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Friday Pinterest Quick Tips:

Announcing a new series!

Come by Oh So Pinteresting every Friday to learn a new quick tip about Pinterest.



This week’s tip: Sharing Pins


Have you ever found yourself casually perusing Pinterest when all of a sudden you see a Pin that you know your friend would just absolutely love but isn’t really up your alley? Sure, your friend is into cute cat pictures but cats give you hives and you come across a cat pin she would go gaga over. What do you do?


You have 2 options you can email the pin or you can make a recommendation.


How to email a pin:



Then a box like this will pop up:




Fill in the information and soon you’re friend will friend will feel all warm and fuzzy because you thought of them. You’re such an awesome friend!


How to recommend a pin:

Let’s also say that in the magical world of Pinterest, you have started following the boards of someone who has an awesome sense of humor just like you and  that cat friend of yours just doesn’t get your jokes. Tell me, why are you friends again?

You come across a pin you know that would give them a good laugh. Since you found your sense of humor soul mate on Pinterest, you probably don’t have their email.

Don’t worry, there is a solution.




If you want to recommend this pin, it can be made to anyone you follow. Simply type the @ in the box with the first few letters of their name and a list will pop up. Click their name and hit enter. If they have selected to receive email notifications in their account settings,  they will be notified by email of the pin you recommended.



Pinterest’s recommendation system is not very reliable. I did an experiment to test the system and probably 1 out of every 5 pins I recommended made it through. I’m not sure why, maybe a glitch in the system? So if you recommend a pin, keep this in mind and keep your fingers crossed.




  1. Avatar

    I have several friends who where non-pinners until I emailed them something from Pinterest I thought they would like, and now they’re pinning addicts like so many of us.

    • Avatar

      That’s awesome! A simple email was all it took to show them the greatness of Pinterest. The more that join, the more diverse it becomes and we all benefit.

  2. Avatar

    I didn’t even know we could recommend or ‘tag’ people in pins! Cool, thanks for the useful advice. Hopefully it works when I try to use it!

    • Avatar

      Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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