Socially Targeted Email Marketing: Xyron PinMail Case Study

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XyronBetween November 20 and December 27, Xyron’s Pinterest followers grew 1,317%  and repins grew 1,366% with socially targeted email marketing from PinMail by PinLeague.

Xyron, one of the worlds’ leading craft suppliers, wanted to quickly grow their Pinterest presence and engagement.  With PinLeague’s socially powered email marketing tool, PinMail, Xyron saw incredible results in under one month!

Setting up the Campaign

Starting with a 62,000 user email list, PinLeague sent out a social profile submission form. We received over3,000 submissions stating the persons preference of social network from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr. From the rest of the list, we used our mapping algorithm to map users to either Facebook or Pinterest. Get Kennected  and scale your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn. The initial Xyron campaign put users into three groups: Facebook, Pinterest, and other.

The campaign ran from Nov 29 to Dec 27 with 14 messages in all. The Facebook and Pinterest users were sent network specific Xyron content, while the neither cohort received a mix. The first 4 sends had a message for each cohort, and the last two went to the entire list.

The Pinterest emails directed the user to a featured pin or board, with external links to Xyron’s Pinterest page and other Pinterest content.

The Facebook emails directed the users to like certain posts or suggested users write on Xyron’s wall to show their “love” of the products.

The neither cohort received an initial email inviting them to join Pinterest, and the rest of the messages were the same as the Pinterest cohorts.

The Results: Pinterest

Xyron's Pinterest Results

The focus of the first emails were to find users on Pinterest and grow Xyron’s current follower base. This push led to:

  • Average Monthly growth: +1,317%
  • Total growth: 4,708 followers

The focus of the following Pinterest emails were to boost repins and engagement. This led to:

  • Average monthly repin growth: 1,366%
  • Total repin growth: 8,258 repins
  • Total engagement on Pinterest went from 83% to 100%
Throughout the campaign, Xyron was able to keep track of their amazing growth with PinLeague’s Industry leading Analytics Suite.

The Results: Facebook

Xyron's Facebook Results

The focus of the initial Facebook email was to gain awareness of the Facebook page and to gain like. This lead to:

  • Average organic reach growth: 87%
  • Average viral reach growth: 202%
  • Likes grew a total of 1,725

The next Facebook emails asked users to like and share content, with one email even asking users to “show the love” on Xyron’s Facebook wall. That one email reportedly caused Xyron’s ZenDesk to “blow up” with Facebook wall-posts.

With socially targeted email marketing from PinMail by PinLeague, Xyron was able to grow at a pace they never thought imaginable. To start your campaign click here and fill out the form provided.

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