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Digital Marketing Video Courses for Beginners and Aspiring Industry Leaders Alike

  • Bloggers
    Learn the best ways to engage your community, drive more blog traffic, and grow an enthusiastic fan base.
  • Social Media Managers
    Gain a deeper understanding on how to drive meaningful traffic for your clients while saving time and maximizing your efficiency.
  • Small Businesses
    Learn how to connect with your audience and how to target them at the right time in their purchasing decision.

Master proven strategies crafted from years of industry experience

Free Pin Scheduling Tool
  • Strategies developed by Tailwind, an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner.
  • The strategies you'll learn are backed by years of data from what makes over 60,000 brands across the globe successful on Pinterest.
  • You can take advantage of a comprehensive set of Pinterest tools to streamline your efforts.
Free Pin Scheduling Tool

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Madison Baker
Customer Success Specialist

What Tailwind Users Are Saying

“As a manager of five high-profile Pinterest profiles with thousands of followers, Tailwind is my go-to for all things Pinterest.”
-- Loren Kleinman, Social Media Writer & Manager, Digital
"Rather than simply applying another social platform's methodology onto Pinterest, the Tailwind team has taken a holistic approach to measuring the unique platform, putting in some great original thinking."
-- Peter Fontana
Research & Insights Director
We Are Social
Tailwind Pinterest Management Tool - Agency Testimonial
"Through using Tailwind and seeing what’s engaging to users, we’ve created pins that are outperforming previous pins by 30-40%."

-- Tim Bay
Vice President Digital Marketing
Wilton Brands
Tailwind Pinterest Management Tool - Agency Testimonial

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