Tailwind Create Affiliate Assets

How do I share Tailwind Create with my audience?

To help you share the love of Tailwind Create, we’ve put together this all-in-one guide that is sure to boost your commission. If you’d like to jump head, click below to be taken directly to those topics:


Your Tailwind Create Content Checklist:

  1. Make sure you refer to our new tool as “Tailwind Create,” not simply “Create” or “Pinterest Create.”
  2. Avoid using terminology that suggests you can make “unlimited” or “millions” of Pins. Our goal in developing Tailwind Create is to help our members create high quality content with ease, but it’s extremely important to avoid over-Pinning to find success on Pinterest.
  3. Focus on highlighting that Tailwind Create makes designer-quality Pins quickly and allows you to streamline and optimize all of your Pinterest marketing better than ever before!
  4. Include an FTC approved disclosure of our affiliate relationship. You can find out more about FTC compliance here. In social media posts, you need to use #sponsored, #ad, or #paid – no ambiguous hashtags – at the top of the post. Here are some examples of proper affiliate disclosure:
    • Affiliate Disclosure: “This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.”
    • Content Bonus Disclosure: “This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. I was also compensated to create this post, though all opinions are my own.”
  5. Remember to submit your content for bonus commission opportunities.


How to Make Money Sharing Tailwind Create with Your Audience:

1. Share your exclusive code and affiliate link to position yourself as a trusted Tailwind partner and begin earning commission. Tailwind offers 15% commission on upgrades for life. That means, once someone has upgraded to a Plus Plan, you’ll continue earning commissions each month on their original plan and any additional upgrades on that account!

Here’s how you can start earning commissions for new sign-ups:

  • Create an affiliate link for tailwindapp.com/pinterest through Impact
  • Include your link in your content and encourage your audience to start a free trial (no credit card required!), but make sure to disclose our affiliate relationship clearly and publicly
  • Once someone is in the free trial, they can sign up for the beta by filling out this TypeForm survey (You can skip to this step for those who signed up for a free trial with your link previously)
  • Share the code “CREATEPARTNER2020” and tell your audience to enter it on question 8 to gain early access
  • Follow steps 2 and 3! 

2. Share your experience with Tailwind Create to generate interest amongst your audience. How has it transformed your workflow?  What will you do with the extra time? Do you have a favorite feature? Be specific and walk your audience through your process.

Not sure how to share Tailwind Create with your Pinterest-loving audience? Feel free to use these tips and talking points in your blog posts, captions, and videos!

  • Pinterest is one of the main drivers of my [sales/traffic], and I use Tailwind to schedule all of my Pins. One of my favorite things about Tailwind is that I can plan out a [week’s/month’s] worth of content in one sitting, and Tailwind will publish my Pins at the best times for my audience. With Tailwind Create, I can now create, schedule, publish, and analyze my Pins all in one place!
  • I’m loving Tailwind’s brand new tool, Create! All of the designs are optimized specifically for Pinterest and customized for my [brand/industry]. Watch how I can take one [product listing/piece of content/blog post/etc.] and generate hundreds of designs which I can then filter, customize, and choose a few to schedule. [Insert personalized screenshots]
  • Here’s what I love about Tailwind Create [Choose a few of the following and share your own experience!]:
    • Each design was built with Pinterest’s creative best practices in mind – and they’re beautiful.
    • Every image is unique and made just for you. You can generate, personalize, and fine tune Pins to drive traffic to your new and old content.
    • You can choose from hundreds of variations and personalize your favorites in just a few seconds.
    • I’m not a designer, but you’d never know it by looking at the Pins I made with Tailwind Create! The designs are really, really good.
    • You don’t have to have any design experience to look like a PRO. The quality is at least as high (higher) than what I would make on my own, or even what I get when I use a VA.
    • This allows me to streamline my Pinterest workflow for the fastest creation, publishing, and analysis available anywhere. I’ll never waste another minute downloading, organizing, or uploading my Pins!
    • It automatically applies your brand preferences, but you can always switch it up with different styles and fonts.
    • Everything happens in one place, so you never have to download, upload, or organize your files. It is so fast.
    • It shows me designs I might not have thought of on my own but that look great!
    • I can go from idea to Pin in 30 seconds. I love entering my URL, choosing images, and then immediately seeing hundreds of Pin variations!
    • Being amazing on Pinterest just got a whole lot easier.

Here are some ideas to encourage a new audience to try Pinterest and Tailwind:

  • Not using Pinterest because it’s too much work? Not anymore! Try Tailwind Create.
  • If you’re missing out on the traffic-driving power of Pinterest because you’re not a designer, try Tailwind Create!
  • Pinterest success feel out of reach? Not with Tailwind Create!

3. Share your success stories and watch your commissions soar! Once you’ve successfully led someone to sign up through your affiliate link, they will need to upgrade to a Pinterest Plus Plan for you to earn commissions. Don’t just post and ghost – continue sharing about Tailwind Create and be available to answer questions.

Here are some ideas for how you can encourage your audience to upgrade and make bonus commission while doing it:

  • Create tutorial videos or start a Q&A on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook Live. Make it personal and invite them into your process. If you meet the content requirements, this video will also qualify for the $50 content bonus
  • Write blog posts for a $50 content bonus about the benefits of Pinterest, how to save time with content creation, and/or how to be a Pinterest VA. The possibilities are endless!
  • Create a Facebook group with your affiliate link and exclusive code where people can ask questions and share Tailwind Create tips. If people feel like they’re being supported, they will be more likely to take the time to learn the tool and realize how helpful it is!
  • Offer free workshops or PDF’s of how you use Tailwind Create. You can even use these assets to grow your email list and/or to increase traffic to your site!

Remember, if you submit your content to us, there’s also a chance that we will promote it at no cost to you (make sure to tag us as a brand partner!) or include it in an upcoming newsletter, which could drive even more traffic and commission your way!


Bonus Commission Opportunities:

$25 per post and $50 per video. $75 if you do both! To earn this commission, there are requirements listed below that your post and/or video will need to hit. Once you’re ready, submit your content here.


What to Do

  • Refer to How to Get Your Content Promoted for FTC Compliance.
  • Write about your own experience with Tailwind Create. Include the tips you have for getting the most out of Tailwind and the importance of Pinterest marketing.
  • To cover a topic completely, articles should be at least 500 words and videos should be at least two minutes long.
  • Make sure you are adding your own spin as well as how you personally use Tailwind Create. Include screen shots or screen shares!
  • Write Tailwind as Tailwind — not TailWind.
  • Make sure you are presenting Pinterest in a good light. We are partners after all!
  • Cover a topic thoroughly and use good grammar. Focus on tactics and benefits for the bottom line for those who are following your advice.
  • Share if you’ve had great results with Tailwind (screenshots of analytics and graphs are great), but call out that just because you’ve had great results doesn’t mean others are guaranteed to. If you do mention your own results and you want us to consider promoting your content, you’ll also have to link to our typical results for Tailwind for Pinterest or Instagram members.
  • Make sure you’re including social sharing images in your post. It will make it easier for us to share!


What Not to Do

  • We are not looking for posts that just rehash what Tailwind or another affiliate has already written. We want to hear from you!
  • Our trial is not time-based, but instead is based on 100 scheduled Pins or 30 Scheduled Instagram posts.
  • If you are looking for a bonus commission, do not include competitors in those posts. We wouldn’t want to pay to promote our competitors, right?
  • Don’t forget to use links to supporting sources when you can.
  • If you use our logo when creating social image, do not change it. You can find different variations to use in the creative asset library.


Got any questions? Email us at [email protected]