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How to Add Stickers to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stickers on a purple background

Want to convey emotions, take a poll, or encourage donations on your Instagram posts? You can do all of the above with Instagram Story Stickers!

It’s easy to add GIFs or a sticker in your Story. Simply choose your favorite graphic designs to instantly boost your Instagram marketing efforts!

Ready to learn how to add stickers on Instagram to increase engagement and get more views on your Instagram Stories? Let’s dive in!  

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What Are Instagram Stickers?

Instagram stickers, like a poll or music sticker, are in-app decorations for your photos and videos – no editing required! Simply pick a GIF image or video and put them in any place where you want to add extra flair.  

Depending on your mood (and brand goals), you can also select interactive stickers to ask your followers questions, take polls or respond to challenges!

And if you don’t find any stickers on Instagram that you like, you can create your own! (We’ll talk more about how to design an original sticker below.)

Types of Instagram Stickers You Can Add to Instagram Stories

There are tons of stickers to choose from on Instagram. Some are purely decorative or used to express your feelings. Others serve as interactive tools for engaging with followers! 

With the right stickers, your Story will show up in a specific story feed. Some GIF stickers come with unique features and animations, too!

Learn how to get cool stickers on Instagram by picking GIF stickers and emojis, special occasion stickers, and interactive Instagram Story stickers.

1. GIF Stickers and Emojis

Here at Tailwind, we love emojis, and we know you do too! 😉

So it’s great that you can add emojis as stickers to your Instagram Story.

These are the same as the emojis found in the iOS and Android libraries.

Of course, you can also add static (non-moving) and moving GIF stickers to your Story.

You’ll find many popular GIFs in the sticker tray or use the search bar to look for stickers that fit a specific phrase or theme! 

Instagram Sticker Tray - searching for Gifs and emojis

2. Special Occasion Instagram Stickers

Special occasion stickers are a fun way to celebrate a holiday or show solidarity with a movement. 

For instance, Instagram published Stickers in support of Black Lives Matter and protests across the globe, Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, and Pride Month, and a campaign to encourage voting in the upcoming US election.

Plus, you get bonus features when you use special occasion Instagram stickers. Some add a colorful ring around your icon, whereas others add your Story to a special Story collection that appears at the beginning of the Story feed. 

Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month Sticker on Instagram

instagram story ring special effects

3. Interactive Instagram Story Stickers

Now the interactive Instagram Story stickers are where it really gets exciting. Each one allows your social media viewers to interact with you or the brands featured in your Story. 

Boost engagement and create an incredible experience by trying out these interactive Story stickers:

  • Donation Sticker: With a donate sticker, fans can tap it and donate to your selected charity!
  • Challenge Sticker: Get friends to join you in the latest Instagram challenge using this sticker.
  • Countdown Sticker: Going on vacation or hosting a giveaway? Use a countdown sticker for real-time excitement.
  • Location Sticker: Delight local fans by sharing a location sticker that brings them to a page with other local brands.
  • Questions Sticker: Encourage fans to ask you a question or share your favorite song.
  • Quiz Sticker: Your followers can answer your quiz question and find out how others scored.
  • DM Me: Ask a question, use a prompt, or customize a CTA to get fans to click and send you a message. 
  • Poll Sticker or Emoji Slider Sticker: Fans love voting in your Instagram Story poll by clicking your sticker or sliding the emoji over. 
  • Food Orders Sticker and Gift Cards Stickers: Support your fav companies with stickers your fans can tap to make a purchase.
  • Music Sticker: This Instagram sticker lets you share your favorite part of a song and even display lyrics.
  • Hashtag Sticker: Help fans find more content like yours with a hashtag sticker, which leads to a hashtag page.
  • Support Small Business Sticker: Find a local small business to support, share the sticker, and get added to a shared IG Story. 
  • Selfie Sticker and Photo Sticker (New): Turn your beautiful face into a selfie sticker and add it to your Story.
  • Time and Weather Stickers: Enhance your travel Story with stickers that show the time and weather conditions.

How to Add Stickers to Your Instagram Stories

Honestly, the best part about adding stickers to your Instagram Stories is that it’s super easy! Simply follow these steps to learn how to put stickers on photos in Instagram:

1. Open the Instagram App.

2. Tap the camera icon in the upper left corner.

3. Add your photo.

4. Tap the Sticker button (a square with a smiley face) to open the sticker tray.

5. Find the sticker you want and tap it.

6. Use one finger to drag and drop the sticker into the desired location.

7. Use two thumbs to pinch or expand the sticker into the desired size.

8. Finish creating your Story and post.

Sticker on Instagram Story

How to Create Your Own Stickers on Instagram Stories

Add a personal touch to your social media channels with your own branded stickers! Doing so is a great way to increase brand awareness and show authenticity. Follow these steps to figure out how to get a sticker on Instagram that fits your brand image.

Add a Sticker From Your Camera Roll

You can turn any photo or GIF into a sticker as long as it has a transparent background. After you save your image to your camera roll, open your Instagram app, then go through these actions:

1. Open Instagram Stories and select an image or video for the background.

2. Without closing the Instagram app, navigate to your camera roll.

3. Open the image in your camera roll and select share options.

4. Select copy photo.

5. Return to Instagram Stories, and you’ll see a popup with the image appear.

6. Tap Add Sticker.

how to add a sticker to Instagram Stories

Use Instagram Stories Stickers to Connect With Your Audience

Instagram Stories appeal to your fans because they’re more raw and expressive than other formats. Plus, followers love interacting with your brand via stickers!

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