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Blue Header How to Get Verified on Instagram Step-By-Step

Instagram verified status is on every marketer’s wishlist, but it can be so confusing to figure out how to get that little blue check for yourself! If you’ve been wondering how to get verified on Instagram, search no further. We’ve got the answers you need. 🎉

We’ve analyzed, experimented and researched the best ways to get verified on Instagram – and translated them into seven simple steps and a ton of powerhouse tips to get a blue badge on your profile.

In this article, we’re going over common questions like what Instagram verified means, why you want an Instagram verified badge, and how to apply for verification. Plus, we’ve got quick tips to improve your odds.

Ready to get that prestigious blue seal on Instagram yourself? Let’s dive in! 🏊‍♀️

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What is a Verified Badge on Instagram?

You’ve seen the little blue checkmark next to some of your favorite IG account names. This blue symbol ( a seal with a check in the center) means that the account is officially verified by Instagram. People, brands, and businesses with the Instagram verified badge are authentic.

Blue Check on Instagram- Instagram verification means an account is confirmed to be the authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.

The blue badge is given to notable people and brands on Instagram. It’s really important to avoid imposter accounts and copycats!

Fake accounts, copycats and impersonators target well-known and influential accounts on social media. These imposters use their likeness to trick unwary followers. Not cool! 🙄

At best, impersonators are annoying. At worst, they negatively affect your brand and image on social media.

That’s why the Instagram verified badge was created. The handy blue badge is a certification of authenticity on Instagram. It shows followers that the person or brand behind the account is real and can be trusted.

Why does everyone want a blue badge on Instagram?

Let’s be real. The little blue tick is important for verifying real Instagram accounts, but it’s also a status symbol. After all, if you’ve earned a blue badge on Instagram you must be somebody “notable”, right?

That’s why getting Instagram verified is a major milestone for growing accounts. However, if you’re wondering who exactly gets a verified profile on Instagram, the platform leaves the exact requirements a little vague. 

Can I Get Verified on Instagram?

The short answer is maybe. It’s easy to figure out though, anyone can apply now! Here’s why:

Instagram introduced a public verified account application in August 2018, to demystify the process and curb the secret black market for blue checks. 😱

The application for Instagram verification is now public. Before the application went live, no one really knew what the criteria was.

Exactly how Instagram chose who got a verified badge was a mystery! One day, a blue check might appear next to your name (seemingly) out of thin air.

However, the platform has now given us some important clues to the verification process. The mystery of how to get verified on Instagram is solved! 🕵️‍♀️

How to Get Verified on Instagram Step-By-Step

The application process for Instagram verification is really easy. You just need to follow these steps:
1. Visit your profile and tap the Menu button in the top right corner
2. Tap the Settings icon (it looks like a little gear)
3. Tap the Account icon
4. Tap Request Verification near the bottom
5. Fill out your full name, professional name, and category
6. Upload a picture of your ID or business documents
7. Click Send when your application is complete!

Make sure to read the section where you attach your ID! You’ll need a government ID that clearly states your name and date of birth (like a driver’s license, passport or national ID), or business documents like tax filings or a utility bill if you’re requesting verification for a business or brand.

And that’s it!

Instagram will let you know once they’ve reviewed your request. My official reply came three days after I applied.

Since I’m “Authentic,” “Unique,” and have a “Complete” profile, the issue seems to be that I’m not “Notable” enough. Oh well. It was worth a try!

In fact, the “Notable” requirement is where most accounts usually don’t pass muster – yet! Don’t worry, we have some tips to help!

Instagram verification requirements

Here are the requirements from Instagram to get your account verified:

– To qualify, you have to be who you say you are, whether your account represents a person, a business or a brand!

  • Be unique – 

Only one account per person or business can be verified (unless your account is language-specific). Fan accounts, meme accounts, and feature accounts aren’t verified.

  • Be complete 

– Since the blue badge is reserved for public figures and entities, you can’t have a private profile. Your profile must also be complete, meaning you have a bio, profile photo and at least one post in your feed.

