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Pinterest International- It is a Small World OSP Episode 23

Pinterest continues to grow internationally. In this episode of the podcast I chat with Dutch blogger Archana Haarnak. We take a look at how Pinterest is being used in Holland as well as how easy it has become to connect with and be inspired by people on a global scale.

Pinterest International- It is a Small World

Archana blogs at and has a passion for interior design and for Pinterest. Most of her blog is written in Dutch but with Google translator, it can easily be translated into English.

Archana's blog about interior design and Pinterest


In this episode:

  • Pinterest in Holland
  • What the response to Pinterest has been by Dutch brands
  • The allure of a man on Pinterest
  • Archana’s key tips for businesses using Pinterest (She has some great advice!)
  • This weeks Pinterest tip of the week


DUtch brands using Pinterest for marketingArchana has a beautiful Pinterest account, be sure to take a look at her  board about Dutch brands on Pinterest. Maybe you’ll find some pinsperation about using Pinterest for your business.

Be sure to extend a friendly hello to her:

On her blog

On Pinterest

On Facebook

On Instagram



Thanks for listening in to this weeks episode of the podcast! If you have any questions about Pinterest or feedback about the show, give me a call on the Oh So Pinteresting voicemail line at (773)669-7461. Be sure to leave your name and the name of your blog or website, your call could be included in a future podcast episode. I’d love to hear from you!


Darn Scammers!

Just incase you missed the post on the Oh So Pinteresting Facebook page, I came across an article from Help Net Security about a fake Pinterest tool. It installs malware that collects user names and passwords from the sites you visit.

The fake tool is linked to from fake pins within Pinterest. A pop-up appears when you click through the pin and the page opens. It’s easy to see why people would fall for it since they were just on Pinterest. NEVER install anything to your computer unless you’re sure it’s coming from a trusted source.

Official Pinterest buttons and widgets can be found at Tools from other developers are available but before installing them, do some research to make sure that they’re reputable.


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  1. Avatar

    Hi Cynthia, thanks again for your interest and invite. I’ve enjoyed our chat about Pinterest and I hope your listeners too! And yes, it is a small world after all. Great to connect with you and so many people from different countries and to see the wonderful images they are pinning on Pinterest. Happy pinning everyone!

    • Avatar


      It was absolutely my pleasure! You’re welcome on the show any time!

  2. Avatar

    Miss Oh So Pinteresting and I met via Pinterest. Miss OSP met Archanna via Instagram. Now I follow both on Pinterest and Istagram – the web of friendships continues for expand!

    • Avatar

      Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thuanfkl for your help.

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  3. […] ook meer weten over het gebruik van Pinterest in Nederland. Lees haar blogbericht hierover via Pinterest International- It is a Small World OSP Episode 23 – Ben van Dijk Electronics uit Uden plaatste op hun Facebook pagina de link naar mijn blogpost over […]

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