Etsy Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales in 2022

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Learn how you can easily develop, execute, and grow your ideal marketing strategy for your Etsy shop, through this list of easy-to-implement tips.

If you have an Etsy shop, you’re probably a creative person, talented, and independent. When designing and curating jewelry, apparel, art, housewares, and collectibles, you’re in your element.

But, promoting your Etsy store may be something you struggle with. Online marketing may be a numbers game, and for some, it’s a war of “creative right brain” vs. “analytic left brain.” The good news is, If you’re wondering how to market your Etsy shop without being or becoming a marketing whiz, you’ve come to the right place. And it starts with creating an Etsy marketing plan!

Today is your lucky day because we’ve put together a guide that will turn you into a professional Etsy shop marketer in no time. 

In this post, we have fantastic tips on how to use social media marketing for Etsy, understand Etsy marketing, and implement Etsy ads strategy planning. 

Because guess what…that old saying “If you build it, they will come.” is totally bogus! You can design and create your stellar product, but then you have to attract your prospects. And we’re going to show you how.

“If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business.”

— B.C. Forbes

It’s easy to believe that your fantastic products will sell themselves on Etsy, especially with your impeccable branding and your top keywords prominently displayed in each listing headline. 

However, the truth is that marketing your Etsy shop is just as vital as creating a fantastic product, photographing it beautifully, and putting it in your well-branded store. With millions of Etsy stores on the network, you’ll need to use various marketing strategies to get your name out there, get your products seen, and generate sales.

If you’ve ever looked on Etsy for a gift for someone special, you’re already familiar with the world of maker enterprises and the handmade crafts industry.

Consumers are clamoring to get their hands on handcrafted, artisanal goods made by real people, not fresh off a conveyor belt. What began as a way for arts and crafts enthusiasts to supplement their income has quickly become one of the hottest retail markets.

That being said, marketing isn’t cheap nor does it get done as fast as one may think! Before we get into how to get the best Etsy marketing strategy (and truly hold onto your seats–your minds will be blown!), we recommend trying out Tailwind’s digital marketing tool, CoPilot, which creates a marketing plan for you that is tailored to your specific business.

Not only that, but CoPilot will give you the play-by-play of each next step according to marketing best practices! 

Try it today for free! 

Now that that has been said, let us at last clue you in on what to know about the Etsy industry in order to make the best marketing strategy for Etsy in 2022!

Understand The Industry

One essential thing that must be done when developing your Etsy marketing plan is understanding your niche and competition on Etsy. To help you adapt and understand this evolving retail landscape, we’ve rounded up some insights into recent Etsy shopping behavior and emerging trends.

If you know what customers want, it will be easier to figure out how to market your Etsy shop.

Top Drivers in Etsy Sales

Face Coverings

There has been an increase in search volume for masks and face coverings. In February and March alone, 730,000 searches contained “face masks.”

Change-The-Date Cards

Increased demand for change-of-date cards in paper and digital formats has resulted from wedding postponements. In addition, many celebrations, like bridal showers, are now held online, and customers are looking for colorful backdrops to add to their virtual gatherings.

On Etsy, searches for “date change” had increased by 7,311 percent year over year.

Decluttering Solutions

Shoppers are looking for aesthetically beautiful organizational aids to help them tidy up each place. For example, consider jewelry holders, toy storage solutions, and tablet stands that double as utensil holders in the kitchen.

On Etsy, searches for “pantry labels” have increased by 61% year over year.
Check out more ideas on the type of items increasing in popularity on Etsy and what might be a good fit for your store.

Think of Yourself as a Potential Buyer

Obsessing over your ideal, perfect customer will assist you in tailoring your store to their precise requirements. You’ll know EXACTLY who you’re targeting on Etsy and social media and how to position yourself for long-term success. This translates to satisfied customers and a high volume of sales.

It’s time to cease pedaling in vain in the hope of making a sale. Here’s how to figure out who your “ideal” Etsy buyer is and make sure they show up.

Think Of Yourself As A Buyer

One thing that can help you understand your ideal customer is thinking of yourself as a buyer. It’s essential to know who you’re selling to create an effective Etsy marketing plan.

If you were the buyer, what would you want to buy? And what words and phrases would you use to search for that product? Make a list, and then incorporate those things in your product titles and descriptions. 

