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If you’ve been working in content marketing for long, you’ve likely run into issues constantly trying to find inspiration and produce content for your social media channels, blog, and other platforms.

Luckily, there’s a way to find new, unique content ideas everyday– literally! 

There are far more holidays and dates to celebrate than just those that appear on your standard calendar.

This year, try spicing up your content calendar with posts about national dates, weeks, and months of interest.

You’re guaranteed to find something unique that will help you connect with your audience (“Thank God It’s Monday” Day, anyone?).

Whether you need major help planning your content for next month or simply want to stay up to date on trending dates in social media, this page is the place to start.

Follow along for a list of holidays, dates, and important times of the month you can share with your followers!

January is the Month of….

  • National Blood Donor Month
    • Encourages Americans to donate blood after a shortage of donations during the holiday season.
  • National Braille Literacy Month
    • Raises awareness of the importance of braille to the blind and visually impaired community.
  • National Hobby Month
    • Inspires people to pick up a new hobby or get back into an old one!
  • National Hot Tea Month
    • Celebrates a nice cup of tea to warm you up from the inside out!
  • National Mentoring Month
    • Promotes the growth of mentoring in all forms.
  • National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
    • Raises awareness about the modern-day issues of slavery and human trafficking.
  • National Slow Cooking Month
    • Encourages making delicious food while saving time by using slow cookers.
  • National Sunday Supper Month
    • Aims to bring back the tradition of families eating supper together on Sunday nights!

January Monthly Post Ideas

Here’s some ways to incorporate these ideas into your social media or blog:

  • Celebrate National Hot Tea Month by snapping a pic of your favorite steaming mug with the hashtags #teatime #HotTeaMonth #NationalHotTeaMonth
  • Pen a blog post breaking down your favorite slow cooker recipe and share on Pinterest!
  • Share a pic of you donating blood (if able) on your Insta story and encourage your followers to do the same!
  • Post weekly pictures of your family’s Sunday supper to help emphasize the importance of work-life balance.
  • Repost Instagram posts from credible sources to your Instagram stories to spread the word about human trafficking and slavery issues. 

Important Weeks in January

  • Celebration of Life Week– First Week 
    • Focuses on celebrating all the things- small and large- that make life wonderful.
  • Universal Letter Writing Week– Second Week
    • Encourages humans to save a dying art and write someone a handwritten letter .

January Weekly Post Ideas

Here’s some ways to implement these: 

  • If you’re a food blogger, post a favorite recipe each day of Celebration of Life Week
  • If you’re an eCommerce business, stage photographs with your product (i.e. a candle) in the background of an open letter 
  • If you’re an influencer or lifestyle blogger, write a blog post about the things that make you celebrate life and Pin the images to Pinterest!

Important Dates in January

  • New Years Day (Jan 1)
  • National Drinking Straw Day (Jan 3)
    • Commemorates the day the first patent was awarded for the drinking straw!
  • National ‘Thank God It’s Monday’ Day (Jan 3; first Monday in January)
    • Celebrates the new beginnings this Monday (and every Monday) bring.
  • National Trivia Day (Jan 4)
    • Gives trivia aficionados a chance to show off their skills.
  • National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (Jan 9)
    • Demonstrates thanks and appreciation for the officers that support our communities.
  • ‘Shop for Travel’ Day (Jan 11; second Tuesday in January)
    • Reminds Americans to start planning for their next getaway after the holiday season.
  • National ‘Dress Up Your Pet’ Day (Jan 14)
    • Celebrates our furry friends by showing off their sense of style!
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Jan 17; third Monday in January)
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day (Jan 20; third Thursday of every quarter)
    • Reminds businesses to reach out to consumers and get to know them more.
  • National Pie Day (Jan 23)
    • Celebrates pie in all its forms (+ brings discounted pie promotions!)
  • National Compliment Day (Jan 24)
    • Offers a great way to brighten someone’s day.
  • National ‘Have Fun at Work’ Day (Jan 28)
    • Fights workplace boredom by bringing some lightheartedness into the office!

January Daily Post Ideas

Here’s what that might look like in your content: 

  • Open the conversation about eco-conservatism with your followers on January 3. Highlight your favorite reusable drinking straw or create an Instagram Guide highlighting your favorite companies!
  • Keep your followers guessing on National Trivia Day (Jan 4) with some fun questions about your brand. We bet your followers will love it if you offer a prize. Here’s how to create an Instagram giveaway
  • Show off why you love your job/business on ‘Thank God It’s Monday’ Day or ‘Have Fun at Work’ Day. Walk your followers through a day in your life through your Insta stories or write an Instagram post about why you do what you do. 
  • If you’re a travel blogger or business, January 11 is your day to capitalize on post-holiday promotions and wintertime blues. Educate your audience about this holiday in 2022- and don’t forget to pair it with dreamy destination pics
  • On National Compliment Day, craft an Instagram post thanking and complimenting a special person (or people) in your life. Encourage your followers to do the same in the comments. 
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day is a great opportunity to increase your engagement with your followers! Try polls or quizzes in your Instagram stories. Ask a question in your Instagram post and encourage your followers to answer in the comments. Then, post an “Ask Me Anything” question in your IG Stories and see what your audience wants to know about YOU. 
  • If you have a pet, don’t be shy about posting them on your business profile. Seeing a cute pet, especially one dressed up for National ‘Dress Up Your Pet’ Day, is sure to pull at your audience’s heart- and help them relate to you more. 

Conclusion: How to Use Monthly Trends In Your Marketing Content

Even though most of your content will be focused on promoting your business and bringing value to your customers, it’s good to mix up your schedule and sprinkle in some fun posts.

It helps you strike the perfect balance between business-like professionalism and a distinct personality. 

Creating posts about trending days, weeks, and months on the calendar helps you cut down the time you spend planning content, get more reach with trending topics, and craft content your followers can easily engage with and be inspired by. 

Did we miss any of your favorite things to celebrate in January? Let us know in the comments

P.S. Don’t forget to check back next month for marketing dates in February

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