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How to Pin to Pinterest from the Web on iPhone or iPad

According to CNET News, Apple mobile devices account for 65% of mobile web traffic. I know I contribute to that. Anytime a have a couple of minutes to spare, I pull out my iPhone and catch up on my favorite blogs, read the news and of course check out Pinterest.

Sometimes, I find things on blogs or websites that I’d like to pin but they don’t have a “Pin It” button. I have found a solution to that problem…


Pinterest App on iPhone and iPad

Pinterest has an app for the iPhone that can be also be used on the iPad. But, did you know that from that app you can download a bookmarklet that allows you to pin to your Pinterest boards from Safari?



How to Add the Bookmarklet


From the profile page of the Pinterest app, click on “Account”, then click on “Install Bookmarklet”



Safari will open to a page that looks like this



There are instructions on how to to complete the install on this page. If you’ll notice, it says that it is easier to install on Safari or Firefox then sync your phone.

It really isn’t all that hard to do directly on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s a video to show you how.


Since not everyone in cyberspace has jumped onto the Pinterest bandwagon. A lot of sites still don’t have the “Pin It” button, silly huh? 

If you have a blog or website and don’t have a “Pin It” button let us know why in the comments below. 

Do you use the Pinterest app on your iPhone or iPad?





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    Am I do something wrong? I think the Pinterest app is really confusing…I can’t see boards! Just my stream, which is okay, but it’s hard to find something I’m specifically looking for. And I’ve never figured out how to add the Pin In button to my blogger blog…I kind of feel like I’m failing at Pinterest sometimes…ha! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Oh noooo! Don’t worry, remain calm, I’m here to help.

      On the app, click on the little red guy on the bottom right corner you’ll get the option to see your boards, your pins or your likes.

      To install the button on your blog, from the Pinterest website, click the about tab in the top menu bar. Select Pin it button. Almost to the bottom of that page, there is a place to get the Pin it button for websites.

      Hope this helps, let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  2. Avatar

    I have an iPhone 5c and am pretty sure I have the most updated version of the Pinterest app but it looks different than your iPad example so I cannot find the download bookmarklet button 🙁 When I go to my profile page I do not have an account button, and when I go into account settings, there is no option to download a bookmarklet. Helps please! Thank you!

  3. Avatar

    How do you edit a bookmark? I can only get to the Add a bookmark popup where my only options are Cancel or Save.

    • Avatar

      Hi Becky,

      After you edit it you should be able to click on your bookmarks icon and see the edit option in the bottom right corner of the screen. Are you using and iPhone or iPad?

  4. Avatar

    Disregard previous comment. I figured it out and I got it to work. Thanks! Now I can pin from the web on my IPad. Woohoo!

  5. Avatar

    How can I access my Pinterest account on my iPhone & iPad?

  6. Avatar

    I’ve tried to follow your instructions but I’m using an iPad & when I click on account settings there is no button that says install bookmark let. That’s why I hardly post anything! It’s too hard & confusing!

  7. Avatar

    I have a new iphone 5c. I followed all the directions. It gave me a bookmark with the pin it instructions but no boookmarklet.

    • Avatar

      I got it! Thanks. If someone else has the same problem, make sure you allow cookies from third parties. Otherwise it won’t work.

  8. Avatar
    Emma C

    Hi, I’ve managed to install the Pin It button on my iPhone with your instructions – yay! The only thing is – once you have selected the picture and it rediverts you to Pinterest, each time in opens a new browser window requiring me to log in again. Is there any way around this? Or to have it open the Pinterest app instead?? Thanks

    • Avatar

      Hi Emma,

      This is a redirect feature that Pinterest has started in recent months and it drives me crazy! I can’t figure out a way around it 🙁

      Opening it up in the app would probably be the easiest way to go.


  9. Avatar

    That book market app is not available on Pinterest app for IPhone 4. Also the link provided above gives me an error message.

    I have Pinterest on the IPhone and also on IPad but cannot sync them! It’s Two totally different accounts. Help!

  10. Avatar

    Hi I have a Pinterest account to which I have pinned in excess of 200 pins but I can’t see any of them. Is there a setting that needs to be checked?

  11. Avatar

    Cant make iPhone and iPad apps sinc. Pls help.

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