Make Up Your Perfect Customer

A fun exercise you can do is create your perfect customer on paper. Here are some things to consider – and for a more in-depth look, check out our article on creating actionable marketing personas:

  • Age
  • Location & Time Zone
  • Spending power (how much do they have to spend? What influences their decisions?)
  • Interests (what are their hobbies? What books do they read? What Podcasts do they listen to?)
  • Problems (What problems do they have?)
  • Inspiration (Who inspires them?)

Social Media Marketing For Etsy

Harnessing the power of social media for marketing your Etsy business is a great way to level up and outshine your competition.

Social media can be a simple and powerful marketing tool, but how can you use it to promote your Etsy shop?

Your buyer is simply a swipe and a tap away on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Here are some awesome ways to use social media marketing for Etsy.


Oh, boy! If you aren’t using Pinterest to reach customers, you’re missing out on sales. And since Pinterest is a visual search engine, it’s probably one of the best places to market your Etsy shop and products.

Of course, when you have an awesome product, you want to shout it from the rooftop, but in today’s modern times, the rooftop is in the digital realm.

The great thing about Etsy is that they make it easy to share your products on Pinterest. So, there is no reason you shouldn’t be using Pinterest as part of your social media marketing for Etsy.

They have a “Pin It” button that allows you to Pin products from your Etsy shop. And when you do, Pinterest automatically captures the description from your shop and includes it in your Pin. Making it easy to share your products.

Pinterest is fun, simple to use, and, as any frequent pinner can attest, a little addictive. Every day, millions of individuals use Pinterest to learn more about their passions, locate things to buy (like yours), and connect with others who share their passions. 

The more people who pin, discover and repin your products, the more probable that new buyers will find you. So join the pinning party and promote your company on Pinterest with these strategies.

Claim your Etsy shop. 

The first thing you need to do is claim your Etsy shop on Pinterest. Follow these steps: 

  • Head to Pinterest
  • Select Settings
  • Then click Claim. 

Start Pinning

Create a variety of boards that reflect your shop’s personality and taste and make sure that each board has enough pins to feel significant so that pinners will want to follow it.

Pin Like A Pro

Try your best to Pin at least once a day to ensure that your followers’ home feeds are updated with new material. It’s also a good idea to pin over the day rather than all at once. Also, don’t feel obligated to pin only your work. By integrating pins from others, you can create a fuller story about who you are, what your shop represents, and what motivates you.

Helpful Tip: The interaction between the brand and the user on Pinterest differs from that on Instagram or Facebook. Your aim is not to have a conversation with them but rather to persuade them to purchase your items.


When you want to market your Etsy store, you have to be present where your customers are. And that my friend is on Facebook. With billions of active users daily, Facebook provides you with opportunities to showcase your Etsy products and reach more customers. So here are a few things you need to do to market your Etsy business on Facebook

Create A Facebook Business Page

The key to marketing your Etsy store on Facebook is creating a business page that can be solely used to promote your Etsy shop and posting regularly. Of course, you can use Facebook insights to see what days and times are best for you to post, but consistency is key.

Your ideal customer will likely need to see your products several times before purchasing. So, make sure to publish new content on Facebook at least a few times a week. And don’t forget to use hashtags.


Most businesses know that being present on Instagram is essential to being successful. So, if you want to market your Etsy store, you’ll need an Instagram business page. And here are a few tips to get you started. 

Professional Appearance

When you’re trying to increase your sales and reach, you must have a professional look for your social media accounts. Follow these steps.

  • Use your logo as the profile picture, not a personal photo of yourself
  • Clearly state what you sell in your Instagram bio
  • Add a link to your Etsy shop in the bio

Post Consistently

Once you have set up your Instagram business page, it’s time to publish your content. Showcasing product photos with well-written captions is essential to building a loyal brand that buys your items. Tailwind’s social media management platform is an incredible tool to help keep you organized and schedule regular posts and content on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

[sc name=”tailwind-marketing-team”]

Use Hashtags

Don’t forget to include hashtags in your posts. This is still a great way for people to find your content. And if you’re not sure which hashtags are right for your brand and content, use Tailwind’s hashtag to research hashtag ideas. 