  • Be notable 

– To grab the Instagram blue check for yourself, your account has to represent a well-known, highly searched for brand, person or business.

So, now to the million-dollar questions…

FAQs on Instagram Verification

Here’s an FAQ of the questions we get asked a lot about getting Instagram verified!

Do I have a business account to get Instagram verified?

The application is available to all Instagram account types. This includes Personal accounts, Creator accounts, and Business accounts.

Is the verification application free?

The application for Instagram verification is free! You can find it under your Settings in your Instagram app, so there’s no need to use a third-party app or program to apply.

If you’re asked to pay for Instagram verification, it’s a scam! 🙅‍♀️

How many followers do I need to get verified on Instagram?

Sadly, Instagram has never announced an official number of followers required for Instagram verification.

However, those with the most followers and greatest reach do have the most to lose, so there likely is some (unspecified) threshold of followers or reach required to be accepted.

That said, there is no harm in applying – and a lot you could gain if you’re approved. The application is quick and easy, so what do you have to lose?

The rest of us should just keep on building our followers and reach until we qualify as well!

Can Tailwind help me get verified?

No, we wish we could help, but can’t get you verified. Even though Tailwind is a trusted Instagram Partner 💁‍♀️, that just means Instagram recognizes our app as being effective and helpful for growing business on Instagram. Only Instagram can verify your account.

However, we can help you grow your followers using our platform of Instagram tools. Our Create tool can help you build dozens of posts in seconds. We also have a tool, hashtag finder, and scheduling! All of these offer a free trial, and you can have access to all the features together with Tailwind Pro.

What are the benefits of getting verified on Instagram?

Is Instagram verification worth applying for? Does the coveted blue badge really mean anything besides bragging rights?

Absolutely. Getting verified on Instagram has a positive effect on your marketing efforts on Instagram. Here’s are some of the perks of having a blue check:

  • Getting verified on Instagram builds trust – The blue check reassures your followers that you’re real and your account can be trusted.
  • You have access to Instagram Link in Stories – Verified accounts were the first to be able to add links to their Instagram Stories. Without verification, you’ll need at least 10,000 followers to access the feature.
  • It builds brand awareness – As we mentioned before, the blue check tells the world that you’re somebody. With a blue check, people are going to be buzzing to know who you are and what you’re about!
  • Increased attention from the blue badge – With all the buzz and curiosity about your new blue checkmark, you’ll be able to turn that attention into engagement, conversions and maybe even sales!

But wait, don’t lose hope of ever driving traffic from Instagram if you’re aren’t to 10K yet and can’t get verified.

An advanced link in bio tool like by Tailwind can help you drive traffic to your blog posts and products easily with a FREE customizable landing page! 🤩

Alright, we’ve got the frequently asked questions out of the way… let’s talk about some actionable tips to help you get verified!

4 Expert Tips to Help You Get Verified on Instagram

1. Complete Your Instagram Bio

One of the core requirements of Instagram verification is a complete Instagram profile. Make sure your bio is completely filled out, includes a profile photo and you have at least one post on our account.

For a step-by-step peek at how to make a perfect bio, read “6 Steps to Create a Perfectly Branded Bio.”

2.Work On Getting Published

The main disqualifier for people hoping to get their Instagram accounts verified is not being newsworthy. Each Instagram account is verified manually by an Instagram employee, who performs a check for multiple news sources.

Your account must represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand or entity. We review accounts that are featured in multiple news sources, and we don’t consider paid or promotional content as sources for review.


Work on getting your name in the news by sending out press releases, media kits and connecting with local news agencies. Once you’ve had your name in the media a few times, reach out to larger publications for more visibility!

To make your news coverage easy to find, look into keeping a press section organized on your website.

3. Groom Your Web Presence to Be Highly Searchable

If your account is solely based on Instagram, chances are you won’t get verified. However, you can establish a notable presence and secure the Instagram blue check by making sure you dominate the search around your name!

