tip? Make sure to extend your image to the edges of your Pin, leaving no margins around your Pin image. The result is more visual impact to grab eyes in the Pinterest feed.

2. Make Your Pins Original

Some of the most inspiring Pinterest designs are original. Have an out-of-the-box idea that you haven’t seen on Pinterest before? Go ahead and try it out – it’ll probably be just as refreshing to your target audience as it is to you!

Above all, seek to make Pinterest designs fresh and exciting when strategizing your next Pin design. And if you want to take your Pinterest marketing strategy to the next level, experiment with making your Pin appeal to different audiences and test your results.

Here are some additional ways to get the most out of your Pinterest content without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Make Your Pins Positive

Remember, Pinterest is a place for positivity! This is a great opportunity to gut-check your Pin copy. Are you using positive, inviting phrases, or does it sound a tad negative when you read it aloud?

For example, a post titled “Why You Never Reach Your Fitness Goals” can quickly become inspiring by calling it “10 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals This Month” on your Pin.

In the positive environment of Pinterest, Creators should focus on offering solutions, rather than focusing on problems. This tactic will improve your Pin copy and resonate with audiences looking to be inspired.

You should also try to be as relatable as possible when crafting your Pin copy, Pin titles, and descriptions. After all, your Pinterest community is diverse and they want to relate to you and the solutions you offer.

4. Make Your Pins Relevant

To keep Pins relevant, don’t forget about seasonal content and current Pinterest trends!

Consider how you might put a seasonal spin on an everyday interest. Scan over current Trends and think about how you can tie your content into upcoming seasonal holidays or themes, as well as what audiences are interested in right now.

Need a little help? Check out our free guide to help you get the most out of your content with trends.

And here’s a great list of Pinterest interests and moments to consider when creating inspiring Pinterest content.

5. Make Your Pins Actionable

Making your Pins actionable works for everyone involved. Pinners understand what action they’re supposed to take clearly (whether it’s saving your Pin for later or clicking through to your site). And you get the benefit of reach and traffic from those actions.

When you tie a CTA on your Pin to inspiring designs and copy, Pinners will feel confidence to create and try new things. That’s some serious Pinterest magic.

Need some CTA ideas?

Try adding a short, concise CTA to your Pin design with an arrow pointing to it. Try a two-word CTA like “view recipe,” “find yours,” or “learn more.”

And remember to tie in the dimension of relatability here. Inspiring content needs to be doable. People won’t take action on a Pin that doesn’t look achievable!

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There you have it – the five ways to create inspiring Pinterest content! Start creating Pins with a purpose by including at least two of these five characteristics in your next Pin design:

  • Visually Appealing
  • Original
  • Positive
  • Relevant
  • Actionable

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