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Marketing 101

11 Pro Marketers Share Their Top Tips for Small Business Marketing

As a small business owner, you’re probably really great at your craft. You’re a baker who makes amazing cinnamon rolls. Or you’re a designer who can knock out an ebook

A 30-Minute Marketing Plan for Busy Small Business Owners

For many small business owners, marketing can feel overwhelming. You’re so busy delivering for your customers and clients or working with your employees that adding “marketing” as a regular task

Reach My Audience

Using the New Pinterest Analytics for Smarter Marketing

As you well know, Pinterest is constantly improving and updating their analytics data. What can we learn from them and how will they inform our Pinterest strategy? Let’s have a

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How to Sell on Pinterest

How to Sell on Pinterest: 9 Strategies for Success

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “can I sell things on Pinterest?” the answer is a resounding YES. In fact, you can multiply your traffic and sales by attracting perfect-fit customers

Write a Shopify Product Description That Works on Pinterest

Shopify is an amazing tool for building your online store. Not only that, you can add multiple social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to your sales channels in Shopify, and