Optimize your web page, other social media profiles to appear highly in web search. Create even more search results by guest posting on other sites and seeking mentions on similar blogs, podcasts, and video!

4. Keep Growing Your Instagram Following

While there’s no required number of followers to be Instagram verified, you’ll definitely seem more notable with a higher number of followers.

To increase your odds of getting a blue checkmark next to your name, keep on building your reach and growing your engaged followers.

Tailwind for Instagram has a ton of resources to help you do just that as we mentioned. Try Tailwind for free!

Start a Free Trial of Tailwind for Instagram!

Sign up with Instagram

Will you request verification? Have you been verified? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Avatar

    Sadly it’s not showing up on mine

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Should be any time now!

    • Avatar

      Not showing on my account either. I just updated the app also.

      • Alisa Meredith
        Alisa MeredithModerator

        Are you on Android?

  2. Avatar

    Thanks for this! Question – if you’re trying to verify a business account / brand, will they change it to your Full Name given that’s what is being “verified” ? Or is that simply for verification purposes?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      I don’t believe they will change anything at all. This is just for verification. You’re welcome, Erica!

    • Avatar

      Hi Meredith! I am managing an account for a small company and am not sure if I can just submit my ID in order to get the account verified or it has to be only a registration/tax document of the company.

      • Alisa Meredith
        Alisa MeredithModerator

        Hi, Nihadica, Not sure, really, but probably would be more likely to have success with a document belonging to the company. ~ Alisa

  3. Avatar

    I don’t have the “request verification option (yet) 🙁 But i bookmarked these instructions for once I do–thanks!

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Oh man!! Shouldn’t be long, Daneen – and you’re welcome!

  4. Avatar

    I don’t have that option in my settings and I am using a business profile.

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Should be available shortly – for personal and business. No guarantee that we’ll get approved – still waiting on my answer!

  5. Avatar

    Hi. If I go by The Oily Analyst, will they still accept my personal form of identification? I don’t want to change my IG name to my real name. Thanks!

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      They haven’t specified, but it should be OK to use personal ID. To avoid that issue, you could always upload one of the business documents listed as an option.

  6. Avatar

    When we are a brand how do they “verify” that I as a person am linked to that brand or that I one of the owners of that brand? They ask for a name and photo id – so only if they go to our website or look us up through our LLC how will they process that link to us?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hi Robin, they haven’t shared how they will do that exactly. Probably safest to provide business documentation (tax return, etc) for a business, but they didn’t say.

  7. Avatar

    I sent all my info for verification but never received anything from IG to say it was received…my screen on the app didn’t even change so it looked like nothing happened. Is this normal or should I try again (for the 4th time)?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      You should definitely get a screen that confirms your information was accepted. That said, I did get that screen, but I can still apply again right now if I want to. Something fishy…..

    • Avatar

      Same thing happened to me. I hit send multiple times but never got a thank you screen.

  8. Avatar

    I think this is only being rolled out to Apple users for some reason. Nobody I know on Android is seeing it.

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      I was wondering if that was it, Tim! Thanks for sharing. They didn’t mention it would ONLY be iOS, so probably our Android friends won’t have long to wait.

    • Avatar

      so does this mean if i sign in on a friends apple phone that i can see it ???

  9. Avatar

    At the end -after you upload a photo of your ID and click send, does it continue to say send? I clicked twice and it still says send. Thanks for this info!

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hmm, I got a “We’ll let you know once we’ve reviewed your request for a verified badge.” message. I’d say if you didn’t get one, it didn’t go through. They may be a bit overwhelmed at the moment! I haven’t had a reply yet, but a friend of mine who applied after me did – and he was rejected. 🙁 You’re welcome!

      • Avatar
        Paul Salais Jr.

        I was also rejected. :/

    • Avatar

      I have exactly the same problem, it still says send.

