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Harness the Power of Pinterest into a Revenue Stream with MystiKit: OSP Episode 013

According to Repinly, in January 2013, 20% of the most popular pins on Pinterest were divided between only 2 of of over 30 available categories:

  • DIY and Crafting
  • Food and Drink
Harness the Power of Pinterest into a Revenue Stream with MystiKit


Bloggers from many niches have seen the results of these popular categories reflected in increased traffic to their sites from projects pinned to Pinterest.

Traffic is great but how can bloggers maximize this increased traffic from their Pinterest pins? How can they make money from Pinterest?

Jennifer Chapman, a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for Pinterest has created a business to help bloggers do just that. She has created a service called MystiKit.

Pinterest inspires people each day, but often those inspirations go unfulfilled because getting the supplies to complete the project is a problem. MystiKit provides a way for readers to easily get the supplies they need to create projects with the click of a button. Bloggers who create an account with MystiKit receive a portion of the sales.

The video below demonstrates just how easy it is:

In this episode of the podcast, Jennifer  and I talk about her love of Pinterest and how that led to her winning Startup Weekend in Jacksonville, Florida to launch the business.

We also discover:

  • How bloggers and retailers can utilize Pinterest and MystiKit to generate revenue.
  • How bloggers can use MystiKit to help their readers and save time.
  • How to incorporate MystiKit to Pinterest parties.

Last fall, I created and wrote about a Halloween wreath project I found on Pinterest.  With MystiKit I added a bit of  code to my post to create a  button that will take readers to MystiKit and give them the option to purchase all of the needed materials to create the project themselves.


MystiKit for a holiday wreath project


Here’s a look at what the reader will find on the linked MystiKit page.


MystiKit to easily create Pinterest projects


MystiKit is an easy way to help your readers get the supplies they need to recreate the project you wrote about and a way for you to make some money for all of your hard work. With the traffic potential form Pinterest for projects and recipes, who knows where that could take you?

Thanks for coming by the blog and listening to my chat with Jennifer. I hope you enjoyed our conversation and got some ideas on ways you can use Pinterest to generate income form the projects you write about.

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  1. Avatar

    It is an interesting concept. My question is that will a DIYer pay $60 to make their own wreath? If I was going to pay $60 I would just go buy one. How did your sales results turn out with this?

    • Avatar

      Kimber, thanks for your comment.

      I understand where you’re coming from. The amount of tulle needed does drive the cost of the wreath up and it could be found for less in local craft stores with a coupon. However, one of the features of MystiKit is convenience so for some people it might be worth it to pay the extra cost.

      As far as sales go, this program is brand new and I used a project that was done a while back and is currently out of season. (Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much time for crafting lately.) So, no results to report just yet. I’m excited to see what other retailers MystiKit will be working with in the future.

    • Avatar

      Hey Kimber! Thank you SO much for the feedback about the wreath kit! I went back and choose a less expensive option for the tulle, which brought the price down by nearly $15! Also, a buyer can choose to buy only what they need, so I am guessing that there would be a number of DIYers who start with the wreath or the crow and go from there. If you have any other feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We love hearing people’s suggestions and input about MystiKit!

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