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Let’s Talk Pinterest Hangout: Answering Pinterest Questions to Grow Your Business

Pinterest can be a very powerful tool for bringing traffic to your site but for the small business owner or blogger trying to do it all on their own, it can be daunting.

Pinterest grew at an astronomical rate in 2012 and millions have had a chance to dip their toes into the Pinterest waters. They’re familiar with the terms and the basic functions of Pinterest but many have yet to figure out how to make it work for their business.

Sound familiar? Your primary focus isn’t learning the ins and outs of Pinterest; it’s growing your business, right?

That’s where Oh So Pinteresting comes in. It is my mission to study Pinterest and break down what can be confusing, overwhelming and time consuming into quick and easy to understand pieces for you.

Let's Talk Pinterest Hangout: Answering Pinterest Questions to Grow Your Business

The Oh So Pinteresting Evolution


Oh So Pinteresting started with the blog and later added video tutorials and then a weekly audio podcast. Now, I’m happy to be adding Google+ Hangouts.

If you’re not familiar with Google+ Hangouts, they are essentially video calls. They can include up to nine people and if done live or “On Air” they can have an unlimited viewing audience.

Along with fellow blogger, Kelley Grant, we held the first Let’s Talk Pinterest Hangout on Tuesday May 21st. For this first attempt, we kept the guest list pretty small and as luck would have it, Google completely changed the process of hangouts just a few days before.  There were some inevitable technical difficulties but, overall it was a blast!

For an hour Kelley and I had a great time talking with fellow bloggers and business owners about their most burning Pinterest questions. Here are just a few that we addressed:

  • Are Pinterest board titles important?
  • How do you make money from Pinterest?
  • How do I find accounts to follow on Pinterest?
  • How to do specific searches on Pinterest?
  • How do I not waste time on Pinterest?
  • How to get more out of pins from your site?
One great feature of Google+ Hangouts on Air is that a recording is later available on YouTube. If you’d like to see the recording of the Hangout and learn the answers to these questions and many more, you can watch it below.


Considering the technical challenges we had, this Hangout went really well and I’d like to do more in the future. I’d really appreciate some input from you before finalizing a schedule.

  • Once or twice a month?
  • Is there a better day of the week or time of day that works better for you?

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  1. Avatar


    Thank you for making the hangout happen! It was wonderful to get to just relax and talk about things that came up.

    Besides all of your great advice, one thing I took away from the session was “just do it!” Technical problems had to be solved (especially for me), and it was a new experience for us all, but it came out great! There are a lot of things I want to try, but am afraind of looking like an amature… well it won’t happen if I don’t start.

    I’m looking forward to the next one!

    • Avatar

      Lucy, thank you so much for your participation and great questions! I love the “just do it!” spirit, you never know how far it can take you!

  2. Avatar

    Hi Cynthia, what a great idea- I’d love to join an upcoming hangout. I can make most times work but probably have a preference for weekdays- evenings or anything during school hours (after 9:30 and before 3:00). Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Great, Jessica! I’ll keep those times in mind for the next one. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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