Comment & Like

Another awesome way to get eyes on your brand and Etsy products is to like and comment on other people’s Instagram posts and accounts. Doing this will get your account noticed. 

Social media marketing for Etsy is only one part of elevating your Etsy store’s success. If you use a combination of all of the tips and suggestions in this post, you’ll quickly be on your way to reaching more customers and increasing sales.

Building an Etsy marketing strategy for multiple digital channels, interacting with your ideal customers on Instagram, Pinning your products, and promoting your brand on Facebook is essential for Etsy marketing your shop and growth.

Social Media Strategy for Efficient Etsy Marketing

The average business owner on social media understands the demands of keeping up with all social platforms. Running your Etsy shop and keeping up with these marketing strategies across 3 social platforms can be an absolute time suck on top of everything else.

Social Media Scheduling and Planning

To make things easier, we also recommend checking out Tailwind’s social media management platform. On Tailwind’s platform for social media management, you can easily visually plan your posts in advance and set scheduled times that they’d go live. Tailwind’s platform also provides suggested hashtags in its Hashtag Finder feature to further your Etsy social media marketing strategy. In addition, it has a SmartSchedule feature that will schedule posts automatically at times when your audience is most engaged! 

Tailwind’s platform makes posting so efficient and seamless for anyone who is trying to run their business and marketing strategy at the same time.

Social Media Analytics

One way to lighten the load is to work smarter, not harder. Tracking social media performance is a major part of understanding which social media posts are working and which are not. If this idea is new to you, we recommend reading our blog post on laying out the ideal metrics to track social media performance.

If you’re wondering how you collect social media analytics to effectively strategize, Tailwind’s social media management platform has an analytics feature that can provide this information for you!

SEO Strategy For Etsy

This is a biggie. If your goal is to increase your Etsy sales, you must implement Etsy marketing and SEO. You can design and create a million products, which solve a problem or fill a need, but you’ll get zero sales if no one can find them. 

Etsy SEO is the practice of increasing your shop’s and products’ visibility in search engines like Google and Etsy’s own search feature. SEO can be difficult, especially because search engines constantly change how they search. Still, Etsy sellers should have a basic awareness of SEO best practices and strategies to optimize their shops for search and get their things in front of more potential shoppers.

Not sure how to make your Etsy shop SEO-friendly? Learn how Etsy search works and eight simple ways any Etsy seller can make it easier for shoppers to find their items by reading on.

To master Etsy SEO, follow these three simple steps:

Understand How The SEO Search Works

The Etsy search tool uses two unique elements to connect customers with the products they’re looking for: ranking and query matching.

The effectiveness of a potential customer’s search phrase matching with Etsy’s inventory listings is referred to as query matching. The search function analyzes attributes, categories, tags, and titles to match each sought term.

Following query matching, the search engine calculates listing rank by combining some very distinct scoring factors:

Quality of Listing Score:

This indicator determines how effective a listing is at converting visitors. When a customer makes a purchase, this score rises, resulting in a higher listing quality score.

Customer and Market Experience Score:

Customer reviews, negative comments, and the completion of the “about” section of a shop’s description are used to produce a score for all of them.

Context-Specific Ranking (CSR) Technology Score:

Artificial intelligence (AI) tries to determine what people want and then deliver results that meet those needs. In essence, this ranking examines previous behavior to determine current desires.

Relevancy Score:

The Etsy search hierarchy rewards exact-match terms with high rankings. In addition, search spots are given to secondary keyword sources that align with the consumer’s query, such as characteristics, tags, titles, and categories, if an exact match isn’t identified.

Shipping Price Score:

Shipping is frequently exorbitant in Etsy shops. As a result, stores that offer free or discounted shipping receive higher shipping price ratings than their more expensive competitors.

While these parameters may appear impossible to influence, there are ways to improve your Etsy search ranking. You may enhance your overall store ranking by optimizing these 10 Etsy SEO areas, potentially increasing visibility and reach for your listings.

Here are some Etsy SEO Tips

Choose Etsy SEO Keywords Carefully

The basis of enhancing Etsy SEO is keywords. Etsy prefers to display shops that have direct keyword matches for shoppers.

Consider yourself a buyer while determining the optimal keywords for your store.