      • Avatar

        Mine still says send and I’ve clicked it a dozen times. Anyone experience this but finally get it to go through?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      That has to be the common thread! You’re welcome 🙂

  10. Avatar
    Persia Grai

    For some reason when i hit send nothing happens it looks like it’s loading but then it doesn’t go past go to that page

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hearing this from several people. I could believe that they are just completely inundated with requests today!

  11. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing. I just did. I own registered mark on my brand. Hopefully I get verified badge soon. Some members in our community just got it like that without having tons of followers or doing anything.

    Hopefully we all legit people have it soon.

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      I hope so, too. Do you know of anyone with fewer than 10K who has it? You’re welcome.

    • Avatar

      What document did you provide for business account to get varyfied? Thanks!

  12. Avatar

    Do you think they will accept a driver’s license with the ID number blacked out? As long as I leave the name and DOB alone?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hmmm, not sure. You could try. You can try again in a month if you get rejected the first time.

  13. Avatar

    Nothing yet for my accounts…but I’ll keep watching!

  14. Avatar

    I’m using Apple Phone and when I hit submit the 1st time nothing happened. I had to press the button 3 more times before it said thank you we’ve received your request.

  15. Avatar

    Does this only work once for linked accounts? I applied for my personal account first, which is fine bc I don’t use the other that much. But I thought I’d be able to apply for the biz one as well since the username matches my website. It was grayed out and showed my main account name in the username box.

    I do have more followers on the biz one, so should be interesting to see what happens.

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Huh, that’s interesting, Louise! Perhaps it will verify both? Let us know!

      • Avatar

        I was able to apply for the other via a different device. Both were turned down in about 2 days. Apparently there’s a long list of criteria that you don’t see until you’re rejected! I don’t think I meet ANY of them!

        • Alisa Meredith
          Alisa MeredithModerator

          I got rejected as well. I think Instagram doesn’t know how notable we are – yet. 😉

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Should be rolling out.

  16. Avatar

    I have the option, but it defaults to my personal profile username (even though I’m logged into my business account) and I can’t seem to change it. Also, I’ve hit “send” a few times with no confirmation. So, its either not going through or they’ve received half a dozen requests from me 🙂

  17. Avatar

    It is not available for everyone and is expected to be rolled out slowly to more users.

  18. Avatar

    Oooh, thanks for sharing this. Exciting! I’m on Android and don’t see the option yet, so I’ll wait patiently until it does show up. It would be great to be able to use links in stories before hitting 10k!

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      You’re welcome! I’m excited, too! Exactly – I may never hit 10K 🙂

  19. Avatar
    Alice Nurarif

    I dont have that..request verification in my insta

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Should be rolling out soon!

  20. Avatar

    At the moment this is not working for me and my account, but I will keep it in mind. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      You’re welcome, Caroline! I’m still waiting for an answer – not really expecting to be approved, but we will see!

  21. Avatar

    I cannot see anywhere on my account to verify it – I’m in the UK – are we able to do it here?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Are you on an Android device, Louise? That seems to be a common thread among those not yet seeing the option. It should be rolling out to everyone soon.

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Are you on an Android device, Jenny? That seems to be a common thread among those not yet seeing the option.

  22. Avatar

    Hi! I would like to verify both accounts that I have – blog and personal account. Can I use the same ID on the verify process??

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hi Ana. I’m not sure! I would try it.

  23. Avatar

    Hey Alisa, did you get a reply from the verification team yet? I applied the day after it was introduced and still no answer for me.

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      I did! I got rejected. 🙁

  24. Avatar

    My main concern how they will be dealing with and storing all that personal info. With so many fraud cases lately and my bank account being hacked in twice already, I am pretty worried to provide my ID cards to verify my social media account.

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Definitely a valid concern!

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Definitely worth considering.

  25. Avatar

    This isn’t showing up on mine 😞

    I’d definitely request it once it’s available. For some reason that blue tick really helps with getting opportunities and brand sponsorships.

    Laura ☆

  26. Avatar
    birchell glenn

    i requested a couple days ago. hopefully they consider that my facebook is verified

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