Lion’esque Style and Bazaart Pinterest Contest

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You may remember the post about Bazaart from a while back.  Bazaart is an iPad app that lets you make collages from Pinterest pins like the one above. You can resize, rotate and even remove the background color from pins to create really cool collages. With the recent app update, you can even link back to the pins used in the collages to buy the items.


Bazaart recently teamed up with Lion’esque Style , a fabulous online shop that features the best of up and coming fashion brands. Together, they ran a contest on Pinterest called Fiercest Pin Remix.


To enter, you used the Bazaart iPad app, to chose pins from the Lion’esque Pinterest boards to make your “FIERCEST Lion’esque collage”. You then pinned it to your Pinterest board and included #lionesquestyle in the description.


I did that with the collage I made and won! The prize was from the Heather Belle collection at Lion’esque Style. Heather Belle makes luxury eco-friendly handbags and accessories.




I got big surprise when I got an email from Gili Golander, the fashion director and co-founder of Bazaart, telling me to “prepare for a nice surprise”.  I was like a kid at Christmas anxiously waiting for my surprise!  Later that day, I got a message from Lion’esque telling me I won the contest! I was so thrilled, I did a happy dance!




Then, one beautiful day, the mailcarrier brought me this, the REED bag from Heather Belle!



And this, the Good GIrls Dont Kiss and Tell Cuff also from Heather Belle!




The bag and cuff inspired me to tap into my inner supermodel. Watch out, Gisele and Heidi, it’s my turn! Ha, just kidding!




The super model dream only lasted a few minutes, I was interrupted by a call from the real world. Hey, at least I was well accessorized while taking that call.


A big thank you to Lion’esque Style, Bazaart and of course Pinterest!



Have you entered any Pinterest contests?





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  1. Newest follower here! I found your blog through the Texas blog group—I’m one of the newest members! I love your blog–the theme is so cute. Also, that bag is incredible. I’ll take one please 🙂

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