What would your ideal customer look for on the internet? What terms are they most likely to type into the search box?

After you’ve identified keywords by imagining yourself as your target customer, look into direct competitors’ keywords to make sure you’ve gathered all relevant terms.

For a solid Etsy SEO plan, use keywords in tags, titles, categories, and characteristics to more effectively match your listings with customer queries, potentially resulting in improved visibility.

However, don’t go overboard with keywords by stuffing them into titles or using other keyword-stuffing techniques. Etsy is working hard to limit the appearance of titles that are crammed with keywords.

Optimize Your Shop Sections

Shop sections organize products into groups that can be explored. Groupings by size, type, color, and other factors are all possibilities for sections. These sections display as links in the shop’s left sidebar.

Sections can help you boost your Etsy SEO in addition to assisting with general shop management.

Each segment is treated as a separate entity, with its own landing page and title generated from the section name. These unique landing pages provide you with more chances to employ your keywords.

Use All Available Tags

In item descriptions, you can include up to 13 tags. Make the most of your keywords by taking advantage of this opportunity.

Because each tag has a maximum of 20 characters, concentrate on long-tail keywords and think past your existing keywords.

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are links from other websites to your store or products. These are crucial to your Etsy SEO strategy because they boost a site’s search engine credibility.

These three tactics will help you get backlinks even if you’re not a well-known brand:

Build Your Blog:

Blogs can help you grow your audience, improve your SEO, establish yourself as an industry leader, and gain quality backlinks. In addition, others may connect to your shop or individual products if you provide unique, valuable content.

Get Social:

When you share links to your shop and blog on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms, you enhance your chances of reaching new customers and gaining backlinks.

Reach Out:

Determine which media are most likely to showcase your shop or your products. These outlets can include Instagram accounts, blogs, and publications. Begin contacting people when you’ve made this list. Offer these people a discount or a sample item in exchange for linking to your site.

Etsy Ads Strategy

Etsy ads (also known as Etsy Promoted Listings) can help you grow your Etsy business by attracting new consumers and improving sales. Starting an advertising strategy to market your Etsy shop, on the other hand, may be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s an easy breezy guide to a successful Etsy ads strategy.

Set A Budget

When creating your Etsy ads strategy, the first thing you have to do is set a budget. This is how much you are willing to spend on your ad each day. Etsy’s algorithm will consider this budget when determining where and how many times to display your ad. 

Use Automated Bidding

The bid amount is the second criterion that Etsy considers while conducting ad auctions. Etsy features an automated bidding mechanism in which sellers can bid on the placement of their listings. A bid is an amount a seller is willing to pay for a single click on a listing. On the other hand, the seller has no say in the bid price. Instead, this is decided by an automatic method depending on several variables.

Once the first Etsy ad has been completed, you should review the ad performance to see how successful it was. Feel free to play with your budget and product objectives to see what works best for your Etsy store. You don’t have much control over advertising on Etsy, but the metrics should still be able to provide information to help you determine if it’s a good way to spend your money. 

And that covers it! You clicked on this article wondering, “How does Etsy marketing work” and now you have the tools you need to get started and become an Etsy marketing rockstar! Make sure to check out our additional resources and sign up for free with Tailwind to take your marketing to the next level! 


Can I create an email list for my Etsy shop?

Yes, you can! Building an email list for your Etsy shop is a great way to keep your subscribers informed about your business and nurture leads.

From creating newsletters to making sure no one missed that awesome social media post, email marketing for your Etsy shop can be a great marketing strategy

What is the best way to get quality traffic on my Etsy?

The best way to get quality leads in your shop is by providing high-quality products and optimizations. Making the best product isn’t enough on a platform with thousands of sellers.

It’s important to also provide the best customer service and have a strong marketing plan to stand out from the crowd! It can be a daunting endeavor, but all the hard work pays off in the end with loyal customers and growing ROI!

Can I market my Etsy shop for free?

Yes and no. Like other marketing platforms, there are marketing strategies that you can use for your Etsy shop that are free, such as SEO optimizations or social media marketing. However, paid ads on Etsy do cost money and should be factored into your marketing budget if you decided to use this tactic.

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Learn how you can easily develop, execute, and grow your ideal marketing strategy for your Etsy shop, through this list of easy-to-implement tips.

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